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"Perfect for HD video recording from set top box" - by Jeff True (Lexington, KY United States)
So far so good with this product. I got it to replace the Avermedia PCI capture card in my desktop PC. After the initial setup, I've tested it out and it has worked perfectly each and every time.

Please be advised. If you're planning to record via HDMI, and the content has HDCP, this device will not work for you...without buying another device.

I'm using a 256GB mSATA drive enclosed in a USB 3.0 case. After formatting the drive properly, it recognized the drive and records to it at the highest bitrate. I did notice that the firmware was out of date, so I was also able to download that to my "hard drive" and installed that via the firmware update option in the settings menu.

Also of note, I set up a 1 time schedule to record a show. I wanted to test and see if ... full review
"Good for my purpose" - by L. Young (SF)
I replaced an older no-name DVR with this one because the price seemed reasonable, it included the hard drive, and you can select playback to whatever time and date an incident occurred. My old DVR could only play playback RR or FF but had no calendar. For me it was plug and play, the menu and UI are good. I set it up for 4 cameras and made sure that the clock was set correctly.
"Works as advertised." - by S. BRYANT
Here is some of my thoughts about this box.
TUNER- Scan more than once before you give up. I almost did and it would have been a mistake. With some work I got all the channels my Tivax box got.
You might have to move the antenna around to bring in some channels. Remember you can add channels manually. I say this tuner is good.
RECORDING QUALITY- I was worried about the video playback and audio/video sync but it turns out there is nothing to worry about. Picture quality fine
and video playback smooth.
TIPS: Use hard drive to record. I don't think flash drive were made to record on and the files are large.
Update firmware. It will fix timing and EPG issues.
When it comes to guide I do believe a channel is only obligated to give so many hours. Which mean some will give more info ... full review
"DVR stopped working--but ZOSI helped fix" - by Kindle Customer (Chicago, IL)
The DVR stopped working after four months. I initially had some issues getting in touch with ZOSI, but they were responsive after I wrote a review about my problems. They worked with me via email to check to see what was wrong and then sent me a new DVR case and I swapped my hard drive into the new DVR and now it's working well.

I'm only having issues with remote connect. Everything is fine connecting in-network, but when I connect outside my network suddenly my app is showing someone else's cameras, which is creepy on so many levels. Luckily, it's a business and not someone's home, but I doubt they want some random person accessing their security feed. And I want to be able to access mine. I will update once I hear from Tech Support about this.
"Bought for Mom who has dementia" - by Teresa
I'm very pleased with this product. I needed a solution for Mom to continue watching her favorite movies without having to operate a remote which has become too confusing for her. Many times we found her staring at a blank TV screen because she pressed the wrong key on the remote.

This product is small and extremely easy to set up/operate. The looping feature was critical for what I needed.

* I put 20 of Mom's favorite movies on a memory card.
* Set Micca Speck to repeat all
* Attached Micca remote to the back of TV with velcro to eliminate the chance mom will power off the unit by mistake.
* Set TV source to default to HDMI at start up, where Micca Speck is connected to.

The result is the tv turns on to a movie playing. This is exactly the expected outcome I hoped for.

I contacted Micca's support dept via ... full review
"Good Surveillance System for the Price." - by Benjamin Gorospe
Good CCTV system for the price. Picture during the day is very clear. I placed 2 cameras in front and the view was clear and i can see my 2 cars that I park on my driveway. The picture at night is good and clear enough to see what's happening. Hardest part of the setup was running the wires, but once I connect everything, the system works and starts recording. If you need a good surveillance system, this is a good system for the price. The hard drive isn't included so I had to buy a 1TB hard drive for around $50.
"Count Me In as a Lifetime Customer!" - by T. Davis (Palm Harbor, FL)
This item marks the third of these I have purchased. I'm a lifer - I'm a customer for the long haul. Having all this extra storage space allows me to keep every 'win' of my two favorite teams (one NBA team and one Pac-12 football team). Plus, I'm able to keep all programs I know I'd like to see again. Thus far, the three of these I've purchased have all been for the same satellite DVR. However, in the next month I'll be buying 2 more, but those will be for a cable DVR and a different satellite DVR.

My only regret is that a 6 TB version is not available for my original satellite DVR.

Oh! By the way, the REAL selling point of these extenders for me is that this is the only method by which I can permanently keep my favorite programming in HDTV.
"Wow, I am impressed!!! 5 stars all around! A+++++" - by DJ (California)
Here "was" my problems. Had 4 DVR box renting from Comcast costing ~$80 per month. Got Tivo Romio Plus (6 shows) and bought 3 Mini's.

1. Before I've made our investment, I called Tivo 3 times and they were able to provide suggestions and answered our concerns.
2. Main reason I got Tivo Romio Plus (6 channel) mainly due to my usages (my folks can be recording 2-3 shows and kids can be recording/watching same time). Again, I have 4 TV's. I originally got Roamio but end up returning it and got Roamio Plus.
3. Setup was soooo easy (all done by network cable). Took less than 10 mins.
4. Not sure if this applies to others. One of our TV is mounted on the wall but all wires are hidden and DVR box was behind the wall. Had IR cable (See photo) running but Mini ... full review
"It arrived in perfect condition. It is sturdy and works and sounds ..." - by Sergio Arango (Medellin, Colombia)
Just received this item. I live in Medellin, Colombia and received it through a parcel service. It arrived in perfect condition. It is sturdy and works and sounds very well. Tried copying from cassette to a USB flash memory which is not in the approved list and worked ok. So if you need a cassette player with very good quality this is it, plus you have cd and usb flash memory capabilities.
"Overall I love my Tivo The first issue was totally my fault ..." - by Video
I purchased my Tivo a few days ago got it and set it up with small issues.
First issue It picked up channels that I was supposed to be getting but every channel shows an error message V52.
Second issue is that when i go to register the Tivo it shows that it is already registered to another user same as another user indicated.

First issue solution well it was my fault I plugged the wrong coax into the Tivo. I plugged the correct Coax and did another channel search and got most channels with no issues. There were 2 channels that would give me the same error message V52. When I did a signal test it showed 74% and the picture would come in with no issues but the moment I backed out of the signal test I got the same error message. My solution was to reset to defaults and go ... full review
"Works great with Xbox One" - by C. Johnson (LAKE STEVENS, WA, United States)
Purchased this external hard drive to expand storage capabilities on an Xbox One. Plugged the drive in to one of the three Xbox USB 3.0 ports, followed the prompt to format the drive to store game data, and was ready to go. It was easy to move existing game data from the internal drive to the external drive. Note: You will need space on your power strip or electrical outlet to plug in the power adapter.

If you are using this drive with the Xbox One and use a lot of accessories that also need USB ports, you may want to buy a 4-port USB hub. I wasn't thinking about that when I bought this and had to pick one up later.