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"I love the pages" - by Amazon Customer
I love the is as the seller said it would be. The paper is so cute and adorable. It seems as if I am writing on papers back in the old times.
"Well made and FABULOUS customer service" - by Jessica S.
I loved my journal set as soon as they came. So much that I was very sad when the one packaged in the middle had a fold/wrinkle through it. But as soon as I contacted TWONE they got back to be within the afternoon and had already sent out not one journal but my entire order again to replace the one that was damaged. Over and above! Will be ordering from them again!
"Absolutely beautiful" - by Justine Marie (USA)
This journal is gorgeous. It's really 5 journals in one and I love that. The brownish colored paper gives it an antique look. The paper is nice and thick too, I like to use gel ink pens and they don't bleed through.
"Its a great addition to my stash" - by trennerneedleworks
Got the notebook for Christmas, with plain paper - now I have the lined to add to it. Use it for sketching, for taking notes. Its a great addition to my stash. Really glad for refillable craft paper it has a special texture that is great for quick sketches!
"Beautifully done." - by Lora L Hernandez
Beautifully done. Inserts are not standard size. But a gorgeous journal.
"My mistake." - by K. Young
I think I already commented on this item. It is fine and probably deserves a 5. My problem is that the paper doesn’t fit my small notebook. I’m keeping the paper because I may at some point find a small binder to put it in.
"Quality product at a great value" - by WestEasterner (Seattle, WA USA)
This is exactly the type of travel journal that I've been looking for. I've been wanting a leather bound type journal; however, the problem is that the paper eventually gets used up. I can use this as much as I want and just refill the pages as needed. I have the brown one, and it has a very convincing leather look to it even though it's not actually leather. Being a vegetarian, I actually prefer that this is PU "leather." I purchased this one as well as one by another seller on Amazon. I wanted to compare the quality. I like this one a bit better, and the other one was slightly more expensive. Although, I was able to purchase extra blank pages from the other seller to add to this journal. Either way, this is a really good deal. It has a really great feel about it in my ... full review
"Good stuff" - by J. Raymond (Charlotte, NC)
I'm really quite thrilled with the quality of this paper. I'm using it for notetaking in my master level classes with a fountain pen and haven't had any bleedthrough on the pages. They are cream/yellow rather than bright white, and I am perfectly happy with that. I will certainly be buying another pack as soon as I run low. I wish dot grid paper like this came in other sizes - however, this size works beautifully for my notes, similar to a large moleskin.
"Great for my Tree Of Life Refillable Leather Journal with Embossed Tree Designs, Ivory Sheets, Lined, 5 3/4x8" - by Addicted to Amazon (Austin, TX)
Bought it for my Tree Of Life Refillable Leather Journal with Embossed Tree Designs, Ivory Sheets, Lined, 5 3/4x8, it works great. Good quality.