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"Great Product!" - by Vanessa Larios
It arrived way before the date i was told. I love it! makes the screen look so much bigger.I had no idea that the paper slot came out but it does and it comes out all the way. I highly recommend it.
"Amazon Basics Versus Kantek -- Who Offers The Best Platform For The Price?" - by Scott E. High (Punta Gorda, FL USA)
I would have thought that this was a great unit if I hadn't just bought a Kantek platform a week earlier. It's still a good unit for the average user but the Kantek gets my vote -- and here's why: Both units are made of a durable black plastic. The Kantek unit is longer and wider and its height is more adjustable because of the different sized blocks provided for the legs. In addition the Kantek can be raised to a platform height of 6.5 inches while the Amazon Basics unit maxes out at 4.875 inches. The increased length., width, and height of the Kantek platform provides slightly more storage under the platform and gives the user more flexibility in what to put there.

The Kantek unit also has inserts in the back of the platform to allow the cords/cables used to hook up a ... full review
"Sturdy, and fantastic organizer." - by BP-JP
Ordered 3 of these. I have 2 stacked on top of each other with my screen ontop. I use it to hold my 27inch Monitor, PS4 games and PS4 Slim. The third one my wife has her 27inch screen on it and her ps4 under it. Great organizer, sturdy, all parts where in the packge, and was pretty easy to assemble. I had all 3 assembled in about 15 minutes. The cord holder is a little useless as if you put more than 2 cords through it, it doesn't do its job. Not a big deal, zip ties work fine for me! Highly recommend if you're in the market for a small desk stand.
"Simple, Inexpensive, Do the Job" - by Michael (WORCESTER, MA, United States)
These monitor stands are simple, but effective. They've raised my two monitors at work about 4 or 5 inches, which is perfect. They're just basic black plastic, but seems like a sturdy construction, shipped quickly, and they're inexpensive... Don't need much else.
"Great!" - by xixi73
I'm very satisfied with this product so far. I play far too many PC games and this really helps straighten my neck and back, instead of being hunched over all the time. It also gives a good space for extra storage on my desk. I was nervous about it holding up my monitor since I'm not sure how heavy it is, but I have had absolutely no worries about the strength of this riser - it handles it easily. The set-up was incredibly easy and it doesn't wobble at all. Great product!
"Perfect height!" - by Alison Marie Barry (Baltimore, Maryland)
Started a new job and the dual monitors provided only angled up and down and did not physically move up and down. When angled there was a weird glare on the monitors so I needed monitor risers.

These are sleek and stylish and blend in well to my desk. I didn’t want something that stood out (like a lot of the monitor risers so). I didn’t have to use the adjustable legs as the 3” legs were perfect. So happy to not have a glare on my monitors and no crick in my neck.

Very easy to assemble took all of 5 minutes if that. The box is a little heavy so if you’re taking them to work and have a bit of a walk I’d stick the box in a bag so it’s easier to handle.
"Love it." - by book lover (CA)
This does just what it should. It's a sturdy, adjustable riser for dual monitors. It really helped me get my screens into a good position and provided me with space to store items underneath. My desk looks so much better, and I don't have to hunch over anymore when looking at monitors. Love it! I have the 44.8 size, and the center section has PLENTY of room for a full sized logitech keyboard (with 10-key) and a mouse to be tucked side by side underneath it. If I would have been on my own to assemble it, it probably would have been a disaster. My construction-worker husband assembled it in less than 10 minutes without even glancing at the instructions. Since I have him as my master assembler, I'm back to buy a second one for my office.
"An absolute MUST for a clutter-free workspace." - by Amazon Customer
This space-saving piece makes my desk look significantly more organized than it actually is. It keeps my laptop and cords neatly tucked away, the monitor is at the perfect height for attempting good posture, and that little shelf comes in so handy. Bonus: it's a cinch to put together and it looks great!
[[ASIN:B01A6JLT3Q Fitueyes DT204201WB 16.7-Inch 2-Tier Computer Monitor Stand, Black]]
"This was great. much better than i expected" - by owen wang
This was great. much better than i expected, the feet can height adjustable and it has nice tempered glass, furthermore it can tilt forward. so

the notebook computer sits on top and comfortably nests, i also have one tv on the top my Direct TV box underneath, will buy two more
"Air space realty, if you can't place your items around you then go up!" - by Priscilla Flores
I recently changed my desk and the new style didn't allow for a lot of space for my office supplies, so I purchased this to take advantage of the air estate on my desk. It looks great and I love it.
"Like it!" - by K. Dexter
Exactly what I need to cover the cable box and place the TV on top.. It barely fit but so far so good. Nice space between the cable box and stand. With the holes in the top of the stand I do not worry about the box overheating. I read two reviews about how this adjusts. I could not find a way to adjust any part of this stand.
"Perfect for my wobbly 25" Acer LED Monitor" - by Ivan M
This monitor stand is by far the best I have had. It sits ergonomically at the perfect height of 4" on my desk and it keeps my 25" monitor stable which is a first (my monitor has a wobbly stand).

My iPad Pro or my 13" MacBook Pro Retina fits well under the stand and I can tuck my keyboard on top of it for more desk room when I am sifting through papers or a book. The finish and quality is also very nice on this stand, I have found no flaws in its design. For the price, I would highly recommend this stand for anyone looking for a good quality & cheap monitor stand.

Cons: None so far
"The best fit ever for my application" - by Michael Mahoney
Couldn’t be any better for my application needed something to raise my nightstand TV a bit and make more room for my XBox One and Apple TV along with the new FireTV, Echo, and Chromecast all connected to the TV itself (a little overkill I know) but I couldnt have got a better product and fit for the money the XBOX fits perfect underneath with really no space to spare and the adjustable legs are an added bonus to leave it ventilated - first review I’ve ever written 5 minutes after installing perfect in every way Thanks!
"So steady and can hold a lot of weight!" - by Kendra Deal
Perfect for holding up my dual-monitors every day at my desk. Then I can easily push my keyboard underneath if I need the room. Holds steady and never have problems with it! Looks very good to. Bought a second one to hold up our 48 inch TV so I could place our PS4 underneath. It’s perfect!
"This is awsome!" - by Jiacheng He
It saved my whole set up! A lot of people are asking me about this raiser after I posted this pic online