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"Great Monitor, but your room will glow" - by gdsgrl
Great monitor compared to my old one! Everything was great out of the box and it came with a dvi-d cable, the only problems i have with this monitor are the brightness is way to bright and the settings menu is very hard to navigate and control.
"Great Monitors!" - by Dixie Vogel (KS United States)
We did a lot of research when we decided to upgrade our monitors. So many things to consider and trying to do your research all online can kind of make your head spin! This model didn't have a lot of reviews yet, but really seemed to hit the sweet spot between features and price so we went ahead and took and chance and couldn't be happier!

The screen is HUGE (coming from a 24-inch) and the color settings out of the box are workable to start, although you can tweak them to your liking. No speakers but I almost consider that a plus, since I've never had a monitor with speakers that sounded better than a kid's walkie-talkie. Cannot comment on the Freesync because we don't have the right graphic cards for it.

You can do a quick search to find and install Acer's display widget, which is very nice in ... full review
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"Runs like freaking butter" - by vince zapata
Dude this monitor will blow your mind. At first i was anxious because of the reviews of this monitor not being able to display 144hz on 1080p resolution. When it came, i checked the rumors. And alas, the monitor is only currently displaying 60hz. But after researching for a little bit, I adjusted the fps from 60 to 144 on advanced settings in windows, and dude, you'll clearly see 144hz. When you move your cursor you will see the difference from 60hz. Runs like freaking butter.
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"Absolutely Amazing Value - Some other features not even listed!" - by Joshua Rhine
This monitor is definitely a good value. Does it have superb color and contrast? No. Does it boast the best refresh rate on the market? No. But if you're tight on money, this thing looks and preforms great for the money. It has a Matte screen which does a great job at eliminating glare. The chassis it's enclosed within is absolutely stunning. It features a VGA and and HDMI port. The screen automatically detects signals and turns on when a source is turned on. When the selected source turns off it quickly scans and switches to any other sources. If no connections are available it goes into standby automatically. The power chord is a good 6 or more feet and easy to wrap with half of it being very thin wire. The ON LED is not distracting or too bright. When it's off it looks like a borderless monitor. And ... full review
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"This is a Freesync Monitor - I'm using an nVidia GTX 1080" - by richcz3 (Southern California)
For starters the ad clearly states this is a Freesync monitor which are to be used with AMD cards, not nVidia. I am using an nVidia GTX1080 graphics card.

If you routinely play with a 27" monitor with a reasonably good Refresh Rate 2MS or so, there are some things to consider. One the extra 5" screen space is nice. I'm personally, not entirely sold on the curved screen as offering any immediate benefit. If you sit back 2 feet or more from your monitor the curve is muted. As for Refresh Rate, this is rated at 4MS which might be notable if you're accustomed to a faster rate. It wasn't an issue for me.

Things to consider
32" is about as big as you want to go with 1080P gaming monitor. Unless you have a Fast GPU and Solid CPU to run games at MAX settings, your textures may look real washed ... full review
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"Good Budget High Refresh Rate Ultrawide" - by Alex
-No dead pixels
-100hz which I was able to OC to 115
-Good picture quality
-Little to no backlight bleed thanks to VA panel
-High sRGB coverage (cannot confirm, no color tester)
-100mm VESA mountable
-Much cheaper than comparable main stream monitors

-Less vibrant image due to VA panel
-Other monitors can be OC'd to 120, while my panel can reach 120 it is not stable
-Bezels are larger than depicted
-Body is made of budget materials, but still rigid, no concerns really
-Big VIOTEK logo in the middle of the chin

Other Thoughts:
On sale, this is a solid option for a high refresh rate ultrawide. The curve is just right and the color reproduction is not bad for a VA panel. Would recommend assuming you're okay with giving up IPS viewing angles and color reproduction.
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"I've tried almost every single 144hz monitor on the market." - by Kaine
It is better than what you will expect at this price point. People will complain about "washed out colors" but that is only right out of the box. With a few adjustments the colors are fine, and I've had A LOT of experience with VA and IPS monitors. The colors were actually better than I thought they would be. The speakers suck...but I don't know why anyone would buy this monitor for the speakers. Aside from that minor flaw in my opinion....the picture quality is great. There isn't any lag. There is no screen tearing. No screen flickering. It has been a very smooth experience without any issues. I bet most of the low review scores for this monitor will be due to the speakers...even though most people don't use the monitors speakers. Honestly, I wish manufactures would remove internal speakers from gaming monitors and lower the prices.
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"2 hours into ownership" - by fran sAbato
i usually like to say a product is either good or bad but this is a bit difrent. i orderd this monitor as it was a great price for a 1440p 144hz g-sync monitor. i was a tad late the day i orderd it so it took 3 days instead of two wich was no big deal. today the screen arives via usps and the outer box had some dings so i got nourvous bought it inside and verified everything was intact. i unplugged my old monitor and swapped it for this one turned it on and everything was good to go however upon some time of playing PUBG and rainbow six my buddy that i invited over to also bask in the glory of 144fps at 2k pointed out a stuck green pixel in the left center of the screen. luckly thier was a ... full review
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"Awesome monitor, worth every penny" - by Chris Murphy
I was amazed at the quality of the picture on this monitor! Super thin screen, perfect size for my one monitor setup. The white adds so much class. It's also a plus that it has Vesa mounting ability! I plan on putting it on an arm eventually. Only had it about a week so far, but I love it! I dread using my work setup now. My speakers are arriving tomorrow and I'm redoing the wire management. I know it takes away from the aesthetic some in the photos, but you get it
"Clear, sharp monitor" - by Jason G.
This review is for the BenQ PD3200Q 32" 2K(why Amazon, do you insist on mixing different products on the same page?).

