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"So far so good. After three hours of use" - by Chrixxer
So far so good. After three hours of use, battery was down to 63% (I had the 12V adapter with me just in case). Seems to be accurate enough for situational awareness (at least), in a Piper Cherokee. Pairs effortlessly with ForeFlight. Works with my iPad Air 2 (iOS 8.4.1).
"Worked with my Windows 10 laptop and Google Earth." - by The Websters (San Diego)
Bought it with one-day shipping with sunday delivery, it arrived on time, hooked up to my Asus laptop running windows 10 instantly, connected and worked perfectly with Google Earth's GPS function without even installing any drivers. Kudos for a good product. The reason it is not 5 stars is that the directions, on paper and on the included mini CD, were not all that much. Info is king, but hey, it worked without needing anything so I guess we're good to go.
"Great wireless GPS device" - by Cat Sailor (Ocean or mountains, depending on time of year)
Works perfectly with my iPad to use the Navionics app. Small and easy with bluetooth connection.
"User friendly right out of the box." - by bbb
Hi everyone. I wanted to provide this review because I spent several months researching many different brands of handheld GPS units. My search pointed me in the direction of this particular unit, specifically the 64ST model. I bought this unit to use during my long-term position as a pipeline inspector. I use this unit everyday for more than 9 hours a day collecting various bits of waypoints and information that I later rely upon to direct not only work but also to identify items that need attention. Having this unit has made my job not only easier but more enjoyable. I would highly suggest considering purchasing a Micro SD card to go hand-in-hand with the unit especially if you plan on collecting various waypoints and other information. The 100K topo maps that come with the unit are sufficient for my use, but I can certainly see where the 24K topas ... full review
"It's great so far" - by FFournier
i just received the unit a few hours ago. I'm an Airline Captain, so final judgment will have to be reserved until I see how it performs in flight, but so far I like what I'm seeing. Everything is working as it should so far. I have synced it with both my iPad and iPhone, at once, and that's working fine, and I'm very impressed with the speed at which it acquired both the GPS and GLONASS satellites. I'm indoors, in an interior room, yet it's picking up 8 GPS and 7 GLONASS satellites with excellent horizontal and vertical position confidence. 3D confidence is showing good. That's quite impressive. I did not think or expect to see that being indoors. If this is an indication of it's perform in flight I'll be very pleased indeed.

UPDATE: it's performance in flight is as impressive as it was at home. Very fast satellite ... full review
"Perfect GPS for my TackTick system" - by J. Kar (Detroit, MI)
So I had an older Garmin wired to my TackTick. After 15 faithful years it was time to upgrade. (Still using the old one as backup) I looked at TackTick (Boo $400+, Raymarine same deal) and found this. It has the bare wires to connect to the NMEA. Hooked it up, used the included wire to reduce transmission speed to 4800 and I was up and running in 30 minutes. Had it originally mounted on the stern rail, but now it is mounted in the cabin, under the deck and out of the way. This kit comes with three different mounting options and a ton of cable. If you need a GPS to mount to a plotter or other instruments, this is a winner. And the vendor was also awesome!
"Works Fine with OpenCPN" - by "tazinsf"
Unlike a previous reviewer, I had no problem getting this GPS receiver working with OpenCPN on my cheapo RCA Windows 10 tablet. I started up the tablet and plugged the receiver into the USB port. Windows 10 identified it as a Ublox GPS receiver and installed the driver. In OpenCPN I opened the "Option" menu (the gear logo in the gray tool bar at the upper left corner of the screen), selected "Connections", then selected "Add" and clicked to look at the available COM ports. In my case I selected the new one (COM7 for me, your's will likely be different) and chose a buad rate of 9600 (vs the standard 4800 default for NMEA0183). I then clicked "Apply" and voila!, my boat suddenly appeared on the chart it its correct location and the bars by the satellite logo in the upper right corner of ... full review
"Great replacement" - by Shelly R
My Dad had to update his receiver due to the old one wearing out. This one is quicker than his older one and it still worked with his interlink system after being wired in differently. Mounting was easy and there was more than enough wire to be able to wire it where you need it. Check to make sure this one will work with the system and finders that you are currently using. Humminbird has been updating their plugs with the newer items so it's best to double check before you spend the money.