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"Way better than taking your chances at a junk yard." - by M. Mundell (Benton IL USA)
Exact replacement for my controller, The original from 99 had finally given up the ghost, this one is OEM, so it went right in no problem. I happy it did the few days without AC were horrible. I hope this one last another 17 years, but if it last 10 years I will be happy.
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"Just installed it... works perfectly" - by Chuck Willow (Middle Tennessee, USA)
1996 Chevy truck...keeping it on the road (over 266 thousand miles so far). Things weren't switching correctly on a/c heater...so
replaced defective modulators....then one more thing....replaced the control unit. Ahhhhhhhhhh, perfect!
"the third fan speed does not work ??" - by Hoyboy
the third fan speed inop is there something else that controls this fan speed ????
all other speeds and controls work fine.
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"but it's nice to have a brand new Mopar part" - by Scott Paige
Always expensive to buy new, but it's nice to have a brand new Mopar part!
"Easy Fix, Best Price" - by E. Lucas
My factory heater control had some lights burn out. I was hoping to just replace the bulbs but it turns out it's not that easy. I found this on Amazon and after price shopping, this was the best deal. It took less than 15 minutes to install. It's a big difference now that I can see what knob I need to adjust.
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"You can do it yourself, its very easy!" - by EAZ
This is a factory part and once replaced should solve the problems listed below. It worked perfectly for me.

The panel needed to be replaced for the following problems:
- A/C would not stay on. The A/C button light would blink or turn off.
- A/C would only work on certain fan speeds. Changing fan speed would cause the A/C or recirculate to turn off.
- Recirculate mode would not stay on.

How to replace 2002 Chevy Malibu Heater Control Unit (similar for other models):

It will be helpful to review the customer images I uploaded to this page.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable (original connection uses 8mm wrench).

2. Place brick or something behind rear tire to prevent vehicle from rolling. I don't depend on the parking brake and always place something behind the tire.

3. Remove your key from your key ring.

4. Use a tack puller, flat screwdriver or preferably an interior trim/panel removal tool to ... full review
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"Exact replacement for my 2005 Silverado" - by Frank Fazekas (Dolgeville, NY USA)
Great new part, perfect...unfortunately, this wasn't my problem. My problem is at the airbox/heater manifold/fan rather than in the dash. However, it was worth it as my original unit was damaged and it's nice to replace with new so you know it'll last. Very pleased with the part/purchase.
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"COOL" - by mrivi69
It works, nothing worse than driving with the a/c blowing cold, then for no good reason, it turns hot. Better price than going to the local junk yard. If i needed another one I'd buy from here again..... oh yeah, got another Chevy, this one only works @ the 3 setting. Cuz of the price, its less of a headache.
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"Faster, easier, and hassle free!" - by daniel kuemper
This control panel took about 5 minutes to install in my truck; faster than replacing the small switch inside the unit. The construction was a one piece design which was a substantial improvement over the stock two piece design installed in the factory.

*Note: This part is highly recommended over replacing just the switch inside. While the switch is usually the problem, the control unit's plastic case is probably very brittle and will break.