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"Good Quality. Exactly what I expected." - by Robert B.
These file folders are exactly what I expected. Good quality material and will last as long as I need them to last. Would buy them again and recommend to a friend.

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"What can you say about a file folder?" - by K. Worthington (Independence, KS United States)
Some time ago I realized that the traditional 5 tab file folders made it difficult for me (an apparently others) to find files. There were just too many places for my eyes to search and just about impossible to keep in the "correct" order. Also those little tabs tend to bend and also sort of disappear in a file drawer with many,many files. I have found that with the straight cut tabs I can find files much easier. It's a little thing but when you have worked with hundreds and hundreds of files and seriously questioned your co-workers knowledge of the alphabet you welcome anything that helps and this type file folder does that. So that's what I can say about a file folder.
"Nice Simple File Folders" - by The Novel Lady (Tavernier, FL United States)
These are simple folders in different colors. The colors are nice and great for my filing system. The tabs are to the left, center and to the right on each set of colors. You get a lot of folders for the price.
"Best File Folder Made, Hands Down" - by Paul Gundlach
For your important files (taxes, major projects, etc.) these are the folders to use. What makes them so special? They have a reinforced top tab, which gives them an extra strength and gravitas. There's nothing worse than a flimsy, bent tab on an important file. I used to reinforce it with heavy clear packing tape. No more -- these do the trick. Now, try finding these at retail and fuhgettaboutit!! So Amazon comes to the rescue again.
"Great folders!" - by Casheena
Love these folders. I was worried about the color it would be because I previously ordered the assorted jewel tone colors pack, which came with some teal folders amongst 4 others, but I needed more of the teal. The picture is a lot lighter than what the folder is but that's fine because the folder was a perfect match to the jewel pack teal. Super sturdy and it's worth noting that each individual color comes with all 3 tabs placements. Will definitely order again.
"sturdy yet flexible -- good price for an office basic" - by Alan R. Vankirk
Great price for an office staple. These file folders are cut with 1/3 having left tabs, 1/3 having center tabs, and 1/3 having right tabs. The folders are thick enough to hold monthly invoices for us without falling apart, yet they flex easily at the center fold so that it can expand if needed. The box is easy to open (yes that matters to me when I'm billing and things frustrate me easily).
"The Perfect Solution" - by susan carpenter
What a great solution to taking the boring out of sorting and filing. Two hundred colorful folders! Pure heaven for someone who procrastinates until the cats start knocking the piles over. A different color for each category.
"Solid Product At A Reasonable Cost" - by dakota loomis (lawrence, ks United States)
Pros: Price, sturdy binder, price

Cons: Cut out is a little rough, stock could be slightly more sturdy.

For an Amazon product these were about exactly what I expected. Good quality, but not great at a very reasonable price. I've built a couple files and the fasteners seem more than up to the task. Good, solid product.
"They're Folders! They do the trick! :D" - by LittleMermaid
These are file folders just as I remember them. There is no going wrong with these file folders if you need to organize yourself. Really great, plain and simple. Three tab positions, good price, fits my file box I ordered with it. Yay.
"Pretty and durable file folders" - by Hannah
Very pretty and I great price. These are nice,sturdy file folders which makes organizing easier.
"Reinforced tab" - by Kindle Customer
These are great file folders, good quality, because the place where you place your label or write the file name is reinforced.
If you're using and re-using Avery labels, or P-touch labels, you can pull them off and put new ones on without having the file folder rip or wear out.
The straight cut lets you put a lot of information on it as well.
"These are a great alternative to the more expensive folders" - by Amanda
These are a great alternative to the more expensive folders. These are a tad bit thinner and seem less durable at first but they’re holding out great!
"Great value, awesome tab feature!" - by Colleen Roof (Rochester, NY United States)
These were better than I expected! I wanted color folders at a good price. These have a really cool extra feature. Each folder can have the left, center or right tab! Genius idea!! Plus, they made it easy to figure out how to make that happen. Each folder has arrows to tell you where to fold to get the tab position you want.
These are not heavy duty folders, but I didn't expect that at this price, nor do I need heavy duty folders.