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"Very nice value laptop" - by Soar
This is a nice setup for under $400. The laptop features the Intel i3-8130U 8th generation (latest generation for 4/2018, a 2 core processor), a 1TB drive and 6gb RAM. The battery is supposed to last for 12 hours (I tested this a bit but not a lot). The laptop has 6gb, a read/write DVD drive, and a lot of connections and a 1920 x 1080 display.

The laptop is responsive and snappy for an under $400 laptop. I’m a bit perplexed by some of the reviews claiming this to be slow. It is not. This value laptop has some chops. I loaded my desired suite of applications with Ninite dot com, that went quickly. In testing performance, I ran a Netflix movie and a show on YouTube at the same time with no performance degradation. I ran the 2+ hour movie twice ... full review
"Substance Over Style" - by Frederick Nunes (New Bedford, Ma.)
I received this laptop promptly. I was beating myself up with all the choices. What I finally decided was that this one was really my only option. I wanted all the features this offers. Great battery life, a matte screen (non-glossy) full HD, an SSD vs the HDD drive, and a backlit keyboard. This laptop as mentioned by others will not win any style points. It will however win with substance. It still is nice looking with a textured cover and being black overall. But that is not what this one is about. Its about what is inside of this amazing product. It took me about an hour to get all the updates to get it current. It boots up in 10 seconds and shuts down in 2 to 3 seconds. The screen quality is excellent, and I am fussy ... full review
by HP
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"A terrific deal!" - by Amazon Customer
This is a great machine for everything that I do. It boots up quickly and is blindingly fast. I use it for Office, Internet, Ebay, and photo work and it is great. This laptop was a terrific buy and I would not hesitate to recommend it.
by HP
"My Windows updating was very fast" - by Amazon Customer
Great laptop..runs fast and I love the full size keyboard.I will say the windows updating took no time at all for my computer.I noticed some reviewers were complaining it took forever to update.It could be your internet connection possibly,because I don't think it's the computer.
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"Great price and great processor." - by AD (USA)
I needed a processor that would be a little faster than the ones I have but not anything professional and this computer seems to do the trick.
"Works great with Ubuntu Gnome 17.04!" - by Jaymz (Manzanita, Oregon)
I'm very happy with this purchase.

I spent a bit of time looking around for a decent laptop I could use to install Linux (Ubuntu Gnome 17.04). I've heard some people having issues with these convertible laptops, but I did manage to see that there were a couple posts in the past about people who were asking about how to enable the wifi connection on this particular laptop. This told me that it was probable that I'd be able to get it working without much of a fight, plus I had very good luck in the past installing Linux on the Aspire line of laptops.

While the process of getting Linux to install was slightly tricky, you have to manipulate some bios settings. I was able to install it without too much of an issue. Happily the laptop works extremely well and actually performs better than I had expected.

The only thing that ... full review
"I use a Crucial SSD and is working excellent. I put the link" - by MAXIMUS-VERGONIUS
I got this laptop an it took me a little to figure out the layout and disassembly of the back cover. Be careful with the rubber bumpers there are 2 screws underneath. The M.2 slot is SATA 3 (Cheap Bastards) not NVMe. Be careful how you insert the SSD drive. The 6 pin is on the right side of the slot. The screws on the back are different sizes so mark them where they belong. For a clean install, start the laptop with the original OS and let it register to Microsoft. Once is register as digital license wiped and install the new Fall creators OS. Don't use any sharp metal to pray the back cover it will break. I use a Crucial SSD and is working excellent. I put the link. Please don't mine mi spelling I don't give a human @ss. I put some pics for all ... full review
by HP
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"For a home user or student who can live with 6 gigs of memory and wants lots of storage, this machine is a good buy." - by William P. Carlucci
This is my first on line computer purchase. Since I have set up the machine but have not used it, my review must be limited. First, the setup was easy. Second, the machine is pretty, and the screen is clear and sharp. The case does not appear to be quite as sturdy as my office business class laptop, but that machine cost more money. Speakers are very clear. For someone who wants a top notch business class machine with lots of memory, they will need to spend more money. For a home user or student who can live with 6 gigs of memory and wants lots of storage for photos, etc., this machine appears to be a very good buy.
"Steal of a Deal with the Nvidia Card" - by Amazon Customer
I love this laptop for it's power and value. I paid $549 in Feb 2017. It is now currently July 2017 and my opinion of this laptop is that I got a steal of a deal. The picture wasn't very bright, but that was easily fixed in windows settings. the battery saving features were handicapping the performance. Yes the field of view isn't perfect so a head-on viewing angle is required, but for the price paid I can live with it. It is a little heavy, but any laptop that has any significant power for this price will be heavy.
This laptop is used for gaming when i'm not home, where i have a much more powerful tower. The Nvidia 940m makes gaming tolerable with a laptop. The Nvidia card spanks the performance of Intel's 3d gaming solution. Please understand me though, the 940m isn't a powerhouse that will replace ... full review
"Good Item With One Drawback" - by Sandy G. (Michigan)
I like this LapDesk a lot. It fits my 17" laptop just right and plenty of room on the attached mouse pad for my mouse. My cell phone fits fine in the slot. I give it only 4 stars instead of 5 because of the pillows that support the LapDesk. This desk would be perfect if it had a memory foam bottom. The back pillow is higher in the back than the front. As a result, it tends to feel uneven on my lap and with the weight of the laptop, tends to tip a little backwards. I sometimes keep my free hand on the front of the desk to balance it the way I like it to sit. The pillows feel a bit on the hard side and with the weight of the laptop, it can feel just a little heavy ... full review
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"This lap desk is very sturdy and substantial for the price" - by George A Ojeda
This lap desk is very sturdy and substantial for the price. My only gripe, which is far from a deal breaker, is that the edges are not tapered. As a result, the edges can occasionally dig into the underside of your wrists.

Aside from that single deficiency, this is an excellent buy. Highly recommended.
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"Surpisingly great laptop" - by Ravenskya (Toledo, OH, United States)
I was very surprised at how much this computer came with for the low cost. Generally when you get a laptop out of the box - you spend half of the day installing things only to discover that most of it was garbage bloat ware.

In less than half an hour this laptop was up and running (Windows 10) and without all of the garbage that most of the laptops I have acquired came with. The case is sturdy, the keyboard layout is actually quite comfortable and the mouse touch pad worked very well for me. My boyfriend has different shaped hands than me and did not like the touchpad but we simply plugged in an external mouse (which is what he normally uses anyway) and he was off to the races. There is no program that we currently own which this computer cannot run for us. ... full review
by HP
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"My IT department is the best." - by Amazon Customer
My IT Dept at work helped me figure out which laptop will suit a college student and which specs are the best. The laptop was for my daughter graduation gift from Highschool. She loves it, plus it can be used while she attends USDH this fall. #collegebound
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"... all in all at the moment I am well pleased" - by Orvin I.
Just received it and setting it up it just downloaded a truck load of updates a bit slow in that area the laptop itself was well packaged and in pristine shape havent really had a chance to see what it will do but all in all at the moment I am well pleased