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"saw this Dell Inspirion and liked it, but the store left me hanging" - by Amazon Customer
My old laptop (7-8 yrs old) was showing signs of a last gasp. I went to the Microsoft Store, saw this Dell Inspirion and liked it, but the store left me hanging... they lost a sale that day. I found the same laptop on Amazon and made the purchase. So far I'm impressed. The backlit keyboard will fade to black after a minute, so I have to touch the touchpad to light it up again Could be a setting I can adjust that fade time.

I'm setting this Dell up as my primary business device, for use with website technology service. I have a terabyte of disk to install programs and save files. The I-5 6200U Core is fast enough for my needs, running at 2.30Ghz. I'm not the biggest fan of Windows 10, but at least its up to date and It will likely grow on me. I ... full review
by HP
"nice choice for this price" - by Mike.C
For this price, it's a nice choice!
Quad Core+Touch Screen.
Good for everyday use.
"Nice design, with a good space between keys" - by Rogerio C. De Souza (Brazil)
I have no complains about this product, arrived fast and it meets my expectations. Nice design, with a good space between keys. It's just a bit heavy, but not that heavy, since it has a 15.6" display.
"Overall I would give this laptop a 4 trending to a 5" - by Amazon Customer
I bought the Dell Inspiron for my 15 year old son for Christmas. I ordered the laptop from at the end of November after learning all the local stores were sold out of this laptop model even before their doors opened on Black Friday. I received the laptop 4-5 days after ordering it, so this gave me time to test it out before it was opened on Christmas morning. Personally I am not a big fan of the touch screen. I realize this is probably more of a generation thing, but I much prefer a mouse. So I instantly went out and purchased a wireless mouse for under $15.00 at Staples. For me this made navigation so much easier. Many of the reviews for this model Dell complain about the touch-pad or screen freezing. I have not had any issues ... full review