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"Love this CD.. lesson plans and printables are great!!" - by Shelly1922
This CD has been my saving grace. My daughter is 2.. almost 3. Been having a hard time potty training and I know most pre-schools need them potty trained before they can enroll. My daughter is very bright and knows her colors and ABCs and can count to 50 already. She learns a lot from the iPad and reading with me. I wanted something for her that I could do at home as either as supplement to pre school or home school for pre school if needed. This CD had 10 months worth of lesson plans and around 900 pages of printable material. I think this curriculum can be purchased as a book as well, but I chose the CD. The printables go along with the lesson plans and I could not be happier. reinforcing her knowledge on paper is what I wanted and is exactly what I got with ... full review
"Good for homeschooling, and education in general" - by Henry Cate III (CA. United States)
Linda Dobson is well known in homeschooling circles. She has written several books; she is invited to speak at homeschooling conferences; and she has been homeschooling her own children for years. Most of the books she has written are very targeted at the homeschooling market. The title of this book indicates the same trend, but the reality is this book is for any family who wants to help their children learn and understand more in their education.
Her first chapter does focus homeschooling, as she talks about some key factors between public schools and homeschooling. She calls these the "school mind" and the "education mind." The "school mind" is more concerned about preserving the public school system than in educating the students. The "education mind" is focused on trying to help children learn.
The rest of the book is a wonderful collection of ideas on how ... full review
"Interesting Variation on Traditional Handwriting Paper" - by Dennis & Veronica (Sunshine, MD USA)
These sheets are very useful for our young elementary school child. They help with ascending and descending letters as well getting used to how to space between letters and words. The only issue I have with them, which is unavoidable given the design, is that not all letters should be the same width. "W" for instance is much wider than a lowercase "i" or "n". When you're writing one letter in every box, the forced kerning is visually jarring. I don't know a good answer for that except for using traditional handwriting paper, but then you're dealing with poor spacing again. All-in-all, I think this is a great product that is helpful to teach a number of things, but eventually the child should graduate to a less restrictive template.
"These wall posters are fantastic! We opted to use them as a learning ..." - by Simply Howland
These wall posters are fantastic! We opted to use them as a learning corner for our children and they have been a big hit! The only thing I would do differently is indeed make sure I order the laminated wall posters. I didn't, so I had to get them laminated myself, but it wasn't too big of a deal. I will definitely be recommending these educational posters to other families and teachers.
"Sturdy, big, laminated and attention grabbers" - by Jenifer Buchman (Florida )
I love love love these posters. I have a 5 yo and 3 yo. We are homeschooling starting this year and I filled our classroom with these posters. My kids LOVE them and are super intrigued by all of them. They are laminated very well. I unrolled and laid a bunch of books on top of them over night. The next morning I used some cute colorful push pins to put them up on the walls (one in each corner). They are awesome!
"Worth it" - by Amazon Customer
Books are smaller then I excepted but great for little hands.
No color on pages in the book. Great books for the price. Seem to be fairly durable even though they are mostly paper.
"Poster Bliss" - by Miller923
Good quality, vibrant and the perfect size. My two year old and three year old really love these. I love how I can get them to focus and work on learning for a good bit with these as a learning tool as well.
"Great schedule organizer" - by ange
I love the color. Quality in materials and cards seem pretty good. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and it has already given my room a more polished look. I'll buy another one for other side of my room. I'll recommend.
"Thick good quality posters for my two year old" - by Melissa Ahjahorie (Usa)
Thick good quality posters for my two year old.I like that they are reversible so I could put them in frames in whatever orientation i preferred.
"Excellent idea, helps with site words, helps with reading, holds up well due to lamination. Definitely recommend" - by Nena
This is great. It's laminated so has stood up to my 5-6 year old grandson and now my 4-5 year old grand daughter, and we use it a lot. Really helped them understand the word families and helped with reading!
"Ok product" - by Am
I did not receive 9 distinct slides; 2 of the posters were identical. Other than that, they were what I was expecting.

Update: customer service was excellent. The item was replaced after completing initial review.