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"As good as i remembered from the old Intellimouse days" - by Brian S
Saw this at a great price and decided to see if it was as good as I remembered and better than the Comfort Mouse 4500 I had been using. No question, it is better and well worth the extra money (even if not on sale). The wheel button has a gentle click when scrolling and is very soft to use as a middle button. The Comfort Mouse 4500 wheel has no clicking and is very hard to push when using as a middle button (perhaps that is why using the wheel as a middle button is not the default on the Comfort Mouse as it is on the Intellimouse). I also like that I can adjust the DPI on this mouse unlike the Comfort Mouse. I should have bought this one instead of the Comfort Mouse originally.
"A Microsoft product even a Mac user could love" - by Mike (Benicia, CA USA)
I purchased a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical to replace the Apple Pro Mouse on my PowerMac G4. As much as I liked the Pro Mouse's aesthetics, it was beginning to annoy me in use. The biggest problem I had was it's slow tracking - especially for an optical mouse. If moved at all quickly across the mouse pad, it would loose it's bearings and throw the cursor back to the opposite side of the screen. Very annoying.
This is not a problem with the IntelliMouse Optical. It'll track fast as you can move it! Of course, the programmable buttons and scroll wheel are the icing on the cake. The included software installed without a problem (I'm currently running MacOS 9.1), and the mouse was easily configured. Being left handed I appreciated the fact that, unike the Intellimouse Explorer, it can be used with either hand. Along with the button positioning, it's size ... full review
"Excellent mouse, affordable price" - by Clint Herschel
I bought this mouse because I was tired of my old one getting caught up all the time. Also, I don't enjoy the hassle of cleaning it. This mouse from Microsoft is very neat. Not only is it maintenance free, but the pointer on the screen becomes accurate to the pixel. The movement, of the pointer, on the screen is very fluid and precise due to the laser diode that is emitted from the bottom. The mouse also does not need a mouse pad, and works on any surface except glass. The mouse also has a nice futuristic look and becomes a conversation piece for friends that use my computer. This mouse is wonderful. Get it, you'll like it.
"Does the job" - by ac in vegas (San Francisco, California United States)
My regular intellimouse finally bit the dust,and after extensive research online, I went for the intellimouse explorer 3.0. I was a little wary because many of the reviews said that it just wasn't the same as the old one. I almost bought one of the old ones advertised on ebay.

The software installed easily, and I have been very satisfied with it. The only thing I am still trying to get used to after 15 years of using a button on the RIGHT side to go "forward" when surfing, this one has a slightly protruding button on the left side for that purpose. I expect that in a few more weeks using that button witll be unconsciously easy.
"Intellimouse with OSX Panther" - by M. Crumpton (Florida, USA)
I wanted this mouse because I wanted more buttons and a tilt wheel. The mouse is really solid (if a little larger than I expected), but the software is a little convoluted. I was hoping that the tilt wheel would be good for scrolling sideways, and it does work fine on most applications. Finder yes, Firefox no, Illustrator yes. Itunes yes.

The software assigning the keys is quirky. If I want to set the wheel button to activate Expose, I have to set the button in the ms software to secondary click and in the osx prefs set expose to active on the right mouse button. Very odd.

But at 16 dollars including shipping it is a real deal, and once you have figured out the software quirks it is great.

Hopefully the Tiger mouse control panel will be smarter and then I won't need the ms software.
"Customizable Buttons DO work on Macs" - by Michael Sbarra
Contrary to what Microsoft says, the thumb customizable buttons of this mouse do work with macOS (at least 10.13.1) when running the third party app BetterTouchTool, where you can define custom actions for the buttons, both globally and app specific. Downside is that the app costs $5 but don't let Microsoft deter you from getting this just because they say some of its key features won't work on macs when they are clearly wrong.
"it just feels right" - by Epsilon Delta (CA USA)
what happens to Microsoft making all those new mice... the new ones don't fit the palm as nicely as the old one...

also i like the feel of the mouse ball, and the wheel clicking when you scroll it. so my choice excludes all the optical, tilt wheel, and the battery-trouble of wireless.

why microsoft don't make these mouse any more, it puzzles me. it is my best-loved classic mouse.
"Awesome!" - by Tommy T
I purchased this mouse purely because it felt SO COMFORTABLE in my hands when I was previewing the product at Best Buy. I have a 2014 MacBook Pro Retina and I use this mouse with it. This mouse is huge and round, but extremely comfortable in my opinion. Be aware that the blue, Windows button is not functionally compatible with Mac OS, so do not expect to use the blue, Windows button on the mouse when using with a Mac. However, the button located within the thumb scoop works!

My only complaint is that the USB receiver sticks out way too much for my personal preference. I used to use a Logitech mouse and Logitech's USB receivers are hardly noticeable once you insert them into a USB port. The USB receiver included with this product will stick out about the diameter of a penny. Please see attached photo. Aside from this ... full review
"When it works, it's a delight" - by (Chateau-Bois-Briand, Nantes,Loire-Valley,France)
During six months, my trackball worked fine; then, suddenly, it did not work. I don't know why and I feel upset. When I call Microsoft I usually get good support until it comes to the point where Windows parametering might be the cause of my difficulties. In that case, Microsoft support people tell me I should go back to the PC manufacturer (the people that included Windows software in my machine). Other difficulty with this special kind of mouse: it does not like dirt or grease. These problems should not be considered as major difficulties. In fact, this device is providential. Especially when you mouse device does not work fine on your portable computer. That's the case for me and I cannot think of leaving my old good portable PC for a new one. Microsoft trackball is especially interesting when you ... full review