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"Was pleasantly surprised to absolutely love this cereal" - by Julia Kerstetter
Was pleasantly surprised to absolutely love this cereal! Have been looking for a low-carb cereal alternative without sacrificing taste, and this product is defianely it! Nutty, sweet, (but not overly sweet), amazing crunch, and holds up well to cashew milk. Will definately be purchasing again.
"My new go-to, GUILT-FREE delicious snack" - by Jai
I was afraid when I ordered these Cheddar Crisps that they would not live up to the hype. In fact, they have surpassed all expectations. They are heavenly. How fun to be addicted (yup!) to a low cal/low carb healthy snack. The crisps are much smaller (yay!) than one might think from the photo on the package.
"Best substitute I tried so far - and i'm done trying!" - by G Garber
The taste is right, no disgusting aftertaste reminding you that you aren't getting your regular poison as before. The price per lb is right compare to others sellers on Amazon and on pretty much all the website I checked. Resealable bag, fast shipping, that product as everything to get himself into a fixture in our home. I don't even feel like I did give up on sugar at all beside feeling guilt-free. Recommended.
"Real pancakes" - by sharon
Omg, these are like regular pancakes. None of the ground up nuts. They are fluffy and golden brown and they don't fall apart like the nut ones do. Will order again. Very impressed with this mix and only had to add water. Amazing.
"" I do applaud Wallace Farms for creating these and not adding all sorts of crud like corn syrup solids and sugar and everything" - by BJNick (GOLETA, CA, US)
There's nothing wrong with these sticks, but they aren't all that exciting either. They're "okay." I do applaud Wallace Farms for creating these and not adding all sorts of crud like corn syrup solids and sugar and everything else that most other companies seem compelled to add. So, these are essentially carb-free, and that's very difficult to find.
"Love these. I put them in the toaster and ..." - by Mary F Terry
Love these. I put them in the toaster and they get nice and crispy. I use them to make tostadas. I mix quacamole with salsa as a topping. Delicious and guilt free!!
"Absolutely wonderful!" - by D Nelson (Dallas, TX)
This is a wonderful product. The muffins are very moist and taste fantastic. I made them into regular size muffins so that I could add them to soup. I have already purchased 2 more to have on hand. This made about 12 regular size muffins which comes out to be about 8 carbs/muffin. They are the best low carb bread product I have ever tried.
"Didn't disappoint." - by A.Y.
I've heard a lot of hype over this marinara sauce and I was a bit skeptical at first, but after letting it simmer with some ground beef for my meal prep its flavors tied in very nicely with my overall meal. I think the savoryness of the sauce blended perfectly with the brown sugar sweetness I added to my spaghetti. Would definitely buy again!
Not a "Chocolate Product" you eat because you can't have the real thing due to dietary restrictions, Keto bark is the real chocolate you eat because it is exactly what you want. Yes, it is low-, no-, natural,- free- from etc., but try because of what is inside of it: Real,- dark,- chocolate,- deliciousness partnered with barks crunchy texture (made even better, in this case, with the addition of almonds, my favorite of ChocZero's Keto Bark flavorings ).

In short, Keto Bark is good enough that it is addictive (it should carry a warning!),but healthy enough, that you'll need to find something else to feel guilty about. Go ahead, indulge. What's life without chocolate?
"Taste great" - by Chelsea Natasha
I was nervous bc I hate cauliflower but I love it. I made pizza today, tomorrow I’m making tacos with it to see how it taste. Hopefully it’ll be similar to a chalupa- texture wise
"Tasty, healthy, and expensive" - by Lisa Kearns (USA)
I bought this on a whim, to add to my monthly Subscribe & Save shipment, because I love coconut oil and butter in my coffee. I thought having it already liquid and premixed might speed up the morning routine. I liked the idea of it being organic, too.

While this tastes pretty good, it's expensive compared to buying a pound of butter and a container of coconut oil and mixing my own. I liked that it stays liquid at room temperature and can be taken with me if needed. It contains grass fed ghee (clarified butter), sunflower lecithin (natural fatty acid), organic virgin coconut oil, and MCT oil (medium-chain-triglyceride: coconut oil based fatty acids for fast energy, and gut and immune system health).

I may buy this again, but I'll probably just fix my own at home, because of the price. I used about a tablespoon in ... full review
"These are good, very good - Updated review" - by Alikat (USA)
These are good, very good. Bought a 12 pack thinking they would be around for ages, but turned out I have become a snarling refrigerator dog
to keep everybody away from the delectable goodies.
I purchased this for my daughter, thinking they are the perfect answer for her as she travels from one three hour class to the next without a lunch break. However, little did I know my daughter would have to fight to keep some of these beef sticks around.
Highly recommended!

December 27, 2016

I just received and immediately opened up a stick of the new Sweet/Smokey flavor. Very nice! It is very mild all around, only slightly sweet with a gentle touch of garlic. No spicy heat whatsoever, which is good. It should be fine for children or people who can not abide heat in their food, especially black pepper which is very irritating ... full review