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"Nutrigold customer since January 2015 until price hike, Sports Research is the perfect replacement" - by Charles C. (Maryland, USA)
I've been using Nutrigold's Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold Fish Oil Supplement for almost two years and couldn't be happier with the product. A few weeks ago I needed to make another purchase and saw that it was no longer available on Amazon. It led me to scour for a replacement, and I'd hoped to find something similarly high quality yet affordably priced, which Nutrigold once was. After looking around at many fish oil products I decided to try Sports Research Omega-3 Fish Oil, and I've been using the product for about two weeks now. Today I randomly decided to check to see if Nutrigold's product was available again, and it is now back in stock... for $58.99. When I first purchased their product in January 2015 I paid $37. The price went up during the following 18 months, fluctuating up and down in the ... full review
"Love It. Highly Recommend. Best Omega 3 Product on Amazon." - by JH (East Coast)
I originally was using NutriGold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold just fine, but some doctors that I respect in the field that actively do research on Omega-3 spoke highly of Omega-3 products that were sold in triglyceride form as opposed to ethyl ester form (NutriGold Triple Strength, Lovaza, and most Omega 3 supplements on the market are in ethyl ester form). I use Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega now, and find that I do experience less GI symptoms than I used to when I used omega-3 products sold in ethyl ester form.

Below is a summary of my findings that I also wrote in my review of NutriGold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold regarding how I determined this was the Best Omega 3 supplement for me to take.

First and foremost: Please talk to your physician before using this strong product, especially if considering using this to replace Lovaza/Omacor or Epanova or any other prescription ... full review
"No more joint pain." - by ANNA FERREBEE
I started taking a fish oil supplement for a clinical trial on eye dryness. What I noticed to my surprise was my joints did not hurt anymore. My knees hurt so bad going down the stairs I had to grimace. 4000 milligrams of fish oil stopped the pain. I recommend it highly.
"This makes a difference in how I feel." - by Amative954 (Minnesota)
I just feel better mentally while taking this. I struggle with mental illness and this supplement is like an anti-depressant for me. Other reviews have noted this result as well. There is zero fishy aftertaste. The regular size goes down easy, but if you struggle with that size there is a smaller size if you didn't notice it in the quantity choices. This is the best in my opinion. Your search is over.
"Top Quality" - by Katherine Cheney
I appreciate being able to take a high quality dose of wild-caught fish oil, in two conveniently sized capsules. I have had no difficulty swallowing them, and they have no "fishy" aftertaste. My only complaint is that I have the taste of strawberries in my mouth, when I burp after taking them! If you don't mind that, then I highly recommend them. I'm on my second bottle, and have put my husband and son on them as well.
"Your Joints Will Love You" - by S. Hale
I hate eating fish. I'm old and my joints ache. My doc suggested fish oil, and it really does make my joint pain go away. Seriously, if I forget it for a day my knees tell me, this makes such a difference. I bought this particular brand because it claimed (truthfully) It's burpless, which is good, because fish burps are gross.
"Solgar Omega- 3 Fish Oil Concentrate" - by M.K. Grieger (MidWest USA)
I have been taking Solgar products for approximately 5 years.

Having tried various other supplement manufacturers I have found the Solgar products to be superior- from the glass packaging, potency, quality, consistency, freshness and no after taste - I can count on Solgar.

! I take between 6 and 10 of these Fish Oil gel caps per day and this has helped with joint pain significantly! I have experimented by not taking these gel caps and also substituting other manufacturers caps and the Solgar caps provide the best results by far! (I am in no way giving anyone advice on how many of these caps to use. I also take other Solgar products that I am sure help contribute to the efficacy of the Fish Oil)

This product has improved my quality of life and that is what a quality product should do!
"Finally!" - by viragh
Every fish oil I have tried made me belch and burp the after taste was horrible. But this product is wonderful. No burping or belching therefore no bad aftertaste. I feel so much better. My joints don't hurt and I'm unable to give my work 110 percent. Thank you for the very best. This is the only fish oil I will take.
"Great Product with high EPA/ DNA" - by Jacqui (quincy ,ma,usa)
I honestly never knew much about fish oil and always bought the biggest bottle I could find for the cheapest price. I give fish oil to my dogs and my vet was explaining to me how to find the best kind. It has to have a high EPA/DNA for it to be of any help. So after doing a bit of research I bought this Omega-3 Fish Oil 2500mg and am very happy with this product. The seller was awesome, speedy delivery and I highly recommend this product !
"Nothing Fishy Here!" - by Ken
Fish oil is fish oil, right? Well, not so fast there. I have been taking fish oil for more than two decades for the benefits I get from the Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids. Omega-3 is generally recognized by the medical community to provide a range of benefits, including a lower risk of coronary heart disease and improvements in cholesterol levels. There is also evidence that promising in Omega-3’s results on cancer, depression, ADHD and may lower triglycerides and reduce the risk of heart attack, abnormal heartbeat and stroke. MAVNutrition’s Fish Oil with Premium Omega 3 is harvested from sea fish and it is manufactured under strict conditions to be free from harmful contaminants.
The first thing I noticed with MAVNutrition’s Fish Oil was that, when I opened the bottle, there was no fishy smell. Many of the lower grades of fish oil brands can have that smell when opening, giving it ... full review
"Hot Flashes anyone?" - by A Sweet Choice 4 u
As you may all know Omega - 3 is a great form of fish oil that our bodies need anyway to stay healthy. But ladies tis is why I buy the big bottle of this Now product.... If you are prone to those ugly ugly hot flashes. Work up to 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening and within a week they will totally disappear! Honest! I have been using this product for over 5 years with the same great results. I have tried other healthy way of getting rid of those pesky hot flash devils but this is the only thing that has worked for me. Believe me when I tell you...I tried to take myself of of this specific product thinking I'm done with this awful stage in my life or just to try something new? I was ... full review
"No aftertaste, works well" - by GA
This is the only fish oil I have tried that does not give me a fishy after taste or cause me to burp up fish taste. I noticed my joint pains are better since using this brand.
"The best Omega-3 around." - by Kharysma
These were the recommended to me by the eye doctor and I find that this is my favorite brand. There is no taste and odor at all. The first thing I noticed was that my fingernails were stronger and shinier, LOL! Sometimes there are perks with things you didn't expect. Now if they would give me long luxurious (gray) hair, I would be enthralled. Seriously, these are a good product. Others might be cheaper but these seem to be the best.