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"If you really use wrenches, you will adore these" - by Nick
I have never used a better wrench than this.

Note that these are LONG, which is AWESOME! But you should be aware that they are definitely longer than the XL combo set (which I also have ). However, it is that extra length that makes them so incredible. I've included a picture of the 19mm from this set, the 19mm from the open ended set, and the 19mm from the stubby set so you can compare the lengths.

Plus, as anyone who works on cars knows, using the open end is a last resort, so combo ratcheting wrenches aren't that useful since you don't want to brake a stubborn bolt with the open end or the ratcheting end. But with these you have the box end for braking loose and then ratcheting for fast removal.
"Great set, more wrenches and sockets, less bits." - by Rance Dycus
Great set of tools. One socket was unbranded with not marking. But more complete set than you ones you see with 75 to 100 bit included in the count. If not for the unmarked socket I would give 5 stars. Not bad for imports.
"Fif you can read this, uou need to buy this" - by The duke
You can never have too many 10mm.
"I would recommend this tool to anyone servicing vehicles today" - by gabriel murphy
The set is well made and is a must have for any automotive service professional. The company has been producing quality tools for years and has gained the respect of the service industry as a quality tool provider. As a master technician, I would recommend this tool to anyone servicing vehicles today. The set contains the most needed socket wrenches for O2 sensor removal. [[ASIN:B0012SCXHW GearWrench 41720 8 Piece Sensor & Sending Socket Set]]
"it is a fantastic piece for the money with smooth non-binding flex" - by Michael C.
I open my tool draw just to give these a look and make sure they are safe every night before bed so far. All kidding aside, I have had them over a week and don't know how I managed without them. I have been going through some nightmares timing some Chevy motors in the car, and this is just what the doctor ordered for getting to the distributor bolt. There are plenty more use cases coming down the road for these. They only "issue" may be the lack of a 15 degree bend on the non-ratcheting box end side; but here is my answer to that: (1) You get a ton more leverage with it being straight and not offset by 15 degrees. (2) If I need the offset because i jusssst can't reach the bolt on the flat side, I'll risk breaking the wrench on the flex side and ... full review
"great quality tools always by Gearwrench" - by stumpy
Exceeded expectations, great quality tools always by Gearwrench! I di break 1 socket from Gearwrench like all tools break if used enough, brought it to local parts store that sold Gearwrench and thry swapped it out right there and then! Always good stuff so far!
"Buy it from Amazon and warranty it through Snap On - LOL" - by James
Great quality from Gearwrench. Very nice case, and covers just about any application you could think of. Check out my video review on Youtube. The only real negative I can see, is that the pulley holder is VERY stiff. So stiff it takes two hands to pull it apart and adjust the span. Not a huge deal, and it may loosen up over time, but definitely too stiff for my liking.

But you cannot beat this price anywhere for what you get.
"Solid product" - by Tisme in PA
Tried and tested three times already, works great. Better than the Freight company you know who I mean and pretty close to their price. I would buy this one every time.
"Great product for working Solo!!" - by Honest Joe (Sturgeon Bay, WI, US)
The quality of the product seems to be pretty good. I used it a few times since I purchased it, and it works flawlessly.

My only concerns would be the teeth on the jaws and the indexing plate. I don't know how long they would hold up to "Almost Daily" use.... But for me and my usage (about a dozen times a year) I think it will up great. And if I remember correctly, Gearwrench or KD tools carry a Lifetime warranty. So I would imagine that you should be able to get replacement parts pretty easily.
"Buy these wrenches!" - by Leesan
These are great tools that no professional mechanic should not be without. They are long, 120 tooth so you don't need a lot room to turn and are lifetime warrantied so you can tourque the snot out of them...and for the record, I have yet to break one and I use them daily. I own a car shop and wrench on cars daily...the SAE wrenches are not needed as these mm. will fit everything. I just wish they would come out with a bigger add on kit up to 36mm.
"Yes, these are made in China, but they ..." - by Henry Ting (Union City, CA USA)
Yes, these are made in China, but they are of high quality. At first I thought with the hinging, the box end might be too thick. However, it is not the case because of the high quality steel they use, they can make the box end thin to fit into tight spots.
"Nice tools" - by Jack Williams
I've never been disappointed with gear wrench brand over the last 15 years or so of owning multiple tools and I don't think I will with thease either. I have gotten tired of the extention coming off my spark plug socket on Ford modular motors so I decided to give these a try. Nice tools but alittle pricey, with a lifetime warranty so that's a plus. I waited for a month or so until I caught them on sale for a better price before purchase. Should get years of service out of them and fast shipping as always with amazon.
"Good build quality, convenient brake kit." - by david (Las Vegas)
This product seems to be very well made. It even held up to my idiot mechanic skills. I cranked on the caliper depresser relentlessly and even put a socket on the end of it and cranked on it with a ratchet, just to find out that the rear calipers on my Jetta screw in instead of depress in. It held up to a lot of pressure, indicating the build quality. I've only used it for disk brakes so far, but it did supply all the allen heads I needed for that and the caliper tool worked great, I'll update review when I get around to doing my drum brakes on my truck.
"KD Tools 3 Piece Body Clip Set" - by Mike Curl aka RedonKiLaus
These are great tools to have for easily removing body clips so commonly found on modern cars, trucks and motorcycles. KD used to be made in the USA and these tools are not - they are made in Taiwan - but they do the job very well.
"Excellent Tool" - by DAMills (Chicago, IL)
You may not need it every day, but when you need one of these, you're glad you have it. As a shadetree mechanic, I used it to tighten the bolt on a shock absorber - if you know shock absorbers, you know that there's a post that sticks up and it's cumbersome to hold the post and tighten the nut efficiently. An unexpected use that made me love these even more was this: I took the spark plug boots off an engine, and one of the boots/wires were so stuck on, that the wire broke, boot ripped, and I was left with the electrical connection from the spark plug wire stuck onto the spark plug. That connection sticks out past any deep well socket that you would use, so you can't get the ratchet into the socket hole. This tool saved the day. That ONE use made it worth the ... full review