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"Solid printer with great features but a large footprint" - by Amazon Customer (Florida, USA)
I always buy the all-in-ones that are able to automatically print duplex and that include a fax since I still need to fax upon occasion. In the past I've had HP, but haven't had great experiences with their printers lately (the last one I had starting failing one month after the 1 year warranty expired. HP said "tough luck" essentially, even though I read that my issues were VERY common with their products. They had no sense of ownership...). So I moved on to Canon.

This model, while shorter than my past printers, has a bigger footprint. My husbands exact remark when I unpacked it was "So I see you decided to go with the small model." Yes, he's a bit sarcastic :) .

What is great about it so far (I haven't played with all the features yet; I'll update as I ... full review
by HP
"... concerned with buying this product based on people having bad experiences with the HP auto order ink thing" - by Travis Flenker
Was a little concerned with buying this product based on people having bad experiences with the HP auto order ink thing. Turns out you absolutely do not have to deal with that. I just plugged the printer in, connected it to my wifi, and then selected it to be my printer from Windows 10 and it's worked with no problem, never once hassling me about ordering ink.

My guess is the issue other people are experiencing comes from installing the HP software which doesn't appear to be necessary.

I can also print from my phone with no problem. I'd recommend this product.
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"Great compact printer for home use - the wireless features are wonderful and set up is easy" - by Lauren Fredette (Amesbury, MA USA)
Bought it for the small size, inexpensive toner, wifi and AirPrint printing, and the fact that the tones doesn't dry out if you don't use it for a long time. I was worried about the setup based on the reviews, but it couldn't have been easier.
When it arrived, I plugged it in and followed the simple instructions for set up with my iMac, including downloading the driver from the website. Within 5 minutes I was printing clear double-sided documents. Then I downloaded the Brother iPrint app on my phone, selected one of my notes as a test, and lo and behold it printed without a hitch! How fun! It is all connected to my wifi network, and we are up and running. I am thrilled. I did purchase a $3.80 2.0 usb cord just in case I needed it, and during the ... full review
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"Excellent machine with a couple of quirks/limitations" - by Rebecca (Charleston, SC)
I just bought this printer to replace a piece of garbage HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 in my office (as in my actual place of business). Our paralegal has a similar Brother MFC (6 years old), and we have a smaller Brother MFC in our home office (8 or 9 years old). Both of them have been great work horses, and although they have some limitations (the biggest being that they're not wireless), we've been generally happy with them. Given that I went through 2 HP printers in 3 years in my office, I figured I'd go back to Brother, and the price was right. I even chose the L2700DW over a newer model that was twice the price (MFC-L2740DW) because even though it was faster, it didn't seem to offer anything additional that I felt justified doubling the price. (Parenthetical update on December 2, 2015: the MFC-L2700DW has come down ... full review
by HP
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"Feature rich entry level inkjet printer for consumer for personal printing." - by Parker Knight (Portland, OR USA)
Feature rich entry level inkjet printer for consumer for personal printing.
Highlight Feature: Digital touch screen allows quick navigation around menus that are familiar to the smart phone user experience model.
Mobile smartphone printing mode is built in feature with password access.
Software installation via wireless can be set to automatic or check for software now option.
Network printer sharing is built in out of the box.
Network scanning sharing is built in out of the box after software update.
Instant ink is ink monitoring by wireless web and setup automatic shipping of ink while old ink cartridge returns to HP for recycling and reuse. While the gold price fluctuates, recycling gold plating would benefit the company while recovering valuable metal from cartridge and recycling purpose are better for the environment and looks good for the company's value.
I am impressed with touch screen, and wireless monitoring and shipping option. ... full review
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I bought this printer and want to say it was very easy to set up to Wi-Fi. Canon has support videos in line. It prints flawlessly. No problems with jams. I read exactly how to load paper - no more than 100 sheets. I also made sure no paper was bent and used guides as directed. Short of Canon coming to personally set up, I cannot see how anyone would have a problem setting it up. Alot of bang for the buck! All in one including fax ( cannot fax wirelessly but most don't). Wonderful machine that does not take up alot of space. Only weighs 13 pounds!
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"Return to the physical world. Good bye digital" - by Inna and Ryan 💯 (Northeast USA)
The set up of this printer was easy.

Once set up it works FLAWLESSLY with iOS devices. This is something we have encountered so many issues with HP and Brother printers. This is a true AIR PRINT printer.

The sample gloss paper that it came with (3 sheets) got me in love with physical photos once again.

Please note you may get startled if you let the tray automatically pop out. We are still getting use to it.

