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"Excellent history for travelers in Idaho" - by Bomojaz (South Central PA, USA)
The Roadside History series is an excellent one, useful for anyone traveling in the state a particular volume covers (the volumes published so far are strongly representative of the western states, not so much the eastern ones). This Idaho volume by Betty Derig is typical and presents a thorough and interesting historical perspective on various sections and locals within the state. The book is in four parts (Southeast, Central, Southwest, and North) and centers around the major highways in each section (I-84, US 93, US 95, Idaho 55, for example). The history of cities and towns (even ghost towns) along the way is given in detail, and lots of illustrations and photographs are included. It's also a great state history book for armchair travelers. I recommend all the books in the series.
"Good Basic Introduction to Idaho History" - by Mohe (Inland Northwest)
This book is clearly an Idaho History textbook, it is a little dated, but more than servicable. It covers the basics of native American cultural geography, and gives a pretty solid history of the devolpment of the territory and the early years of statehood. Like many books of this type it is strongest on dealing with the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and presents a very sound outline for the events of that period.

While it is pretty diligent in avoiding controversy and not exactly the most thrilling read it is a very useful work. Like most states, Idaho finds itself with pretty much one general survey history book, and with Schwantes, it has done better than most.

It has a decent bibliography, though there has been considerable historical work done in the past twenty years which of course it has missed. A new edition with an improved ... full review
"Wonderful Book" - by 2BarA
Excellent book! Prior to reading it, I thought Idaho history was as dull as dishwater and was at first reluctant to give it a try. But these stories are fascinating, and the author's style is thoroughly engaging. Each story is first told in a short, fast-paced summary, followed by an interesting, more in depth account that fleshes out the background and details. Stapilus is a talented writer who makes history come alive in these stories.
"Idaho ghost towns" - by Glendora Gaffney DeSantis
A gift for granddaughter..she is planning a trip. Loves the book...great info
"Steven Branting's storytelling does not disappoint. He brings the stories to life in my ..." - by psnich (Duluth, MN)
I was born and bred in Lewiston, ID. I learned so much more about my hometown's history. Steven Branting's storytelling does not disappoint . He brings the stories to life in my mind.
"A real gem" - by sundog (lava hot springs, idaho, US)
Although the book is a great collection concerning the early history of Idaho, be prepared to find offensive racist and bigoted language. Of course, this was the accepted speech of the time. All in all, a good read.
"Five Stars" - by GSEng
Informative, accurate and historically interesting for anyone either researching or studying gold and silver mining in Idaho.
"Not just another guidebook" - by Phly Phisher
Idaho's Secret Waters is not just another "where to go fishing" guidebook. It is well written with entertaining stories and local history as well. I'm from Tennessee but have had the pleasure of fishing the backcountry of Central ID a few times. I've come across a few of the streams mentioned in Hunt's book and can't wait to get back and explore others. Well worth the $10 download price,

Tennessee Jed
"Fun book about Idaho stories" - by SnowyGhostOwl (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)
Mr. Weeks has collected many fun or interesting stories about the Gem State. He keeps a light tone and doesn't delve very deeply into the events described, but it makes for a fun survey of local stories. Some are more historical, while others are local legends.
"Happy with Product" - by Amazon Customer
My son started reading it right away. It is just what we needed. The book was as described by seller. Arrived quickly.
"It's Not All There!" - by John T. Jones (Buhl, Idaho USA)
The history I was looking for was not there. They "drove" to the preserved town of Chesterfield right through Bancroft which still thrives and past Ten Mile Pass without even mentioning them. They are not in the index either evem though on the old Oregon Trail and Bancroft once being an important railroad town. I had a particular interest because my father and grandfather homesteaded there before WWI, the Great War.
"I thought I understood Idaho!" - by Eldon Fry
A very helpful overview of the stages of Idaho history. Very readable. It includes experiences of different issues in the various regions. The breakdown of unique lens through which to view change was very helpful.
"... book for my son's 4th grade year and we loved it. Beautiful photos and lots of information that ..." - by LueAnna (Montana)
I used this book for my son's 4th grade year and we loved it. Beautiful photos and lots of information that connected to the reader.

I really like how this book is laid out. Chapter 1 is Welcome to Idaho and tells about Idaho including state symbols. Chapter 2 Exploring Idaho's Land covers geography (has an entire section on the Snake River Valley). Chapter 3 Indians: Idaho's First People. Includes way of life, houses, horses, clothing, food, freedoms, legends, 7 tribes that lived in Idaho overview. Chapter 4 Explorers and Fur Trappers Come to Idaho. Chapter 5 Settlers Come to Idaho. Chapter 6 The Great Idaho Gold Rush. Chapter 7 Taming the Land. Chapter 8 Pioneer Life in Idaho Territory. Chapter 9 Farming: Idaho's Soil and Water. Chapter 10 Idaho's Forests and Mines. Chapter 11 Idaho's Government-By the People. Chapter 12 Idaho's People-Our Greatest Pride

I like that throughout the chapters ... full review
"Lewiston, Idaho is my home-town" - by jladybug
I was very interested to get this book about the place of my birth and growing up years. It has some fascinating history.