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"Math it U" - by Amazon Customer
Works very well and does math well. As soon as you pick up this product you will be at the head of your class so matter the subject. Math=Calculator, Science=Calculator, English=Calculator for heavens sakes even in gym if you whip this thing out and start mathing it up your peers and teachers will be so impressed that you will never get that super wedgie again along with a perfect A+ keeping your GPA at the best it can be.
"Detailed review of TI-84 Plus" - by Duong Le
This is the standard for graphing calculators for high school and early college-level mathematics; the calculator is a pleasure to use.
This device is approved for SAT/ACT/AP exams.
I have been using this device for two months for Calculus 1, and it is accurate all the time.
The box includes the calculator, slide case, mini-USB cable, I/O cable, getting started guide, CD-ROM, and four AAA batteries.
The device is powered by 4 AAA batteries and a lithium battery backup to protect RAM. It has a 15 MHz processor, 480 KB of ROM for data and app storage, an I/O port, and a mini-USB port, which can be used to load apps found on the Texas Instruments official website.
Additionally, the calculator comes preloaded with 12 apps. Cabri Jr™ (interactive geometry), Conic Graphing, Inequality Graphing, and Probability Simulation are four of the most useful preloaded apps for most students.

The five keys at the top ... full review
"Like a new Calculator" - by Jose
Great Refurbished calculator! You just need to update it, well refurbished, and half the price of a new one. Love it
"Great Calculator!" - by Logan A. (Chubbuck, Idaho)
I was using a TI-89 which is far superior, BUT, it is not allowed in the math department at my university only the TI-83 Plus, TI-83, and TI-84(including their various releases). The calculator FEELS very basic, however, with a little knowledge you can take the calculator on through Calculus 3 as I understand, I dont believe that it can do derivitives so you'll be writing those out by hand. I purchased "TI-83 Pluss Graphing Calculator for Dummies" And I would say that a book of that nature really is mandatory, its no fun hunting thing down on the calculator itself or within the different tabs, say math for example you may never know that what your looking for is in one of those tabs. The advertisement for this calculator is a little decieving it says you can transfer files to and from your calculator. This ... full review
"My daughter loves it" - by Alex (Wichita, Ks)
I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she loves it, she says she didn't understand how she went through high school without it. She's studying computer science and she says this is the best tool she has had to solve her math problems.
Great power efficiency, the batteries last a long time in a daily basis use.
Overall it is a great instrument, an useful tool for engineering students. At first hand it seems quite complicated to handle, but first impression doesn't last much. It has nice graphics and neat programs, with a large variety of programs and methods, and you can even program them yourself with basic programming skills.
Pros: It is somewhat complete, has nice graphics tools and capabilities, the battery last long, it is programmable and has great alternatives for math writings forms. It has all basics and a large variety of methods, and you can ... full review
"Money, Money, Money." - by mortal_matt
As much as I hated having to buy this on top of everything else I had to buy for college, it is a very nice product. The display is crisp and I appreciate the color display. The plastic is very sturdy and it feels like it could take all the abuse my backpack has to offer. Battery life is good and the rechargeable battery is awesome. Unlike everything else college requires, I actually feel this is worth what I had to pay for it.
"... shipping was prompt and the calculator came packaged very beautifully. I was so excited when I first purchased ..." - by Amazon Customer
The shipping was prompt and the calculator came packaged very beautifully. I was so excited when I first purchased it! I'm 24 and after getting a degree that I can't find a job with, I decided to go back to school for computer science. I went through single variable differential and integral calculus with a standard TI 83 and it was a challenge for me - doable, but a challenge. I'm now in my third level of calculus and this has definitely helped me. I don't think you'd need it for lower level math, but for calculus and above it is a life saver. The reasons I docked off one star are mainly my fault; this can't handle variables and won't give you answers with symbols (ie radians in terms of pi), it can process problems like this, but not answers. The CAS version can handle this and can also ... full review
"Great for double-checking work, but don't get this for a math student as it may be forbidden for classroom use" - by JohnAroundTheCornerReviews (South Carolina, USA)
I love this calculator, but I use it as my BACKUP calculator for studying.

If you are studying Algebra or Calculus, I suggest you get a non-CAS calculator for your homework and for use during quizzes and tests, but if you want a fuller understanding of the material, use the CX CAS for additional study in your subjects.

My main calculator for doing homework is my TI 84 Plus CE graphing calculator, but there are other good choices. Using it forces you to learn the material better.

The CX CAS model allows you to cheat, which is why I recommend you only use it for double-checking your work after you do it.
"Passed "Algebra II" with an A- Throughout Last Year - Helpful Tips" - by Henryen (MI, USA)
When I first got this calculator, I had no idea what I was doing.
So, I'll give you terms that went on in the classroom with the Texas Instruments that may be confusing to users of this calculator. This way you guys'll not be as behind as I was when I had to figure this stuff out by myself and with the book (which came in super helpful btw).

- When the teacher says "go to (press) Y= (Y equals)," what you really do is press the MENU button (it's grey and next to the big circle) then select GRAPH.
- If the graph doesn't seem to work at all, or the line seems really funky, First go to GRAPH and then press DRAW. After that you should press F3 (View Window aka how much you want the graph to be able to see) and then F1 to go back to the ... full review
"I love this calculator" - by Ashley
I love this calculator! It is a huge update from the graphing calculator I had back in high school (graduated in '05). It's a lot sleeker and half as thick as its predecessor. The purple color is gorgeous and adds a fun touch ^_^ It is a wonderful resource! Also, Amazon had it for the lowest price I could find with the benefit of Prime shipping which made it a win/win. I can't recommend this calculator enough :)
"Great deal" - by charles pimenta
Daughter needed it for school . Shipped fast. Works just like expensive ones
"One of my favorite calculators or all time." - by Fahmi Imteaz (11377)
Excellent calculator. I have always loved Casio calculators. This one is much better than the Ti 83/84. Graphs are brilliant and colorful. The calculator does fraction view of equations.
"Very nice calculator for the price" - by cartero
I bought calculators for my children for school. You can pick these up on Craigslist for 50 to 60 dollars, but they sell rather quickly and I wanted to be able to return it if it failed. SO I bought these on Amazon and I am happy with my purchase.

Only downside is the shipping. I ordered these using USPS 2 day priority and they took 2 weeks to arrive. I would ask the seller to consider using Fedex or UPS in the future.
"Good for the price" - by Cori Castaldo (Walla Walla, WA, United States)
So far, this has been great for my Precalculus class. I paid $50 to more that $100 less for it than my classmates paid for theirs. I'm happy so far! (I've only been using it for three weeks...) If I need to revise this opinion, I will... but as of this moment I'm happy with it.
"great device, works perfectly" - by Joe S.
Excellent calculator, exactly as expected, was just what my son needed for his classes