As soon as the first photo came out we ordered more paper.
[[ASIN:B0014WJYOG Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, 4 x 6 Inches, 100 Sheets (2311B023)]]
[[ASIN:B0006TUEOM Canon Photo Paper Matte, 4 x 6 Inches, 120 Sheets (7981A014)]]

We wanted the ability to print photos at a moments notice rather than placing an order on a website and have prints delivered. This is our first inkjet in ... full review
"Wonderful all-in-one, Happy Customer" - by Doug (Southern California)
After looking at many different printers, this is the one I decided on because of price and other reviews. I am very happy with this printer, scanner, fax all-in-one. I was considering HP earlier but I read that the printer will annoy you with pop-ups to buy more ink or try to sell you on a service it have it delivered. This printer does not do that. It works well and I haven't had any problems with it. I would buy it again. ** As an update to this review - I have now owned this for almost three months. Sometimes the scanning feature will freeze up on the computer with an error. I have to turn off my all-in-one AND my computer to fix this for the unit to scan right. Even then, it still might give me the same error a second time in a row. I have ... full review
by HP
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"Out-Of-This-World Wireless Printer With Fax, Scan, Copy Functions" - by J. A. Bell (Florida, USA)
So far we're thrilled with this HP OfficeJet Pro!

My husband did the set-up:

1) Unboxed the copious, protective packaging materials. 2) Plugged it in. 3) Downloaded app. 4) Followed directions and immediately started printing remotely from his ipad.

He is extremely happy with this printer. He's not only used it remotely from his ipad, but also has used the double-sided copy machine function (duplex feature) using the touchscreen on the printer. This prints both sides of double-sided copies at once. It's very fast.

I've used this to print from my ipod touch. I downloaded the app and installed it in a couple of minutes. I was able to print immediately from my ipod. No problems!

Print quality is excellent.

Of the main functions (copy, scan, fax, wireless printing, two-sided duplex printing) we've used all but fax with seamless results.

This does mobile ... full review
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"This is a great printer overall" - by Jennifer Stalvey
This is a great printer overall. There are some quirks to setting it up, and it doesn't wake up on its own which is annoying. It prints really fast which is a big bonus. However, even though the max cartridges say they'll print a lot (3.0x!), I find it goes through the cartridge too fast and doesn't measure up to the claim. On the plus side, the ink cartridges are very affordable.
by HP
"Price/Performance ratio is awesome on this little printer" - by H. Green
Got this 6 moths ago and have had flawless performance. Both my wife and I print out draft documents for review and editing from home - but we don't use it for final production because we have fancier printers at work. Mostly, I print stuff out for the kids, like coloring pages, so I would characterize our use as fairly light.I researched the heck out of light duty B&W laser printers, and landed on this one as the best fit. I am pleased to report I bought well.

Here's why I love it:
* It has a pretty small footprint, and sits under a standing desk, but on top of a rolling filing cabinet.
* The images and text are clear and easy to read.
* The duplex printing works great, and is a real paper saver.
* We've printed 500 pages and we are till only at 33% ... full review
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"Just what I needed..." - by Tiffany
Love my new printer. The set up was super easy, and wireless connection to my Andriod phone and IPad work perfectly.
"Canon MB 2120 vs Epson Ecotank ET 2500. Epson is cheaper per page but the Canon wins overall!" - by Sam Archer (USA)
The Canon Maxify MB 2120 is an all in one inkjet printer / copy / scanner / fax machine that is fully WiFi capable and will connect to your Android or iPhone with an Canon app. I'm going to compare this the Epson Expression ET 2500 ecotank printer I have.

Setup time: 30 minutes. This includes setting up the wireless connection and setting up the iOS app to first printing.
Setup is actually longer than most printers and it's a two step guide with lots of steps. It takes a while for the printer to warm up after you install the ink cartridges which adds to the wait time.
The WiFi setup took three tries and I wouldn't buy this for older parents as a gift unless you want to spend a lot of time at their house setting it up for them. The Epson is easier to ... full review
"If you want an expensive printer, buy an expensive printer." - by OatsMcGoats
When you buy a printer for $44, don't leave a bad review saying that it's "cheap". Well, duh! However, this is very good quality for the price. I can easily print from my phone or laptop, and the prints are good. If I try to print a really small picture, it comes out pixelated. But for general printing purposes it is great. Pages are printed in about 3 seconds each I think, but this isn't a problem for me because I usually only print essays and things like Ebay postage. Don't buy this if you need to print large quantities quickly. At first the printer jammed, but I realized it was because I had loaded it with too much paper. When I only loaded about 50 sheets of paper the problem was resolved, so try taking out some paper if it keeps jamming. The printer was very easy to set ... full review
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"Wonderful printer" - by B. Johnson (Eastern Shore of Maryland)
Really great printer/scanner. I replaced an old Lexmark that was very problematic. Never purchased a Brother machine before, but I am pleased to say that it works great. The setup was very simple and instructions easy to follow. Comes with a disk that loads all necessary drivers. So far, I have been able to print without any problems whatsoever. The paper feeder works great and scanning is a breeze, I do not have a phone hook-up for faxing so I cannot comment on that feature.