Glass Bottles for Essential Oils

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"Definitely Recommend!" - by StephShan
Product came packaged with lots of bubble wrap, very happy with these bottles! Some of the caps for the rollers were a little too tight to screw on completely, but after a few tries I was able to make them close. Perfect sizes and I love the mixed types of bottles! The photos make all of the bottles look about the same size but if you read the description they are not. The spray bottles are bigger than I thought they would be, the dropper bottles are exactly what I expected and the roller bottles are typical roller bottles. The funnels are super handy!
"Very nice quality! Arrived on time" - by Brandy O'Neal (PANAMA CITY, FL, United States)
I am Highly impressed with these spray bottles! Very nice quality! Arrived on time! I'll be sharing with all my friends. Thank You!
"Good 10ml Bottle That Fits in the Cases" - by Carol Balbiani
These are short 10 ml bottles that will fit in the cases because the tall 10ml roller bottles will not. The only problem is they do not come with rollers. This is not a ding to the company because they are not advertised as a roller bottle. But it would be nice if they made rollers for these bottles. I use Young Living (YL) oils and use their roller balls. YL specifies to use on "Sb" bottles. These bottles are not labeled as Sb and it is a tight fit by applying heavy pressure to get the roller on the bottle. They are a sturdy bottle and do not leak.
"Great deal" - by A. D. Hill (Maine)
These are very attractive bottles that I am using for my essential oils. One of the atomizers got jammed pretty quickly but the seller kindly sent me two to replace the one. So far the others are great.
"Exactly what I wanted!" - by Amazon Customer (USA)
These are glass small jars with glass droppers. The sqeezer pulls liquids well. The bottles are a nice size to throw in a bag. I have a large (expensive) bottle of a liquid lung supplement. I'm always so nervous that I'm going to spill and waste $60. This allows me to only handle a small amount at a time. Plus when the big bottle gets low, it's hard to suck up liquid without it being a hassle. These are perfect! The bottom of the glass dropper tip is a bit funny shaped. Like a ball at the end, but I am sqeezing this liquid into empty (size 0) capsules (so that you don't taste the nasty taste of the supplements) and this still fits inside this sized capsule, so it was no problem for me. You can use one of ... full review
"These bottles are perfect to selling my beard oil in" - by Ben Oaks (Pennsylvania, USA)
These bottles are perfect to selling my beard oil in. I'm definitely going to be picking more up as they are dark brown to help preserve the beard oil an it comes with a dropper for easy application.
"Quality, value" - by Andrew (Nashville)
These are just great! It came with 2 glass pipettes and the caps seal well.

The bottles glass quality is good, not cheap and thin.

Better than I expected for the price, I will buy these again. You may notice in my picture I have been using alot of them already for essential oil blends.
"They work!" - by J. Charpie (Minneapolis, MN)
Great set of bottles for essential oils - I haven't had any issues using them. They don't leak and the droppers work well. They came packaged well enough - nothing broke in transit for me.

Pros: they work great for essential oils, don't leak or anything like that

Cons: in my dream world, the dropper would extend 1/16th of an inch more down into the bottle - I know it can't reach the very bottom (or it couldn't suck anything in), but it seems there's an 1/8 of an inch to 3/16 of an inch below the bottom of the dropper and the bottom of the bottle - it'd be nice to have a few more drops able to be sucked up into the dropper before I have to just tip it out.
"Use for Essential Oil blends!" - by Andrea M D
I use these bottles for my homemade essential oil products, and they are great! The tops and stoppers are high quality. They are a great size for beard oil, or hair oils, or even some other kinds of essential oils diluted with carrier oils for easier use. You can get exactly how much you need because of the dropper top. The blue glass is great for helping keep your oils fresh and not allowing the sun to damage them. Will order again!
"I am very pleased with these bottles" - by Rachel Hood (Virginia)
I am very pleased with these bottles. I have used 9 already to make hand sanitizer. The fine mist sprayers work well. I also appreciate that this kit included a couple of extra sprayers as well as a funnel. Which was very helpful. Definitely will purchase these again.