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"Not just a gimmick" - by M Dunn
Being an ex-pat Brit in the US it was great to find a cookbook with some good old fashioned British recipes like my mum used to make! My Harry Potter fan son loves it and has been asking to make all sorts from it. As a book it's reasonably well laid out and thought through and I like the references to where to the food can be found in the series. And the recipes all seem pretty accurate so far!
I'd recommend it to anyone who really wants to know what toad in the hole really is!
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Love the detail and the color. Color changed no problem, and looks just like the photo.
"Questions are WAY too easy!" - by zulfa mehmedovic
What you get: 100 cards (600 questions), a colored dice, a box to hold the cards and dice.

Okay so here's the deal with this game... My cousins and I are really big Harry Potter fanatics and I thought it would be really awesome to get this since we love board games. I knew that it didn't come with a board (we improvised and used a different trivial pursuit board game). But honestly... it's too easy!!!! The questions are basically "What is Dumbledore's first name" Like uhh hello.....this is supposed to make me think?! I can answer these questions in my sleep! I don't know... it's cool to have a Harry Potter game but whether or not it's worth it.. eh you'll have to decide for yourself.
"Wizards strong!" - by Dan
A few days after wearing this scarf I began to feel different. Within a week I was floating things in the air with my mind and got an acceptance letter to hogwarts. I'm. A. Wizard.
"So cool!" - by Revelation
I can't believe how cool this thing is! It really works. I've had it for a few months now, and it still morphs every time. I hand-wash it in the sink. My co-workers also enjoy watching it change when I pour my coffee in. It even lets you know when you need a warm-up, because it begins to fade to black when it cools. Every coffee drinker should have one.
"Cant beat the Price" - by Jynet V Flores
Costco is known for having cheap prices, I saw the books sold individually at Costco but the price for this set was cheaper about $10 on Amazon. This was a gift for my god daughter and she loved it. Arrived when expected. no problems!
"Happy with purchase but wish there was a character name on box" - by Misslou
I bought this for my 6-year-old son who requested I get him the wand of Harry Potter when I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter one weekend. I bought him the wand he requested at the park and after returning home, I found out the wand didn't make it home with me. I rushed to Amazon to locate the wand and made this purchase and hoped it would be the same as the one I had bought at the theme park.

I received this wand within the 2-day Amazon Prime shipping time which was wonderful! When I opened the shipping box and saw the wand box, I was a little nervous. The wand box is different from the wand boxes at the theme park. It is a bit fatter, and, the wizard’s name that the wand belongs to isn't displayed on the outside of the box. I opened the ... full review
"... bowl and that's that and no harms done very pleased to add it to my collection of Harry Potter" - by Iwi Cobb-Adams
Just what I ordered as promised and no scratches or damage to the cauldron soup bowl and that's that and no harms done very pleased to add it to my collection of Harry Potter.
"So happy!" - by Psychenyx
I absolutely LOVE it! My inner Potterhead squealed with delight when I got it! I am putting all of my stuff right now so I can use it!!!
"Great set. Poor quality pen." - by agriff
I love this. I didn’t realize there are quotes throughout the book. The book itself is fantastic quality. The case is nice as well. I am a bit disappointed that the wand pen I received seems to be missing an entire section of color. Trying to decide if that is worth the hassle of sending it back for a replacement. Other than that issue, very happy with this set.
"My 8 year old loved it!" - by sara (PLANT CITY, FL, US)
My 8 year old son built this in less than a day. He has it on display in his bedroom now. Cool set!