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"Expert Asian Noodle Guy Takes on Samyang Spicy Noodles" - by Eric Alan (L.A.)
When it comes to these Asian noodles, i'm an expert at this point. Years and years of consumption..I eat all types of varieties 4 days a week just about. So let me tell you about the Samyang Spicy Korean Noodles. These damn noodles are so delicious. Yes they're hot, but tasty hot, addicting i'd say. It reminds me of those Flamin Hot Cheetos flavor. The sauce is like a thick chili oil that has some sweetness to it. Slight sweetness with an umami chicken thing going on, it works well to balance that burn. The noodles themselves are thicker then your normal ramen noodles, they have great chew and are of very good quality. I prepare my noodles with ground turkey and add a bunch of herbs to it for freshness. A side of veggies to counter the noodles and you're good to go. YES you will stop eating them ... full review
"Delicious" - by Sumit Banerjee
Best ramen I've ever had. Definitely worth the price. Large quantity per bowl and I swear the secret ingredient is cocaine because I cannot stop eating this. Friends with low spice tolerance have told me that it's too spicy for them, though.
"Bearable Heat" - by ORDXO
The regular spicy noodles I was kinda disappointed, I expected them to be more spicy. The flavor was good. The 2x spicy are more my speed a slow burn still, I guess I need a 3x spicy.
"My mouth is on fire" - by cbkp95 (WAIPAHU, HI)
I've always been that person who literally drowns her food in hot sauce. I can literally eat a whole jar of jalapeños and not even shed a tear. But this...two bites and I had to call it quits. You want spicy? You got it. The heat doesn't hit you all at once, it sort of sneaks up on you. You can definitely taste a sweet aspect to it then BAM, the fires of hell unleashes itself on your mouth. I foolishly took another bite cause I thought I could handle it buuuut NOPE. I have 4 other packages I will not eat because I'm not dumb.

Anyways have some yogurt or milk on hand while you eat this. Preferably both. You've been warned.
"Yummy!" - by Amazon Customer
I was surprised by the authenticity of these noodles... very flavorful and just enough sauce to create the appearance of authentic black bean noodles! Highly recommend!
"Worth the hype" - by Jimena
Hella spicy, hella good! If you eat more than 1 bag at once it can get too spicy and just old (because of the strong flavors). But one bag is satisfying enough to where you don't crave spicy food for a while!
"Overpriced for the quantity" - by Olivia
The noodles itself tasted great ! I love spicy food , so it wasn't THAT hot to me , but it was pretty spicy . The only issue I have is that the noodles don't even fill the cup up half way . It's like 1/4 of the noodles are in each cup .
"Excellent product" - by GrowlyBear (Grand Rapids, MN USA)
Excellent selection. It arrived in a timely manner and wonderful condition. The price was right
"These noodles are amazing! The noodles are high quality" - by Heather
These noodles are amazing! The noodles are high quality, thicker and bigger than the regular ramen noodles. Very very spicy especially for those spice lovers. Keep a glass of milk near by, you’ll need it. Will definitely buy these again. I enjoyed them a lot. The spice in these noodles do cause intestinal troubles so it’s best not to eat these on an empty stomach. I advise you to drink a glass of milk before eating so your stomach is nicely coated. Other than that, enjoy the spicy deliciousness !
"If you like spicy instant ramen" - by Jon (NJ, United States)
If you like spicy instant ramen, buy this immediately. Not kidding. Sure, stir some sriracha into your chicken ramen. Or praise Nongshim in the red or black packets. Nongshim Spicy Seafood, oh hell yeah, I love that too. Just please, please take my word for it - even if it's in a plastic bowl... This is probably the tastiest spicy instant ramen there is.
"Pretty much just what I expected bags are a little ..." - by Silver now
Pretty much just what I expected bags are a little large and some were broken but I break up before cooking so ok by me. Better price than in the specialty stores. Will buy again
"I love this ramen" - by Yer vue
Omg...I love this ramen, great with kimchee. Its sweet, different but I love it!
"YUM" - by Reilley Lippman (TUJUNGA, CA, United States)
So this is incredible. Was not expecting it to taste as spicy and savory as it does. Buying in bulk...I added green onion and it was fab.
"Neoguri Ramyun is a Korean Noodle package (way better than Top Ramen or cup ramen from Maruchan or ..." - by D
Local stores sell for just over $1 per package so I usuallly wait till amazon sells for less than that.

Neoguri Ramyun is a Korean Noodle package (way better than Top Ramen or cup ramen from Maruchan or Nissin---but still probably just as bad for you. Although I've noticed when I cook the noodles before adding seasoning, the water boils clear unlike Maruchan/Nissin noodles) The Noodles are thicker than other Korean Noodle packets (ie. Shin Ramyun) and it has a very spicy broth. The vegetable packet includes dried carrots, green onion, and seaweed...this is a seafood flavored one... (I don't like seafood but I didn't really notice the flavor until I tasted Shin Ramyun) You can google to see what other people like to add to their Neoguri Noodles.

Again, I'll eat this any day over the Ramen packages...