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by DK
"Perfect for my needs" - by Mars
I got this book to aid me in learning the countries of the world. This is perfect for that.

The book is divided into continents, then regions, then countries. Each continent and region has a preface talking about major things in that area and cultures.

What interests me most, is the information about individual countries. Each country has a picture of it within a zoomed in map, so you get an idea of the shape of the country. It has a quick facts section, that talks about size, population, religions, education, doctors, and how many TVs per-person (one way to gauge wealth). Then it has the main part for the country, where it talks a little about the culture, people, interesting facts, and sometimes a little history background.

This works for me in learning countries, it is also going to be helpful when I hear of a country and want to know a ... full review
by DK
"6 stars!" - by Savvy Wilkinson
I can't complain about anything with this product. Shipped safely, GORGEOUS pictures, up to date, and has anything you could ever hope for! WONDERFUL! If I could give it six stars, I would!
"discover--or rediscover-geography" - by Joel Bjorling (Gilson, IL, USA)
Learning Geography by coloring is a novel idea. I got this book to review what I learned in Junior High. (I am 63 now). It has sparked my interest in Geography and has made me a geographer! It has inspired me to write short papers on geographical topics, like what are the facts about Timbuktu, what is Oceania, and what are the runes? Get this book. The coloring is fun--at whatever age--and Geography is exciting. We have an amazing world.
"Complete!" - by Rlind1968 (Millbrook, AL USA)
This book is correctly titled The COMPLETE book of Maps and Geography. As a homeschool mom I was looking for something that would cover what my 3rd graders need to know with regards to Geography. This will do it, from the compass rose and map symbols to state geography and then world geography. Looking through this book brings back many memories of grade school for me and things I have forgotten over the years. It will certainly make my job easier. The activities are very hands on and engaging. There is no getting bored with this book. I can't wait to start using it. As a previous reviewer said you could easily make this book last for 2 years, making it even more of a value than it already is. Homeschool curriculum is so expensive and this is a great find.
"This book offers an excellent range of quiz questions" - by Lauren Kissinger
Studying for the California State Geography Bee. This book offers an excellent range of quiz questions, both in scope and difficulty.
"Kid's World Atlas" - by Ladybug2837
The best Christmas present for my grandson. His mother suggests gifts for Christmas and Birthdays, when viewing Amazon, and gives me the list to purchase, and have sent to the west coast, since I live on the east coast. I was reluctant to purchase for my 4 year old grandson, but he reads it every single day and knows his bodies of water, continents, where grandma lives, and where they live.
When Obama was sworn into office was on TV, he said, "look momma, there is President Obama, who lives in Washington, in the District of Columbia"
Now I feel like I home-schooled my grandson with just one book.
"Great book. Must have. This book got me a 5 on the exam." - by Rubberduckysabc
I like that it had vocabulary deffinitions at the end. It is much better than the text book my school used. I wished I bought tho sin the beginning of the year my grades would have been so much better. Didn't think i knew anything about this course. I studied this book a little the week before I took the exam and I got a 5. This book is a necessity. Don't buy the cards though. You don't need the cards if you have this book.
"My daughter's favorite subject! We love this book!" - by SMB (North Carolina)
My 12 year old home schooler loves this book! This is her favorite subject of the day. She does a week's worth per day (one worksheet). She can work independently as the answers are on a separate page. The questions are easy to follow, yet she is learning so much.
"Great addition to homeschool curriculum" - by Jason L
We bought this book to introduce maps and geography to the kids. The images are fun and engaging for the age range indicated. The text is easy to follow and informative. I'll definitely be buying the next book for next year.
"Geography" - by susguz42
This book was selected for a resource for my 6th grade class. It has great information for teaching or learning about the various components of geography. Examples: Map skills, maps, and landforms.
by DK
"Awesome." - by highlandhoh3 (University Place, WA United States)
Children's books are awesome for gaining a quick overview of any subject. This atlas, its pictorials, is superb. I could not recommend it more hightly.
"Five Stars" - by George Satterthwaite (Fort Washington MD USA)
Grandchild very pleased with this book as are all National Geographic books.
"Super resource to add geography/map skills quickly and easily..." - by Natalie (Wisconsin)
I also have the books for grades 3 and 4. Was hoping that there would be more weekly lessons on other parts of the world...very little coverage for Europe, which seemed surprising.
"Excellent Book" - by Amy Herman
A great book for children to learn about geography. I had been looking for a book that explained longitude, latitude, hemispheres, the mantle, core and crust of the Earth, etc. This is a great book for homeschooling. I highly recommend!