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In stock on June 10, 2020.
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"It's a fine little projector, 1500 Lumens?" - by JZ
I have a mix feeling for this, but overall, it's good. It's a genuine 840 X 480 px projector. That is the first thing I would check when I got any projector Made in China by an unknown brand because it's THE most important part of a projector and it could be fake. So, this projector is capable of displaying fonts up to 8px, even thought the photos in my review don't show it clearly; Part of that is because I don't have a proper projection screen, as putting the image on a rough wall will decrease its resolution, but even with my not ideal shiny and rough wall, the image quality when viewed 2-3 meters away is still stunningly good. See video for a sample clip; The sound quality is not the best. Don't compare it to a high end speaker but do compare it to a typical ... full review
"Good projector for the price" - by Austin Hobbs
Great projector for the money. Very clear and bright image. I didn't notice any of the white hazing around the edges of the images like a lot of other reviewers did.
The good:
- Very clear image
- Light up remote control
- Super quiet fan, especially on eco mode
- Multiple HDMI inputs
- MHL support
- Powered USB port (but if you want to use a fire stick and you turn off the projector, it will kill power to that port)
The bad:
- Picture color accuracy could be better
- They changed the sleep timer. I can't seem to cancel it if it's about to go off. It's weird because my previous optoma projector let me do this.

Overall, its a great projector. The bad took me a while to come up with and are not deal breakers to me.
"It has the best quality picture and feature set for the price range ..." - by Brent V. (Texas, USA)
I purchased the Optoma HD142X after a ton of research and time spent looking at projectors online. It has the best quality picture and feature set for the price range I was looking for. It really does have an amazing picture. I am currently using it with a 120" motorized screen. One of the reasons I went with this model was because of the higher brightness rating. I have it in my living room which has blinds over the windows, but theres still a decent amount of ambient light in the room in the middle of the afternoon. This projector is bright enough that it looks just as good as my LCD during the day.

Another nice feature of this projector is the 12v trigger port. Alot of projectors dont include this often overlooked feature. It allows you to automate your electric screen. ... full review
"Great home theater and gaming projector" - by Geoff S.
I am a first-time projector owner in a new home with a large wall, so decided to save some money and buy this rather than a new 60" television. As a new user, I must say I am blown away by the device. Out of the box with no adjustments, we're projecting what must be a 120" image on a white wall and it looks incredible. The built-in speaker is fine, but I use an Apple TV with audio out to a Sonos system and it's amazing. One wall of the room we're projecting in is floor-to-ceiling windows, and we can still project easily during the day with the shades drawn. Also use for XBoxOne gaming and of course the large screen is a lot of fun for that. No complaints after first week of use.
"See it to believe it" - by Vinod M.
Value for money and excellent product. You will have to see it to believe it. I have seen demos in premier stores of the high end projectors and also a couple at my friends' house. I was a bit skeptical to purchase in the beginning because of what the product claims to do at the price, but it does it all. 2D to 3D conversion, wireless streaming, easy setup, MHL availability and most importantly - picture clarity. It's truly HD. Even in Eco mode (Cinema display) it is atleast 4x better than your regular DLPs. Works very well even in ample light - the darker the better ofcourse. The Best part of it is auto keystone, such low fan noise that you will hardly notice and a fantastic speaker. I have mine hooked to a home theater, but will not shy to use the speaker on the projector. Its an ... full review
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"Best projector for its price!" - by Maurice L.
Works really well, even in a bring room. The speaker is actually pretty good and the screen quality isn’t bad neither. I’d highly recommend. The fan works well and the inside is cool and you don’t hear the fan at all. The very very edge of the picture can be slightly blurred, but that’s as expected. You wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know. My screen is easily about 100” and can go to 150” no problem
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"I recommend that" - by Jolina
I purchased a mini protector a month ago but I returned than I got this one instead. I’m so happy I made a right decision . It’s pricey but worthy every penny you spend .
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"The built in speakers makes it nice and portable to take outside without lugging around more ..." - by Don P.
I've had this projector since December and I can't say enough about it. This is my first projector. I researched projectors for months before I pulled the trigger on this one. I compared it to the 5030ub and without them side by side you couldn't tell enough of a difference to justify the extra $600. The built in speakers makes it nice and portable to take outside without lugging around more speakers. They are plenty loud on their own. Anyone wanting to have a nice theater without breaking the bank, this is the way to go.
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"Love it!" - by James Cannonie
I just received this today and it's absolutely awesome. The kids love it, easy to hook up, vibrant colors, quiet fan. I plan on using indoor and outdoor. I haven't tried outdoor, but the color and clarity is even good in light.
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"So no perfect world theatre here" - by JARHEAD2098
My wife was upset I upgraded and spent so much on this projector... That is until she saw the picture. This projector blows my 2k$ Sony BXR Bravia LCD out of the water. No special screen... Actually a free motorized screen off a job site prob 10yrs old... It is paired with a Yamaha Avantage 2060 receiver and a cheap 20$ Sony blue ray player... Just for reference. My basement is well lit and has plenty of ambient light from 3 windows behind the screen and a sliding glass door about 12 away in the front... So no perfect world theatre here... The picture still is amazing. No worries with this projector. I also used the Peerless PRG-UNV-W to mount which is solid and easy to install.This mount is exceptional for DIY'ers, it has precise adjustments so even if your mounting isn't perfectly aligned you can very easily get the ... full review
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"I got more than I expected." - by Manpet (Trinidad, West Indies)
I took a lot of time before deciding which projector I wanted to get. I needed it to be portable, bright enough for classrooms that did not have light control (since our classes had ventilation blocks along one side), battery operated and had various input options. Eventualy, I decided on the P300 and was pleasnatly surprised when I got it to find that it had been upgraded to 400 lumins and contained an installed battery pack.

