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"Good value, cute game" - by Eslieb
Far too many pieces for a game of memory but you can easily tuck a few pairs away. Nice brightly colored cards with fun animations - the kids love the animals.
"Beautiful, and beautifully made" - by Amazon Customer (Chicago, IL USA)
The on-line images of the little cards don't do them justice. The pictures on the cards are pretty and a little quirky; the colors on the different cards compliment one another so the whole set looks great. They are really thick, heavy cardboard and look like they'll withstand years of play as well as the occasional stepping-on (or, if you've got a younger one, chewing upon). Both surfaces are waxed or plasticized or something that makes them glossy and so smooth. these. If you can spare the extra $10, these are a little bit of lovely. There are 24 pairs of cards.
"Great game, great tile design." - by Lisa F
Great sturdy tiles! My 3yr old niece loves playing games with my dad, and the matching game is their favorite. She always manages to school him in the game. And she adores the Disney characters on each tile as well. Would definitely buy again.
"Good Quality" - by Amazon Customer (Fort Worth, Texas United States)
This is such a fun game for my 3 year old. He tries to cheat a little bit, but we're slowly getting the hang of the very simple rules or the game (if I am about to match the Grinch pieces, he tries to steal them). The pieces are good quality with bright colors. It looks like it will last.
"Nice Game for travel" - by Time2Buy (District of Columbia)
Purchased for our 3 year old great-nephew who is currently obsessed with superheroes. Mommy loves the matching game for memory activity and toddler loves the Marvel theme. Transferred to zippered plastic bag and it is now the perfect game to travel with. A great buy!
"easy for kids to hold" - by Amazon Customer
Big cards, easy for kids to hold.
"Classic Matching Game - great for toddlers" - by Rayleen (MO)
This is a great game for a toddler. My grandson is 21/2; we use half the set of matching cards and he quickly picked up on remembering where the cards are as we play and matches them pretty easily. Soon I will have to find a bigger table so we can use all the cards. Each card is very sturdy; thick cardboard. Graphics are clear. A few pictures are very similar, which has thrown my grandson a few times (i.e. a picture of a woman in a hat and a picture of the same woman with flowers and no hat) but I think that's great as it really tests his matching ability.
"beautiful and educational" - by Caribbean N18 W66 (somewhere in the Caribbean Sea...)
I gave this memory game as a gift to a 6 year old girl. It is made of good quality card board and the pictures are very colorful. It is very educational, everyone can play and it improves the memory and at the same time you can talk about the different country and traditions that exists in the world. I will get this game in the future for my 2 year old(he's to young still).
"Quality photos and the animals are quite adorable. Preferred these over cartoons where the differences were ..." - by P&B C (North Carolina)
Bought for my 2 yo. He likes looking at the animals but we haven't gotten the concept completely. Currently the game is stored because younger sister likes to eat all the squares. Quality photos and the animals are quite adorable. Preferred these over cartoons where the differences were less obvious (like two Mickey's, one in birthday party mode, one not.)
"Great game for kids 2 and up - teaches taking turns" - by Ursula (Maple Valley, WA)
Saw this game at the Speech Therapist and liked it. It is so much fun to play this game with my granddaughter. It teaches her taking turns, shapes and colors. It is very inexpensive. It is a quick game so can be played with kids who do not have a very long attention span. The only thing that surprised me is that I had to put the eyes on myself. There is a sheet of stickers with the eyes and the colored shapes. That took about 15 minutes or so.
"Excellent game and really well designed" - by kkvarud (PA)
This game was bought for my 4 year old who wants to win in all the games he played. Since this is a cooperative game, he now understood the concept of team work and he always wants to play as a team. He loves to say "hoot hoot" every time and this game is played by my 4 year old and his 10 year old sibling. Its hard to see them working together but this game is the one where they play together and have real fun.

The package itself was very cute and well designed and really appreciate the effort the peaceful kingdom had taken in being green and reusing and reducing the waste. I really liked the fact that the instructions were printed on the cover and also the cute storage pouch (environment friendly) to store the owl's and sun. I wish I could have found this game sooner. ... full review
"Makes Learning Fun!" - by Carol R. Slicher (Pasadena, Maryland USA)
My 4 year old grandaughter can easily remember the lyrics to every Disney song ever produced, but couldn't identify all the letters in the alphabet. I bought her magnetic letters (yawn) and flash cards (bigger yawn). Put the information in game form and it becomes fun! She asks to play this game with all of us and quickly learned to identify each letter of the alphabet. It really is true that if you make learning fun, children painlessly remember information.
"I bought this thinking that it would be a fun way to get her a little extra practice" - by Sally Mae
My daughter loves the memory game and has been struggling leaning her letters. I bought this thinking that it would be a fun way to get her a little extra practice. She loves it! I like that you match the upper and lower case letters but that each one has the same picture on them (ie both Q cards have the same queen on them). I think that helps trying to figure out the letter in the beginning. "What is the picture? What sound does that make? What letter makes that sound?" We play that if you make a match you must say the letter to get to keep the match. We have had this game a few weeks and already I am seeing more confidence in my daughters letter recognition. The quality of the cards is great. At 5 I am sure that this is probably a short term ... full review
"Love it" - by ThuyM
My daughter's new favorite game! She loves everything PP. She wants to play with it every night and we don't mind because it's actually fun and challenging for adults too. Teaches her how to wait her turn, memorized where things are, and how to set it up and clean it up! It's great to bring on trips. We divide it in 3 bundles so it's not overwhelming to play. Quality is very good.