Tried the ASUS 32" 2K but had blurry text and weird color issues. Tried a 4k, 28" monitor but the DPI is too high and since my second monitor is a 24" FHD display I can't easily use scaling to fix the issue. Honestly, I think 4k is a waste on anything less than 40".

I'm a programmer who uses Linux exclusively. This monitor serves my purposes well. Definitely happy with the purchase, and happy that I can stop searching for a new main monitor.
by LG
"Lovely" - by BigFresh
I've been a PC building enthusiast for the past 15 years. I only leave a product review if I feel the current reviews don't reflect my opinion as well.

I can tell you this monitor has surpassed my expectations. Especially when coming from a 50 hz 24 inch 16 9 monitor and when the price was 4 figures when it was first released. I've had it for over a week and have already used it extensively, so the "honeymoon" is over.

I chose this monitor over the other "big 3" in this price range with the same aspect ratios and refresh rates because i read of ghosting problems and brightness issues with the other ones. This monitor has none of that. In fact, the brightness is set to 70% and my gf still complains about it (women...) and the ghosting is non-existant. If you are looking as I have for a monitor ... full review
"Amazing product/investment" - by Eric Yang
I bought this to replace my old monitors I was using with my desktop. So far there are no regrets and I am extremely pleased to say that this is simply an amazing product to invest in. The slim monitor is beyond clear and I am truly astonished at the beauty of it all. The borders are nice and thin rather than the excessive border in other monitors. The only downside of the monitor is with the placement of the interface buttons on the rear (Just takes some getting used to).
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"Stunning Frame rate" - by Brendan
Absolutely stunning experience transitioning from a regular 60hz monitor to a 144hz monitor. The lack of motion blur is so smooth and immersive. It legitimately improves my first person shooter gaming experience. It makes using a sniper rifle in game so much easier and intuitive, when moving you can see detail so sharp that it makes it very easy to keep an eye on things or identify things while turning, moving, etc, and immediately snap to them with your cursor/crosshair.

I would only recommend you purchase this product if you are confident that your computer can run the games you intend to play at 144 frames/sec or higher. Otherwise just purchase a 120hz or even 100hz monitor.

The speakers are not bad. They're not amazing either. The fact that the monitor even has speakers compared to the majority of low profile thin panel LCD screens makes it hard to give it any ... full review
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"I highly recommend this monitor" - by Samuel Wallace
I highly recommend this monitor. I Have been using a Dell 1920X1080 monitor for close to a decade. MSI makes great products period.
This monitor is 2560x1440 144hz more options then you can imagine....beautiful design.
Quality is Top notch. Made extremely sturdy. All sort of gaming options included.

Night and day difference next to 1920X1080 60hz
Just make sure you have Graphics card to take advantage. I'm running GTX 1080 which mows through everything even at high to ultra settings
. Will be buying another one. Packaged well and arrived no damage and on time thanks Amazon!!!
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"so I searched for some weeks to find the best 144hz monitor which is not pricey" - by HS Cho (United States - CA)
This is my first 144hz monitor. I was using 27 inch VA panel, 27 inCH IPS panel monitor. I really wanted to use 144hz monitor because I was playing FPS games such as rainbow six siege, so I searched for some weeks to find the best 144hz monitor which is not pricey. Finally, I bought Acer XF240H.

1. This monitor has cheap price and fancy design.
2. The 144hz feature was really new world for me. I think now some people say 144hz is not that special compared to 60hz is ridiculous.
3. However, this monitor does not have nice color compared to VA, IPS panel, so this monitor is only good for gaming purpose.

The conclusion: if you want to have a monitor that has a fast response time and 144hz for the gaming, buy this one.
But if you are planning to use this for some graphic design, video editing, don't ... full review