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"JAWS ROCKS!!!" - by Mooch
I really like these products. Helps the environment. It also cleaned out my cupboard where I store cleaning products. I only have three JAWS spray bottles. I also like the cleaning abilities of these products. They work!!
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"Clean and Fresh" - by Joyful
Excellent cleaning product and it arrived without spill or leaking.
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"Replaced disposable face wipes perfectly" - by Amazon Customer
I use these on my face every night. I wanted to stop using disposable wipes and these have worked perfectly. They shrink a little and they bleed a little dye the first time you use and wash them and they collect ANY loose string or bits that are in the dryer so you have to kind of pick them clean after they've dried. It's just because they're clingy.
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"Super Products, Best Window Cleaner EVER!" - by Cynthia Mc
I absolutely love these cleaning products. I started out with the window cleaner because it had come highly recommended and we have a home that has lots of windows. This is the best window cleaner I have ever used so I decided to try the other products and they are great as well. Don't think I will ever use anything else.
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"Febreeze dreams on a generic budget" - by mamamick (Warwick)
Love these Gladbags with Febreze. I've tried most of the scents and don't really have a preference. My only preference is that my garbage bags now have Febreeze. I like opening the garbage cover to get a whiff of pleasant scent rather than the not so pleasant whiffs that would usually accompany that activity. I used to love those Febreeze commercials, where people are in the nastiest homes in America and blindfolded. All they smell is Febreeze and their faces were priceless when the blindfolds are removed. LOL You owe it to your nose to dish out the extra expense the Febreeze adds to garbage bags. Believe me. I definitely feel the extra $$ is worth it.
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"Good trash bags- but no lavender scent" - by Samie May (St. Louis, MO USA)
We had been using Glad and we made the switch to Hefty. These are doing the same job as our previous brand. I'm knocking one star off my review because the scent is a bit misleading- it says that it is lavender vanilla, but all you smell is vanilla. I'm not fond of vanilla and wouldn't have chosen this scent if I knew there really wasn't a lavender scent to balance it out. But I can live with it until we use these up.
These are just as strong and stretch as our Glads, so you can buy with confidence.
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"GiGi X 5" - by GiGi x 6
I love this. Got it originally for the windows, as shown, but it also works for the decorative wrought iron we have on the windows & doors. Best thing I've ever found for all the curves, bars, etc.
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"poor design of the box, but great product" - by Tech Hoarding Junkie
There are 90x trash bags in here. Two rolls of 45.
I kinda don't like that it is packaged this way because getting one bag out at a time, is cumbersome. Other trash bag boxes have an ergonomic box that peels off from the front and allows you to not have to take the box out of the place you have it and just pull one out at a time. Kind of like a box of tissue paper. This doesn't let you do that. That's as far as design goes, though.
In regards to the quality, spot on. I live alone in a tiny apartment and like the idea of jamming these things to the brim before I have to go take out my trash all the way across my apartment complex to the dumpster. Dependable, reliable design.
In stock on June 7, 2020.
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"Pros and Cons of Puracy" - by clover-girl (Portland, Oregon United States)
Purchased the Puracy multi-surface cleaner last year for the first time.
I had been using seventh generation cleaner prior to Puracy.
I was having a hard time with seventh generation due to the odd smell, also I had been having an allergic reaction to it.

After using Puracy for a year now here are the pros and cons.

Smells Great
Cleans Most Surfaces Well, Even My Hardwood Floors
No Allergic Reactions
Does Not Leave Any Residue Behind

Streaks On Glass
Not Strong Enough For Cleaning My Tile Shower
Recently Changed Size From 32oz to 25oz

Overall, I would still recommend this product as a daily surface cleaner but not great for heavy duty cleaning. And why the change in size?
The smaller bottle is also less sturdy which is a little annoying too.