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"A T-Rex tried to steal my meat sticks!" - by Joshua A. Hedetniemi (Pennsylvania)
I must admit that after reading all the reviews of spoiled products and mold, I was very hesitant, to buy these. But, for those that received a properly preserved product, they seemed very happy with them. So I rolled the dice and placed an order.

First, the good:
Hands down, these are aome of the most tasty meat snacks I have ever eaten; especially the blazin pepper. Holy God are those things good. Texture is fantastic, has a good "snap" when you bite into them, and great flavor all around.

Now the bad:
These things average out to $32 per pound. Are you freakin kidding me?! These are the most Expensive snacks I have ever purchased, and cant imagine stocking them in the house on a regular basis. To put it in perspective, if you took one meat stick to work/school Monday through Friday for a year, you would spend $520 per year!!! ... full review
"Great buy for the price" - by Amazon Customer
You get 40, 11" sticks. 10 different flavors, 4 of each. At less then a dollar a piece, it's a great buy.
"Awesome snack! ...unless you're picky." - by Hawk eye
These tasty sticks have nearly become an addiction for me! I initially got these for lunchbox use, but I snack on them during weekends too. Now I haven't tried a lot of brands of meat sticks, but I have tried a few over the years. Most of them tasted like salt with a hint of meat flavor...

Some of the varieties in this pack are on the salty side, but not bad to me. I will say that not only are there several unique flavors, but the meats have different textures as well (i.e. the alligator meat is tougher than venison), and the flavors aren't set to one type of meat (i.e. Venison sticks might be mild, peppered, etc.)

My point here is this not a good choice for a picky eater. But if you're not, and like snacks like this, definitely try these out!
"Just like the stuff I devoured as a kid!!" - by Tom K
Oh my goodness!! A true flashback to my childhood!! This product REALLY IS just like the “Beer Sticks” my mama used to buy from the meat department at Goldblatt’s, down town! If you know what I’m talking about, BUY SOME! You won’t be disappointed!! 🤗👍🏻😇
"" I do applaud Wallace Farms for creating these and not adding all sorts of crud like corn syrup solids and sugar and everything" - by BJNick (GOLETA, CA, US)
There's nothing wrong with these sticks, but they aren't all that exciting either. They're "okay." I do applaud Wallace Farms for creating these and not adding all sorts of crud like corn syrup solids and sugar and everything else that most other companies seem compelled to add. So, these are essentially carb-free, and that's very difficult to find.
"I like these. Will buy again." - by Tracinator (Jersey Shore, NJ)
These are good sized and have nice, fresh flavor. If you like them a little spicy, these are the ones for you. I was surprised that they had a good pepper/spiciness. On the other hand, if you're a Plain Jane, pick a different flavor. They are a little softer/moist than other brands I have tried, and there's no snap when you bite into it. Not a deal breaker for me. Would recommend to friends and buy again.
"Good for College Care Packages" - by D Cyr
My college kid loves jerky and beef sticks. I sent this in a care package via the pantry. I like that it the sticks are individually wrapped. He can grab one and take it to class and his friends can help themselves when they stop by. This is going on our repeat order list from the on-line pantry (which is an awesome way to order "snackage" for college kids!)
"Oh Choo Choo R Snacks; I Choo Choo Choose you! These things are delicious!" - by NatalieBarney
Move over Slim Jim there is a new sheriff in town named Buffalo Bills! These things are delicious! I went with the hot sticks and am not disappointed at all with the product. The only thing that would be nice is if the bag resealed perhaps? But it's dried meat sticks so it isn't like just tucking the bag over neatly and securing it with a rubber band or chip clip or whatever is going to dry your snacks out. I plan on pouring mine into a big ziploc though anyway. They are hot and spicy without being terrible. If you LOVE really, really hot stuff you will probably not think this is hot enough, perhaps? It's plenty spicy and just the right temperature for my tastebuds though. Better than a Slim Jim and without that orange, greasy part that they have. They are shorter than I thought they'd be ... full review
"My FAVORITE of many ... addicting!" - by natahoa (Tyaskin, MD (Eastern Shore))
These are INCREDIBLY addictive.
I've tried a BUNCH of meat sticks on Amazon and these are by FAR my favorite!
What you need to know about this review: I like sweet, not spicy. These are sweet and you can really taste the pineapple in them.

If you like spicy these might not be your favorite.

I'm diabetic so protein is the best type of snake for me.
I tried the jerky products sold in stores. They can be satisfying but have SO much salt in them. They also tend to be very tough.

I actually use these as meals because I HATE to cook ... been cooking for 30+ years. I'm retired, and that means from cooking, most of the time.
I'm always looking for snacks that aren't going to kill me.

So I shopped on Amazon instead and have fallen IN LOVE with the meat snack sticks here on Amazon.
I've tried several beef and chicken, but this ... full review
"Snap into a Slim Jim!" - by katcho
I ordered the 120 count short Slim Jims. They come in a store display box. Pull the tab across, and rip the perforated sides down to open it like they have in the stores. As for the texture that some reviewers were turned off by, I suggest going to your local convenience store and try one out before you buy a big box of them. The store price is 35 cents for a short Slim Jim. I got this box for around $29, if I bought this box at retail price it would be $42, so its a good deal if you like these things.
"Prefer your jerky in crumb form?" - by K. M. Howard (Chicago, IL United States)
These are nice packets of low calorie protein. The unit price is roughly $2 a bag and that doesn't seem too bad. In each bag there are a few nicely square "bites" but lots of just jerky crumbs.
"Delicious" - by avid reader
Really delicious! Husband has lost 50lbs on a low carb diet and these fill his snack cravings. Teen daughter with amazing metabolism still eats them because they are so good
"Big flavor, small bar" - by Julio (Gaithersburg, MD)
The packaging in the picture is not exactly the actual size of the beef bar. But all in all it's pretty tasty and pretty filling. I'll definitely continue to buy them.
"Great taste and only 50 calories" - by John D
Love these snack packs of Jacks links beef jerky. Each pack only has 50 calories so if your trying to diet and going low carb, this product is great for a snack. Great to have on hand at your desk at work or in your car when you are feeling hungry. Best of all is it’s great tasting and gives you protein with low calories.