iPhone XS Lens

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"Excellent build quality, great pictures. So far, no issues at all." - by Tonmoy (USA)
"I purchased it with my own money, no discount. Amazon doesn't allow high-quality videos, so please check the YouTube version for Full HD video."

It's been 2 weeks. So far the lenses have served me very well. I use the macro lens more often. However, I did use the wide angle lens for some selfies. It gives kinda fish-eye type look on the borders, but that's normal for lenses like these. Photography is my hobby and using these lenses with my iPhone has made the task so much easier. With the macro lens, it's possible to get super-close to objects. You'll also get a really shallow depth of field, even better than the portrait mode of iPhone 7 plus.

The build quality is excellent. The lens body is made of metal, probably aluminum. The glasses are crystal clear and are certainly of high quality.

The rechargeable LED light is quite bright, although ... full review
"Compact and Nice Zoom." - by Electronic Addict
The phone lens adapter worked better than I expected. It was easy to attach and increased the zoom. It’s a quick and easy way to grab far away objects without having to carry around a large DSLR. The picture quality is very good. I had a similar lenses for other phones and the pictures came out grainy. This len provide good picture quality for the price. The lens came in a nice and sturdy carrying case. This is the lens for you because it’s simple and easy to use
"Lens quality very good! Case quality not so good." - by Ben K (NY,NY, USA)
Appears to be a rubberized TPU case with a plastic shell. Wouldn't protect from direct frontal drops but good protection for the back.

The wide angle lens appears to work quite well. The lens snaps right into place over the phone's camera and works as advertised with no real dark corners (vignette). Some blurring and distortion toward the edges, but not bad for what it is. This lens is the one I'd use 99% of the time, so the fact it does an admirable job is a HUGE plus!

Both of the telephoto lens work as advertised, turning 2X optical zoom into a 4X optical zoom with the touch of the 2X button.

Macro works as advertised, the 1X is a solid zoom, the 2X lens is an even closer zoom. Nice and clear, although the phone's camera app won't autofocus with this lens, so it is up ... full review
"My to go lenses" - by MF
I have some professional lenses but using my cell phone to take pictures is becoming my daily routines. So I need a set of lenses to do what a professional camera do such as macro and wide angles. This set of lenses serves my purpose well and it’s convenient to carry so become my to go lenses. I ecommend this.
"I like it" - by Shawn
This 9 in 1 lens kit is Unbelievable! The package with a small box and in that does come to a carrying pouch, the lenses, and a microfiber cloth for lens cleaning. When you try these lenses, you won’t believe how cool it is to take photos or videos on your phone’s camera. Such as the fisheye and kaleidoscope can really have the effect they should have. And the wide angles make for really clear and capturing photos. The macro lenses make for the most detailed shots on small close targets I've ever seen on a phone camera ever.I recommend these lenses because they are very high quality, super clear, do not interfere with the focus of the phone, and are small and portable.