One the first afternoon I mounted it on a u8000 tripod that I had for years and I projected along a wall at home to the maximum size of 120 (it was actually 127) in a room that had a fair amount of light. The movie was quite viewable and the audio was louder than I expected. The colours were crisp and the details were quite clear. I am not at all ... full review
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"Great quality" - by Jon Dean
This is a pretty cool projector. First it’s super easy to set up and use which is great for my family so they can use it. We put it up on the ceiling and the picture was crystal clear and it had lots of different options like airplay etc. which I really liked. It also does HDMI which is cool. Overall this was a really good buy for us.
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"Quiet, small, surprisingly bright." - by R Clarke
The WOWOTO T8E has been great so far. The best thing is the fan noise is very quiet. I can hear it. It's not totally silent, but it is not distracting at all.
I actually made a little box to hold it vertically and watched a movie on the ceiling while laying in bed and it was fine. It is portable and even runs on battery. It is suprisingly bright and the picture is great, even streaming netflix.
In stock on June 10, 2020.
"Brilliant display even in a brightly lit room" - by bshelkey
We have had a 92" fixed screen in our living room since 2004 and I have always been a fan of DLP projectors. Our 9 year old BenQ died so the hunt was on to replace. After agonizing over reviews for 2 months and narrowing a selection down I finally chose the HC1060. I still was hesitant that an LCD system was not going to outperform what I had been used to. Boy was I wrong. This projector delivers and makes a very vivid display that has impressed me entirely. The screen we have is a 1.2 gain formula that assists mostly in producing blacks during dark scenes but also helps increase light output as we have a lot of ambient outdoor light that comes through a nearby triple slider patio door. Even in the brightest part of the day the picture is displayed like a mural on the wall. ... full review
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"Best short-throw projector for home theater use" - by StevenB
Bought this projector for my home theater, and it doesn't disappoint. The image is bright and clear. Didn't need much calibration, but the image and colors pop off the screen. This being a DLP projector, some may be prone to RBE (rainbow effects) in high-contrast scenes or with scenes with a lot of movement. I don't see any of it with this projector, but everybody is different. The fan is very quiet, even in eco mode.

I mounted this projector to the ceiling with a Chief RPAU mount, and it's solid as a rock.

I have absolutely zero qualms with this projector, and I'm using it almost every single day for movies and gaming.


After using this PJ almost daily for two years, I'm still VERY impressed with the brightness, clarity, and image that it produces. Absolutely zero issues.