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"Mission accomplished!" - by J. Arena (USA)
This was a very well-received gift for a young couple who go to Applebee's a great deal. Since they live hundreds of miles away, I couldn't be there to take them out to lunch, but this will achieve the same thing! I'm so grateful that Amazon had this available to ship because I don't live anywhere near this restaurant. Excellent purchase.
"Plastic cash" - by Vinnie
Its a gift card!
"Cool Cupcake!" - by Sammie (MB, CA)
Colorful cupcake tin...Check! Black velvet lining...Check! Secure gift card inside...Check! One day shipping and delivery...Check! Delighted and happy...Absolutely!
"Such A Nice Santa Tin!!" - by Casey Jones (Boston)
These are so great and easy!! Comes in a tin which usually costs like $3 in retail stores. Everyone loves Amazon gift-cards and I don't have to leave my house to get them!!
"Amazing!" - by Sophia
I love that you literally just pay dollar for dollar for this gift card. No tax or gift card fees. Its nice cause i get amazon giffcards and can turn them into other giftcards if i need it. It worked at the store no problem.
"There is a typically sized gift card in it." - by Amazon Customer (Terrestrial, Earth)
Yes, I'm leaving a review for a gift card because I had no idea what to expect and it took an embarrassingly long time to realize there is an actual gift card in the contraption.

You see the image which resembles a wide paper bag? You have to rip that piece of firm cardboard apart to reveal a gift card inside. There is no perforation anywhere, nor can you feel the gift card through the cardboard "envelope." The back has a barcode and such, so I thought maybe that was what needs to be scanned at checkout, but no. Again, there's a card inside.

Attached is a picture with a ruler and the gift card next to the cardboard.

The card worked as expected at Whole Foods. Thank goodness I figured out there was a gift card inside because I would've looked really dumb, forcing the cashier to scan the package's barcode, instead ... full review
"Yep, you can tear the Amazon envelope" - by Veronica
Well, I'm giving the giftcard away as a birthday gift so I can speak onwhether or not it's usable just yet. I can speak on how it was packaged when it arrived. The birthday card and envelope for the birthday card came inside of an amazon envelope, that was inside of a bubble lined shipping envelope (confused yet?). When I opened the bubble lined envelope and saw a sealed white envelope with the Amazon logo on it I was a bit apprehensive. I wasn't sure if I should break the seal or if there was another envelope inside or not. I took my chances and broke the seal and there was in fact another envelope inside of the white amazon envelope (along with the card and gift card). Whew. Amazon, maybe don't seal the envelope next time? Thanks. 👍🏽
"Gift cards on Amazon?" - by P. Hartz
Who would have thought...okay,probably a Lot of people...but not this one.
I was pleasantly surprised and grateful as I really needed a last minute gift and being home bound, this was a life saver.
It did come in a day after Christmas but that was an issue with the carrier not the seller and was unforeseen.
No real harm done.
I know where to look next time I need a gift card.
"Justice gift cards for Christmas" - by Linda Kanarian (Zellwood, FL USA)
It was great for my nine year old granddaughter but I didn't realize my twelve year old granddaughter could not but clothing there anymore. The great side of this is she is so sweet she said Nana I can buy accessories. They have really nice ones. She melts my heart.
"... and used my discounted gift card it was a great deal. Bought it on lighting prime day" - by Stacie
Worked perfectly got the items on sale 40% off and used my discounted gift card it was a great deal. Bought it on lighting prime day.