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"No more hand cramps" - by L. Hawes
These are the best sprayers. Get cramps in your hand from squeezing Windex sprayers? These are the answer. Great for any liquid cleaner, dampening hair or even spraying yourself to keep cool when you are outside in the summer.
"Passed the test as know other has!!" - by Albatross
I needed a suitable container for a Petroleum based Rust remover/metal bolt loosener called PB Blaster + I add some ingreadiants to it as taught by the Old Timers (PB Blaster/Trans fluid/Acetone) . Anyone that has used this product knows 2 things 1.) It is the best product on the market 2>)No container can contain it without leaking—even the container they supply with the one gallon can!! Well folks the SOLO 418 has passed the test, it not only contains the PB Blaster/mix but it has ZERO leaks and performs flawlessly. I can set it to mist for a large coverage area or to Stream (which with only a few pumps shoots out 6-8'. As a mechanic that uses this product everyday I needed the best and I needed it to do it's job flawlessly (a lot to ask these days) this product does that ---hands down!

Update: 10-15-17. It's been ... full review
"Water fan!" - by Le Janae (USA)
Daughter loves this as of today! In the past I had order two others from a different company. Even though this looks the same except for the gold labeling, this one seems to work better! I only hope it last. It was a bit more money than the others, so I am hoping it will pass the longevity test. Living in southern Arizona because of family, these are so appreciated. If you pour real cool water in it, and use it after you have been out in the summer heat, OOOOOOOH!, WHAT A FEELING! Soon I may get one for myself, because I simply LOVE for my skin to be moist and COOL! YEAH! Oh, just a tip, when you spray, DO NOT KEEP HOLDING THE HANDLE DOWN. Just spray and immediately let it go. Simply because it works just a little different from regular pump sprays!
"stream and a fine mist spray" - by WalkInPeace (Mena, AR USA)
The bottle is heavy duty and the sprayer seems to be high quality, although, I haven't used it much yet. It is versatile with a position for off, stream and a fine mist spray. I use mine to make a mixture of filtered water and oregano oil to clean my fruits and veggies to inhibit mold. I like the fact that I can use glass instead of plastic to avoid any issues with outgassing. It was well packaged and arrived quickly. I would recommend and will probably purchase more.
"Very nice quality! Arrived on time" - by Brandy O'Neal (PANAMA CITY, FL, United States)
I am Highly impressed with these spray bottles! Very nice quality! Arrived on time! I'll be sharing with all my friends. Thank You!
"Bought two. One works and one doesn't" - by mtvonnie
Bought two of these (blue and purple) to take to a music festival in 100 degree heat. We leave tomorrow. They just arrived and one was missing the strap in the packaging and the other didn't work at all. After fiddling with them both, I now have one full good one (blue), however, the purple one (unfortunately mine) is no good. I think it's a factory defect, because the nozzle is seated out a full inch further than the other one and cannot be altered. I tried all the tips that had been previously mentioned and everything seems to be as it should inside. Just no good. Frustrated and out of time. :(
UPDATE: Within an hour of posting my review, the President/CEO of the company, Mike Hammar called me to troubleshoot the problem. He walked me through several steps and even offered to send ... full review
"The more I use it the more I love it. I enjoy watering plants more because of ..." - by LLA (MILL CREEK, WA, US)
The more I use it the more I love it. I enjoy watering plants more because of it. Well designed, made with high quality plastic, it's easy to operate. I just have to remember to lubricate it with oil occasionally. It works well to spray off bugs from plants, the one of its many uses.
"Great for home use too" - by Krystyna
Use this to control morning bed head on my 2.5 son before school. Love the mist instead of soaking him with a regular spray bottle.
Bottle is a lot thinner than expected.
"Works every time." - by Amandine (Massachusetts)
Works every time. Don't put anything else except water or a liquid with water consistency otherwise it will stop working.
"Best water spray bottle I ever purchased!" - by Dawn Field
I wanted a continuous spray bottle for re-wetting my hair in the morning to restyle my permed curls. This product is perfect! You just fill it with water and press the trigger it's that easy. I find it easier than the traditional water spray bottles. Yes the other ones might be a little cheaper, but the continuous spray action bottles are so much better for my everyday hair routine.
"Awesome fine mist" - by Cassie Abarca
Saved the day for doing my daughters hair. Having the spray makes it so much easier and faster! Awesome fine mist.