Human Form

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"This impressed a professional medical illustrator." - by D. M. Barbara
I saw this in a NY Times book review and gave it to a friend for a his birthday. I did look through it before wrapping it. To me it looked like a true masterpiece, but what would a real artist would think? My friend is an artist and professional medical/forensic illustrator with over 25 years experience. When he first opened the gift, he paged through the book and said it looked good. One week later he called me to thank me again, and said he had been going through it almost every night and found it to be a goldmine of really important information, presented in a way that artists could really use and appreciate. I felt that this was a strong endorsement from someone with a really critical eye.
"More full body illustrations would be nice" - by Parka (Singapore)
This book is a reference guide to the human anatomy for artists.

The approach here is a part-by-part look at the different section of the body. Each area focused has illustrated muscles and bones with accompanying photo of a model by the side. We can clearly see where different layers of muscles are attached to the bones The photo reference is very useful and provides clarity than using illustrations alone.

The downside is the author isolates the parts too much. If the topic is on the arm, only the arm is shown with very little of the shoulder. Amazingly, there are no full body illustration showing the muscles. The only full body illustrations show the schematic form, e.g. muscle boundaries. So while every part is explained and illustrated well, it's still a bit difficult to get the whole picture.

Most of the examples are static. The body is not doing anything. Again, ... full review
"Educational" - by Lee Kaiser (Monona, WI USA)
Very informational, it takes a great deal of time to learn and retain the material of this book.
"The Essentials of Figure Drawing; Excellent show and tell !" - by JeroentheCurious
The Essentials of Figure Drawing; Excellent show and tell !

Drawing and painting life models is a hobby for me. I've got a number of books about it, and I've done a few courses in this area, and I'm doing one now.
So before I chose to buy "The Figure" I wandered: Can this 32 page book still offer me something ? I was more then pleasantly surprised. One thing I was often asking: what are we trying to learn/achieve with this excercise, this drawing material, etc. ? Other books and drawing teachers usually gave answers that were only partly satisfying for me. This book answered a number of these questions for me, and will help me to make a next drawing step.

This book covers the essentials of figure drawing; the things that are really helpful to know. It is not the topics covered that make this book different. It's how these ... full review
"Warning Does not Contain Connect access" - by Scott W. Yager (Buffalo NY)
Please note this is a very helpful book. However many Professors use the Connect feature listed on the inside cover. Many School bookstores include this access in their prices. Please bear this in mind prior to your purchase here because Amazon does not provide this access in the cover price of the book and you must then purchase it online for an additional cost of around $57-$100 as of 1/17/12
"Slow delivery but gr8 product" - by Lizzie87
It was brand new as described. Bought this book for a friend. She loved it. It took longer than expected to arrive but when it did it was in gr8 condition.
"Clear and Easy Guide!" - by Kendra Lance
I have been looking for a beginners drawing book on how to draw people that contained detailed explanations and step by step progressive instruction - this book is what I have been looking for. Great information on shading and perspective. I like that I can draw along with the lessons. It's never too early and never too late to discover the pure joy of drawing!
"very good" - by brenetta
I was very pleased with the condition of the book. I did not expect it to look as good as it did for the price that I paid. The book also arrived in a timely fashion. I will definitely order used books from this supplier.
"Good intro to basics" - by Angello V. Castro
Good fundamentals but some differences in ratios for drawing the face.
"Five Stars" - by Adriana
An extra copy of a favorite drawing text. Nice to find it still available.
"A Great Read" - by plc86
This is a good book for the science nerd and the non science alike! It has lots of great historical information, and a lot of up to date scientific information! Definitely recommend it!