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"Fun" - by John
My daughter loves this book. She is developing her bilingual skills and this books makes the difference. I would highly recommend this book.
"This is a fabulous book and an excellent way to learn German" - by Amy Overington
This is a fabulous book and an excellent way to learn German. However, the free sample had text in parallel columns as stated in the blurb above - but when I downloaded the full version, the text was no longer in columns. I cannot find any setting to change the layout. If this is possible, the instructions should be stated in the blurb, or else the layout of the free sample should be changed to match the rest of the book.
"4 yo and mom approved" - by NLA
This book was purchased as a gift for an almost 4 year old who is learning German. Her mom advised us this book was great and that they love it.
"Great audio book to practice your German" - by Ayla Pasquini
It features short stories and each page highlights key words to help build your vocabulary.It's definitely for someone who has already/is learning the basics of German, because it doesn't cover rules of grammar. There is also a summary of each story in both German and English which is helpful in ensuring your reading comprehension. The quiz at the end of each story is a nice feature to measure your comprehension and progress. The stories are short and easy to review in a quick session and cover a variety of practical topics. Whether you plan on visiting Germany and need lessons on things like ordering at a restaurant and navigating the train stations, or you moved abroad and need lessons on common phrases used for going to the grocery store, for household chores, or in everyday conversation, this book has you covered. The audio portion is good, it's understandable and was ... full review
"Good book" - by Eric
This was a good book to read with my 1st grad daughter who is starting German immersion this year. She reads the English and I read her the German.
"Great for beginners!" - by M. Lynn Gorman
Have bought many of these books for my handicapped daughter. She loves learning new languages. These last her for, usually, more than one year. I know they would last longer under regular use but, she uses them often, and due to her limited abilities with her hands, she is very rough on them.
"Helpful and clear explanations." - by Christopher L. Taylor (Ogden, UT)
The grammar explanations presented here are very easy to follow since it is first explained in native English, then the Deutsch Grammatik just makes sense. The book doesn't go into great detail of each topic and the chapters are short and to the point. It is intended to be a companion book to go along with other study materials, but the information it does share is very helpful.
"Helpful for children learning German" - by Kelly Wilson (San Diego, CA, United States)
my daughter loves this book. It is easy to read to her and easy to pick up German as a second language. The pictures are simple and cute. I would definitely buy more books by this author.
"Perfect for Preschoolers, and an Excellent German Learning Book" - by Lauren Boucher (Pheonix, AZ)
I was on the hunt for books to help my son learn the things he needs to know in Preschool. I also wanted him to learn German from an early age. I was ready to buy three different books on the alphabet, numbers and shapes before I found this cute little handbook. It’s actually not that small, with 48 pages and more than 300 words, there is enough material in here to keep my boy busy for hours. Also, the fact that it's bilingual is an added bonus for me. What’s more, there are 18 different concepts in this book, including: (in order).

1) Alphabet - Uppercase
2) Alphabet - Lowercase
3) Numbers - Counting objects from 0-20
4) Numbers - Matching objects to the correct number
5) Colors - 16 different color names
6) Colors - Matching colors to pictures
7) Matching corresponding pictures (The KEY opens the… DOOR)
8) Shapes - Matching silhouettes of shapes to ... full review
"Helpful" - by Kathy T
I was nervous about my trip to Germany and this book was very helpful. I foumd that most people I came across in Germany speak English. But this book helped when it came to the practical things like meals, bathrooms, shopping, hotels.
"THE Book" - by Lyle (Wisconsin, USA)
This is THE book to have for authentic German cooking. I'm not saying it has no equals or that someone has not written better, but if they have I've never seen it. It was just what I was looking for. It's so hard to find books in America on ethnic cooking that aren't Americanized or altered quite a bit because some chef here in the US wants to show off their skills. Putting yourself into your cooking is essential, but the problem is there is so much of that these days, that those of us who just want to find the traditional recipes as they were intended to be have to dig through hundreds, if not thousands of books to find what we are looking for.

This book is especially interesting in that the other doesn't make the common mistake of books written in the US of just lumping all the ... full review