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"Simple, easy, great value for small, quick moves" - by Brian Cairns
Simple, easy, and got the job done. This was perfect for my simple move across town. While perfect for a simple move where the likelihood of transit damage is low, it may not do as well in a long distance move. The walls of the boxes were relatively thin. Just something to consider if you are moving any great distance or sharing a truck with another mover's cargo.
"Great purchase" - by Sami B (International)
Excellent boxes - size, shape and construction was perfect for all my hardbound books and kitchen supplies. Everything survived unscathed ! Held up so well, I am able to keep all 20 for further use.
"Five Stars" - by Kali the Cat (Florida, USA)
Great boxes for packing oversized items. I used mine to pack floral arrangements.
"Amazing product: I can't believe I ever used regular boxes!" - by Wade Tomes
These things are downright awesome. I've moved nearly 15 times in my life, so I've more or less established a hard and fast procedure for boxing up my belongings and transferring them from house to apartment to storage unit to wherever. In preparation for my upcoming move, I figured I'd buy boxes on Amazon, since I might save a few $ and have them delivered to my front door. I decided on these based on the interesting product description, figuring that if they didn't work I could simply reinforce the cardboard with duct tape and I'd still have functional boxes. Boy, did they work out well.

I will most certainly not do the mechanism/procedure justice, so I won't try to explain how they work. But in a few short words, these boxes arrive completely flattened, but require 0 (ZERO, NADA, NOT ONE BIT OF) tape to put together. You open the ... full review
"Superb!" - by tvphotog
These are excellent shipping boxes, well made, evenly cut, flat for storage.

I took a chance after reading the reviews. I'm incredulous that anyone complained that these boxes were unevenly cut. My shipment is square all around, the edges line up perfectly when closed. They're better than any boxes that I've received objects in from any vendor on the net.

And the writing on the panels? Who cares?! There is plenty of open space on all four sides to address directly, and just cover up the printing with a paste-on label.

I'm taking the time to write this, as I would like to set straight the other reviews above. Especially because all other vendors sell 25 at a time, which takes up a lot of space if you don't have a lot of storage room.
"Exactly what they purport themselves to be." - by Sterling Wolfe
Exactly what they purport themselves to be. Would I put heavy objects in the boxes based on quality. HECK no. The shipper I bought from, however, seller, shipped very quickly, and they are good, not great, boxes. Be sure to measure for your needs.
"Great Quality for the Price" - by Mrs.Wormley
These past weeks, I've been prepping to move from one state to another. I am currently sharing an apartment on campus. I only needed medium sized boxes for my belongings. UBoxes were very sturdy, and smelled fresh. I ordered 20 boxes, and shipped 4 to the post office. The UBoxes arrived to my new place almost in tact despite five days of traveling ground shipping. It was a great investment to get my small move accomplished.
"LOVE THEM" - by JKD (Seattle wa)
We are military and do many moves. I have some items that i prefer to pack and keep nice. these boxes are heavy duty and sturdier than most I have seen. I am very pleased. These can be kept in an attic or garage for storage of winter coats etc.
"No tape required makes my day" - by Eyeconic (South Beach, Miami Beach, FL)
Maybe it's me. While tape doesn't seem to adhere properly to cardboard for very long, it does a remarkably good job at adhering to various parts of the anatomy — necessitating a painful removal procedure. These tapeless boxes are the perfect solution. Movers love them because of the hand-holds. Assembly is quick and (almost) idiot-proof.

Face it. Moving is a pain and sometimes traumatic. These take some of the drama out of the ordeal.
"Very High Quality Garment Moving Boxes" - by Ray (United States)
These high quality garment boxes are great for moving suits, dresses, coats, ties, and etc. The boxes are two feet wide, and make use of a heavy duty steel cross bar that is designed to hold more weight without bending than the box itself could even handle. You simply tape up the bottom flaps of the box, drop the steel bar into the supplied cut-outs on either side of the box, and then start loading your clothes. When finished, you close the flaps at the top of the box over the metal bar and you have a completely enclosed garment moving box! While a bit expensive, they are indispensable if you need to move clothes that must stay hanging during a trip. Five stars.

- Don't forget to carefully open the boxes at your destination, flatten them back into flat packs (the way they come shipped to you), and store them ... full review
"Man in the Box!" - by The Judge
Boxes arrived fast, shipped as promised. These are good boxes and you cannot beat the simplicity of having these things show up at your doorstep. These boxes have no print on them, which makes it easy to list inventory either directly on the box itself, or add an inventory sheet for easy access to what you need when you need it, The reason I ordered these boxes is uniformity of size for stacking in a moving truck and/or storage facility. Nothing is worse than odd-sized irregular size boxes leaning and falling at a later time.

So, you have two options: get free boxes from your local stores that are odd sized, used, don't stack well with print all over them. Or, drop $50.00 and do it professionally. I chose the more professional route.:)

Don't forget to get bubble wrap too! I suggest getting at least 100 feet depending on how much ... full review
"Bankers Box Makes Moving Easier" - by ABthree (Oak Park, IL USA)
I bought these high quality boxes to aid in my mother's move to assisted living, and now, I wouldn't move with anything else.
The intelligent construction of Bankers Boxes means that no tape is needed to hold them together: the structure of the box itself takes care of that. The bottom is double-layered and solid, and does not depend on the quality of tape adhesive to keep it from dropping out.
Their high quality makes them very durable. We were able to reuse most of the boxes from the actual relocation for the subsequent emptying of the house, and the reused boxes were just as strong as the unused ones.
They also excel as storage boxes: the removable lid makes it easy to check the contents of any box at any time and close it up again, without leaving half-opened flaps.
We bought two of the 30-pc sets, and ... full review
"Great boxes at a wonderful price" - by jlib78
Great price, quality boxes (as described by seller), nice packaging - RECOMMEND
"Great size" - by Kristen Zinser
Really liked the size of these though they aren't as high as they look in this photo. Came quick and easy and no problem to put together fast.