Japanese White Rice

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"Great rice good price!" - by Wolf (Westchester, NY USA)
The best short grain white rice out there for a good price. Great quality, delicious! Don't forget to wash your rice. ☺
"Perfect rice! Best eaten unadorned from a rice bowl with chopsticks...yummm!" - by mamasu (University Place, WA USA)
Perfect rice! Short-grain, firm, lovely fragrance. Cooks up beautifully in rice-cooker - wonderful complex flavor, No need for special recipes, sauces etc. This is the ultimate sticky rice, best eaten unadorned from a rice bowl with chopsticks.
(Also, since most grocery stores don't carry quality short-grain rice, sooo thankful that amazon does carry it - & ships it free w/ Prime. Rice is kind of heavy)
"I grew up on this rice (Japanese family)" - by Mastermusashi
Best rice in the world. There really is no other rice that tastes as good to me. This is a good deal too. Way less than if I managed to find it at my grocery store.
"Highest quality, USA grown, I know the fields this rice is grown in." - by Lezlie in South Central Iowa (Osceola, IA)
Other than buying a FAR MORE rare and FAR MORE expensive brand of sushi rice that's actually grown in Japan, this is the highest quality of rice grown and available in the USA. I lived an hour from the rice-growing region of NorCal for 26 yrs, I've driven by the fields this rice grows in and the mill that polishes it when I came down out of the mountains into the valley, many, many times.

I've eaten at some of the very top, haute cuisine sushi restaurants in this country,fed delicacies from the hands of the masters themselves, so I'm familiar with excellent sushi rice compared to average. Yeah, when I've plunked down $250 to be fed the very best sushi, I expect the ultimate highest quality rice grown in Japan. But the vast majority of the sushi rice eaten in Japan is grown by the farmers in NorCal, and a ... full review
"Honest Review: Genuinely Korean/Japanese tasting rice" - by crimsoncat
Closest product to genuine Korean/Japanese style rice you can conveniently buy in the US with the right oval shape and level of stickiness. Strongly recommend for anybody craving the Northern Asian styles of rice.
by CJ
"An AMAZING Product" - by Elliot
I just finished my first bowl of this fantastic product and I am astounded by the quality. In 90 seconds I had a steaming bowl of perfectly cooked white rice. I added a heaping ladle full of chili and had a filling and delicious meal.

I am an Army Brat, and spent some time in Japan when I was a boy and one of my fondest memories was Japanese style curry and sticky white rice [[ASIN:B001AYDDCC S&B Golden Curry Sauce with Vegtables, Hot, 8.1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 5)]]. My family bought a rice cooker, and white rice has been a favorite of mine ever since. This product rivals the quality of rice straight from a rice cooker. I plan to try the Nishiki brand [[ASIN:B004BJS1PM Nishiki Cooked White Rice, 7.4-Ounce (Pack of 6)]] of this same product type as I have a brand loyalty and it ... full review
"I trust this company's products. I feel safer eating ..." - by DragonFly100
I trust this company's products. I feel safer eating their rice than the ones from the asian markets. We have sushi once a week now using this rice. 2 cups uncooked rice makes 5 sushi rolls for us...with a little rice left over.
"Too easy!" - by Rneck (Snowmass Village, Colorado USA)
3 ingredients. Water rice, and gluton to make it sticky. I've grown up eating 25 minute rice, and this is almost just as good. I live at over 9500 feet in elevation and water doesn't boil hot enough (especially in the summer when the alt density gets up over 11K) to cook rice well. This helps me get my fav form of starch and fiber, without a hassle. Good product for the price, in my opinion. Hope this helps.
"Great flavor" - by ANDRE B FONTANA (Porto Alegre,Brazil)
It is really a fancy rice.
"Best, round rice" - by Amazon Customer
Best, round rice. Soak for 20-30 min before eating and it'll make it even yummier! Wouldn't want to buy any other kind of rice for every day meals.
"Great tasting rice." - by Amazon Customer
This is the best tasting rice you can buy. We have been sending to our son in college. He and his roommate love the rice. They have been going through about 15 pounds of rice every month.
"Have them on subscribe & save" - by Book Rdr (Planetside)
I like these simple & fast rice bowls. I got used to eating these when I have hosted different exchange students & their parents would send these types of products in a care package. These can heat in 1 minute and aren't bad, good 'sticky rice'. Watch the price, I make sure they are less than the WalMart price ($1.98 each). The 6 pk is more convenient than purchasing singles anyway.