Heavy Duty Staples

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"I like the blue color of the container" - by GA Williams (Santa Clara, CA United States)
What can I possibly write about a box of staples? I like the blue color of the container. The staples themselves are a staple of the stapling process and pretty much like all other staples. They work great in our new oddly named heavy duty stapler. The machine is a Desert Song. Weird name for the machine, but the staples can be easily punched through a stack of paper that a normal stapler couldn't possibly staple.
"Perfect for our stapler." - by Amazon Customer
In the process of our home move, we lost/misplaced our box of deep staples. I ordered these to replace the lost box. They arrived quickly and were exactly matched to our stapler. Of course, as soon as the new staples arrived, the old box reappeared. We now have a life-time supply of staples.
"Good Quality Staples" - by nyc
These staples are strong and the right size for a small stack of receipts or papers. However, they are not good if the stack has other staples in it, which can cause these to jam. It's not the fault of these staples though as most staples will do that except the next larger size ones. Overall, staples are good quality and works well with Bostitch staplers.
"These 5/8" chisel point staples work great" - by One Citizen (Southeast Michigan USA)
I purchased these staples for use in my Quill model 7-93200 heavy duty stapler, which uses Stanley-Bostitch SB35 staples. These staples are 0.625 inches or 5/8" which are rated to staple up to 150 pages, so they're only for the really big projects and this box of 5000 will probably last me for years. The box I received was blue, not yellow as pictured - but exactly the same product.
"Heavy Duty Staples" - by Woody
I was elated that these staples fit my stapler. I searched for compatible staples at Office Depot, Staples Office Supplies, Home Depot, and Lowes without any success. Guess I have finally learned that when all else fails then try Amazon for my needs.
"Great product, however" - by Rita M. Simone
Great product, however, bit too heavy for my use, gave it to my Son who is young and strong. Did buy the lighter one which is good for me. Priced right and good quality name brand can't go wrong with Stanley. If you want something just click into Amazon they will have it for sure, haven't been disappointed yet. Simone, Milford, Ct.
"Great stapler" - by EM
This stapler is heavy duty and also comes with staples. It is very durable and easy to use.
"Works like a charm" - by garymick
Works like a charm. I had to remove a bazillion carpet pad staples from our hardwood floors (entire house) so they could be refinished. Forget screwdrivers, pliers and other devices, this is the one for you.
"Great office tool" - by Holden
Just what I was looking for. I used one like this years ago & loved it but couldn't remember the brand. I recently bought a similar one at an office supply store that was junk. That said, this thing is awesome, no matter how many sheets of paper you have or how tough the staple is, including electric staplers. It easily glides right under and removes the staple in a smooth, non-damaging way. It's also very easy to hold & maneuver thanks to the contoured handle. I remove 75-100 staples a day so I can say that it works great. It supposedly has magnets to hold the staple which don't work very well but I won't fault it for that.
"Effortless and consistent performer" - by Rommel (Los Angeles, CA USA)
I got to experience using this product at work. We use it to pull heavy duty staples from one inch stack of documents. Care should be taken on lighter paper as the tongue that lifts the staple can dig and rip into the first few pages on top. I would not recommend this product for use on a smaller stack using standard staple. It will simply rip the staple out in the crimped position leaving a torn document. If there is anything I would change it will be the metal part that pushes down on the document while the staple is being pulled up. It can be made larger to prevent tearing. I normally put two fingers next to it while I pry the staple from a large stack of documents. Slow and steady pressure is all that it needs to do the job. If you pull up too fast ... full review
"Five Stars" - by LittleJoe
It's staples! Work as they should. Arrived on time.
"Leverage the power of levers" - by Jessica Phipps (Raleigh, NC United States)
This thing is a workhorse. I easily removed all the staples and even upholstery tacks from the chair I'm refinishing. It even removed staples from a board I've been trying to pry the staples out of since February. Great price, great item.
"Does what it's supposed to" - by Brian
I got this to staple burlap around some bushes in a windy area, and it works great. Holds a good amount of staples, and fit in the back pocket of my jeans. Didn't jam at all during job