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In stock on June 8, 2020.
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"This is the only thing my baby will drink and ..." - by Amazon Customer
This is the only thing my baby will drink and won't get constipated. I get it delivered every month which is helpful for my busy life. Thank you.
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"Good milk. I don't like the color" - by Littlelulu (Florida)
Good milk. I don't like the color, it's too brown but I think that's how lactose free milk is supposed to be.
"I am glad to be able to get it in bulk" - by CG
This is what I need for my son's homemade formula! I am glad to be able to get it in bulk!
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"great alternative to coffee creamers" - by alchemyiam (AZ USA)
Great tasting product. Good as an alternative to the crappy coffee creamers at work. Doesn't dissolve as well as the creamers, but to get it to dissolve well I place a scoop in my empty coffee cup add a touch of hot water. Mix with a teaspoon into a smooth paste then add coffee.
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"Great product!" - by Angela Priest
Great taste, if you like the taste of goat cheese/butter/feta. It has a distinct flavor, it's strong & a bit tangy. A little goes a long way as far as taste.
"Great for Homebrew!" - by CMuss (Iowa)
Used for a homebrewed Milk Stout. No complaints!
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"THE BEST IVE EVER USED!!!" - by Shania Hamid
I’ve been looking for this product on every shelf of major retailers and I was so glad to have found it here. Nothing else compares to this coconut powder. After leaving the Caribbean I can assure you this is the next best thing to a fresh coconut. Thank you Karibbean Flavors for answering my prayers!!!
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"Five Stars" - by N. Reitzel (San Antonio, TX USA)
Pure Product, what it says it is.
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"Hooray for dairy free evaporated milk!" - by Louise (Orange County, CA)
Made a great pumpkin pie!
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"Great Milk Alternative" - by Ryan A.
I've recently started moving away from Milk and also needed low carb/sugar alternative. This milk has been great. I've only used it for drinking and in breakfast dishes, but the flavor has been good, not sweet and very creamy.
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"Tasty and Handy" - by MrsMom
My daughter loved these little milks. I didn't have to talk her into it b/c she's 11 yo and knows she has to drink soy b/c of her allergy. She did gain weight but lost 3 pounds once I stopped giving them to her. I just bought a case as she will be in middle school soon and needs to grow & gain some weight.
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"yum" - by CJ (San Diego, CA, USA)
If you like the melted ice cream in the bottom of the bowl, you'll love the taste of these. I don't even refrigerate them and have some in the car for meal replacements on the run. They got rid of the best flavor, Honey, a few years ago but this is a passable substitute. I tried the black label one and couldn't stand the chalky taste. These are my go to because there isn't a bunch of chemicals in there, although some people shy away from it because of the calorie and sugar content. I'd rather have real rather than fake any day of the week.
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"Initially bought them for allergen-freeness; kept buying them for deliciousness!" - by Simbolina (Bellevue, WA USA)
We love these bars! All of them have a chewy, homemade texture. I like the variety of flavors. My daughter loves the double chocolate the most. I really like them all, so I just decide based on what color wrapper I'm in the mood for at that time :) We don't have any allergies, but I like that my daughter can bring these to school and I can offer them as snacks for her friends without worrying. My daughter resists trying new things, especially if they sound at all healthy, but she loves the packaging, so we got over that hurdle quickly. I tried them initially because we know the company's founders, but I keep buying them because the kids (and I) love them!
"You have to Measure it out Correctly to avoid the Constipation!" - by Amber R. Robbins (Madison, AL, United States)
This formula is the only one my baby loves.
I had to switch to formula to supplement, now my baby drinks this formula for all meals.
But listen folks - it will cause constipation if you don't measure it out right.

It says on the can - measure One Unpacked Level scoop (8.5 g) for every 2 oz of water.
GET OUT YOUR SCALE.... set it to Grams
My unpacked level scoop was different than what my hubs did, and it was different every time I did it.
I was WAY over feeding my baby. Even if its just One gram over for each scoop - think about that added up over a 24 hour period!
3 scoops per 6 oz bottle, 6 bottles a day... That's almost a whole bottle's worth more per day of formula.
Yea - That's gonna constipate you - and its also too many calories! (cute little chunky monkey right??)
When measured out correctly ... full review
"Gluten Free Flan Impresses" - by BoomerZoomer (New York)
I gave these to my friend from the Dominican Republic. She must eat gluten-free and was able to make a heavenly flan, indistinguishable, and in my opinion better than a "standard" flan. Bravo to this product.