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"I love that the products are so pure and researched so ..." - by Amazon Customer
I've been taking this product for a few months now. It has made a real difference in how I feel. I move a little easier, and somehow my skin is clearer and younger. I love that the products are so pure and researched so carefully and free of the additives so many other supplements have in them.
"Life changing. No joke." - by Isabelsb
I have used two different brands of nicotinamide riboside, Basis and Life Extension. This is by far the most effective product because of the additional ingredients in it. Most NR is the same or similar because it's patented. Adding the other ingredients gives me such clear energy, I am THRILLED. It also relieves pain in my body, especially my hands. I have more stamina in general. For context, I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's -- all things that have brain fog, pain, and I have TONS of fatigue. Now 30 years after the fatigue and pain throughout my body began at 13, I finally have some relief. (On another note, CBD provides me with great pain relief, but I can't function. ;-) Makes me so out of it. But sometimes at bed it is so nice to have such completely relief. From a pain standpoint, not full ... full review
"Solid product and proven higher test levels" - by Matthew David
I’m 33 and I regularly have my test levels checked, as I try a lot of test related supplements to keep my numbers up to aid in bodybuilding goals. Most test boost products do absolutely nothing, besides giving you a bit of energy. This DHEA, however, produced pretty respectable numbers when dosed at 200mg per day. I would not recommend going higher than this, as it is a hormone and should be used with caution. I would also recommend cycling off of it for a bit after a bottle, to stay safe.

If you’re using this at the recommended 100mg dosage, it is pretty harmless and will help to get you a small bit of testosterone levels back. If you want to go higher than this, you should talk to your doctor first.

As a side effect, I should note that this can raise your cholesterol levels somewhat. If you have high ... full review
"aiding in overall well being" - by suec
This product was recommended to me by a microbiome specialist as a supplement to enhance my health imbalances. i have ordered my second bottle as i have had no adverse reactions and assume it has been part of the reason i have been feeling more healthy - less inflammmation, more stable food reactions and more stamina. i have only taken this a short time so i cannot make any but these general claims
"I didn't expect any changes like the reviews I read" - by jarpc
I didn't expect any changes like the reviews I read. My eye doctor recommended Areds, but I didn't like the manufactured ingredients. So I decided to take Lutein, just to keep in line with my doctor's recommendation. After most of the first bottle was gone, I noticed the TV looking pretty blurry at night in bed. I took off my glasses ... and could see a lot better without them! Yes, I still need the glasses for most things, but I'm pretty surprised by the results of the product so far.
"Seasonal allergy free now!" - by Music lover (OK USA)
I have been looking for high quality Resveratrol products. Some of them I used cost $200 per month and some are much cheaper. I have been using this brand for about 3~4 months now, mainly for my seasonal allergy and sinus headache coming with it. I have taken Zyrtec for a long time since my allergy is now almost all year round, but it does not help the sinus headache effectively. I am glad to say that this Resveratrol seems to have enough dosage to help me. Now I am totally symptom free, which is quite surprising to me. I expect some improvement but never such complete "heal". Now the Fall season is coming and I'll see if it is helping still.
"Great product. I have been using this for a ..." - by Nora
Great product.I have been using this for a few years.
"this stuff is the best. I cannot believe how well this works for ..." - by snhander (missouri)
Oh my goodness, this stuff is the best. I cannot believe how well this works for you, my skin and hair has gotten softer and is starting to look really nice. I have lupus and can use all the help I can get to make my hair and skin look better. I am hoping this helps my hair grow back that I have lost due to the lupus. I have been taking this for 2 weeks now and like I said I can tell the difference in my skin and hair feeling softer. I have sores on my arm and face and they have been healing faster. My fingernails are starting to lose the ridges on them and look so much nicer then they use to. I have been putting this in the pink lemonade that I make for our girls to drink and they don't even know that it ... full review
"Great combination" - by Dennis J. Guerrerio
This is a very high-quality supplement containing two proven anti-aging substances. I have been taking this for about two months now. I was pretty healthy before I started taking this supplement, so I don't notice any radical difference in my overall well being. I am taking this more as a preventative. Vital nutrients to help keep us in one piece as we get older.
"Great Product" - by dmfnswm
It works great and helps with digestion! It's tasteless and only has a little gritty taste in the water.

The only recommendation I have is to specify the serving size more specifically, because it says "2 Scoops" - and I don't know what a scoop is considered. I looked it up, and I think a scoop is considered about 1/4 tsp.