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"What a love!" - by MAM
Our daughter received this snuggly lamb at birth, and it is her favorite lovey. We decided to purchase a few back ups just in case, and it is has come in so handy! I think we have purchased 5 of them so far, and she loves them all. They are so soft and well-made. There is no where our daughter goes without her lamby, and each of them has withstood all the love she can give. We throw them right in the washing machine (on delicate) every once in a while. We have had the original for almost 2 years now, and it is still in excellent condition - a little worn in places on it's head, but the stitching and other details are still perfect.
"WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Must have!!" - by Amanda Krieger
Super adorable, perfect for babies hands!!! Should buy more incase anything ever happens to him. Baby LOVES him (the Sloth) !!
"Precious 1st Teddy Bear" - by Deb T (Texas, USA)
Soft as down and a face as sweet as can be. Bought it for my new grandson. My daughter loves having it for him. My only complaint is.. It's not the color shown in the picture. Even though it's called "tan" I assumed it was the color of the picture. It's not. I wanted a darker brown just like the picture shows, but it is actually a lighter tan color.
"So soft!" - by Amazon Customer
My newest nephew was born 12/16. My sister never finds out the gender of her babies so I went with the cream colored teddy. SO soft! This is his first Christmas present from me. I hope it grows to be his favorite stuffed animal.
"Bought this for a baby gift they loved it very soft and plush it plays a song ..." - by Lori McCaughey
Bought this for a baby gift they loved it very soft and plush it plays a song for the baby sleep with really cute too.
"Five Stars" - by nico
Adorable and a perfect gift for the baby shower!
"Daughter loves it" - by Jennifer Watkins
Fits a small size baby doll. Perfect for my 5 year old!
"So soft and adorable!" - by Parker
Absolutely love this it is so soft and very easy to cuddle with I love that it comes with a pacifier clip as well as the fact that there's a little spot in the head that you could fit your finger inside to move it around to interact with the baby. It's made of good quality in our little girl loved it so much!
"Durable but may be short for tall kiddos" - by Ravereviewer
Very durable. The seat cover comes off. Ery easily though. And itsa a little short for him since he is a tall two year old. But this doesnt bother him.
"AWESOME new snuffles!" - by Sarah G (New York, NY)
AWESOME new snuffles! My son loves it! It is silkier than the original snuffles, and a bit less stuffed, but very, very soft and snuggly. If you love snuffles this is a keeper for sure.
"Had to buy another to keep in reserve in case she lost the first or it was too dirty" - by Any Jennie (Bangkok, Thailand)
My two-year-old niece had started carrying around a pile of blankets and cooing at it "Oh, tiny baby." I figured she was old enough for a baby doll, and I researched all of the options out there. I looked at all of the dolls with plastic heads (American Girl, Melissa and Doug, Corolle, Madame someone or other), and they frankly gave me the creeps. This seemed highly recommended--although for younger children, so I though I'd try it out. I gave it to my niece for Christmas, and she immediately said "Oh, tiny baby." Now Tiny Baby goes everywhere with her. Literally, everywhere. And we hear stories of Tiny Baby's exploits all the time. My sister had to buy a back-up to swap out secretly in case Tiny Baby got dirty, lost, or eaten by the dog. She swapped Tiny Baby 2 ... full review
"It is very cute, but the tinkling sound the ..." - by M (NY, NY)
its so cute! i wished the musics were different. Their choice of musics are inconsistent like you here Totoro theme song theb classical music followed by another anime song. wished if it was just classic lullaby musics.