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"Dreadlocks Be Gone" - by Sara S. (Portland, OR United States)
I work a desk job. Nothing fancy, no sudden movements, not a lot of sweat or tears. But I would still come home in the evening and find horrendously, almost irretrievably tangled dreadlocks on the underside of my hair, particularly at my collar. I experienced pain and near-panic in my attempts to gently comb out the tangles, but I knew I would have to either get a pixie cut or find a new detangling hair product.

Several of my friends recommended Enjoy's Conditioning Spray, and I was happy to find it for a lower price on Amazon than my friends had quoted me. I now spray this product all over my hair in the morning while it's still wet from the shower. I apply it liberally to the problem area near my collar, then distribute it through with a hairbrush. I let my hair air-dry, ... full review
"Back to the way it was" - by Tigress
There was a time period where Nexxus swapped formulas, and the public outcry from long time fans about how they missed the original formula was very loud.

So much so I also chipped in and their customer service apologized and gave me a coupon, which I gave to a friend.

I knew reformulation (even to a known formula) would take time and I disliked the new formulation that much.

After more than a year I started to see 5 star reviews again and after purchasing the latest shampoo, I can attest they're back to the way they were for their shampoo. A little goes a LONG way once more and my hair feels soft and silky.

The conditioner seems to go by a lot quicker than the shampoo but it seems to be similar even if not exactly the same as the original. I am just happy however that the shampoo is back ... full review
"Great natural shampoo for long, curly, coarse hair!" - by Sam W (College Park, MD)
This shampoo is great for my hair. I normally have thick, course, frizzy hair. This shampoo does a great job taking the frizz out of my hair and help it lay down smoothly. Usually, I wash out maybe 75% of the conditioner and leave about 25% in my hair for a leave-in conditioner. It also smells magnificent (if you like vanilla). But the smell doesn't stick out after you get out of the shower.

The only con I have is that the bottle is too small!
"So it is good for wash and go styles when you are dealing ..." - by martha garel
My hair has grown the most it has ever grown with this product. NO RESIDUE. So it is good for wash and go styles when you are dealing with a lot of frizz.

Use this one with the ARGON OIL instead of the one with SHEA BUTTER. The shea butter added too much texture!
"Great for my thin hair" - by Avid Amazoner (PA, USA)
I have very difficult thin hair. This product detangles it and leaves behind a LIGHT conditioning, not a heavy one. My hair is shiny an soft and not weighed down or flat.
"I have fine hair that tangles after washing" - by kate blank (MONTPELIER, VA, US)
I have fine hair that tangles after washing. This product is a great detangler and body booster. My hair never felt flat or oily. I ordered it after trying a sample in my Birchbox.
"Love it!" - by mfrance74
Used it for a trip in Belize where I was exposed to the sun , salt water and chlorine all day. I little spritz out when coming out of the water and my comb would glide right through it. Detsngles very well and has an awesome smell. At the end of the trip my hair was soft and shiny and no damage at all. I also recommend the sunscreens. I did a combo of both spf 50 for the first couple days and 30 for the rest of the trip and no sunburn!! I had also bought the face stick that I used in my lips, even though the kit came with a chapstick