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"Kosher & authentic" - by Amazon Customer
Yes. Was perfect Wish there were more kosher products like this
"Best germination rates" - by ChisholmRanch
Some of the best sprouting seed I’ve had. Most seeds are already sprouting by the time the soak is finished, and, are green and ready within 4 days from the start of soaking. Germination is near 100%!
". . . Food . . . To LOVE . . ❤️" - by 💢 Bill Hilly (veryWest)
I like everything about this company: 'Food To Live' . .
First ordered "Medjool Dates" from them and was so impressed with the quality, price, and, super customer service that I now select their products whenever I have the choice. Usually they have the best reviews -- for good reasons. Oh, they also have a weekly email that features a recipe, always something wonderful, and I save every one of them. Best of all, they don't bug me nor do they try to bribe me to write reviews, so I must assume that all their reviews are honest and unsolicited. Delightful . .
Thank you 'Food To Live'.

Almost forgot, I like their Brazil Nuts too. They find their way into my lunch bag, ever day; but I limit myself to three or four Brazil nuts a day, my mid-morning munchies. Yeah, they are a bit ... full review
"These blanched almonds are a high quality product. I ..." - by Fred H. Everest
These blanched almonds are a high quality product. I toast them in batches on a cookie sheet--350 degrees for 11 minutes. Then, shake in a zip-lock bag with a little olive oil and salt. The toasted product is to die for!!
"Great for travel" - by NJ Mom (New Jersey)
An excellent source of "food insurance" for my son who is going on a group tour where the food is notoriously undesirable. Tastes good, smells good, transports easily.
"Love this safe" - by Ra2377ven (Arlington, TX)
Love this safe, clean tasting PG for vaping and mixing into my ejuices! Thanks so much, fast shipping and I will recommend to people.
"good product." - by Mike Smith
Good purchase. Material seems to be good. I purchased this to make my own ecig juice. It worked well. The shipping was fast and the seller was responsive. Good experience.
"Yum for my tum tum." - by Kangaroo Court
These sesame seeds are great and the tahini turned out great! Hummus turned out yummy using the tahini that was made from these seeds!
"Best Anti-Cancer Food" - by Mark Emdee (USA, California)
Not organic, but about half the price, so 4.5 stars. I soak/sprout about 5 or 6 dry tablespoons a week, and 2 or 3 tablespoons at a time, and keep them moist 3 or 4 days, then eat them with oat fiber. I bought 5 pounds from their web site for $36.
"Great price and great quality" - by svenden (Minnesota, USA)
Dried apricots are one of my favorite snacks, because they're delicious but not too sweet, and because they plug a couple nutritional holes for me (like potassium). I eat them every day. These particular apricots are as good or better than any others I've tried. They are organic and unsulfured, and they taste great! And the four pound bag is a great price point.
"Jerky" - by michele anthony
Easy to chew, tasted fresh, sort of bland, could use some more salt and pepper. Felt like I was eating something good for me....not fatty or greasy. I like them .