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"An audiophile's view on 3 wire brands: Pyle, Monster and Monoprice" - by Ben Nicholson
This wire is exactly what you expect. Many emerging speaker wire products in the past couple years have started to skimp by coloring aluminum or burying aluminum inside an outside ring of copper, or marketing a product with a larger gauge than it actually is. Lately, it has become hard to find a cost effective option for speaker wire that is actually what it says it is. I trust monoprice because they give quality products and they dont try to skimp or cheat you out of what you think you are buying. Monoprice also doesn't overcharge by elating their product to more than it is by advertising. So a comparison of wire that I have bought:

I have bought 50ft of 12 gauge speaker wire from Monster, Pyle, and Monoprice.

Pyle speaker wire is by far the worst. Pyle "12 gauge" wire had maybe 30% less metal than what 12 gauge should ... full review
"4k/HDR? Don't skimp on cheap cables, go for these!" - by ITGuy
I have a 4k/HDR Roku Ultra, 2016 Marantz 4k/HDR AVR, and a 4k/HDR Vizio P65 tv. I tried AmazonBasics cables first that claim "up to 18gb capability" but none of those would pass the Roku 4k/HDR test once connected and I could not get a picture above plain 4k. I took a chance and tried these Monoprice certified cables and first shot after hooking them up the Roku test passed and the picture came up full 4k/HDR. I am not one to ever pay extra for "certified" cables, but now I am sold when it comes to these and full 4k/HDR. All other HDMI cables would probably work fine if all you need is 1080p or plain 4k but if you want all the capabilities of a setup like mine, spend the extra few bucks and get the certified cables! Just be aware these cables are thicker and stiffer than ... full review
"Certified HDMI cables" - by ATech (USA)
Monoprice always made great cables and this is no exception. This Premium HDMI certified cable will support all required specs. Do not buy any HDMI cables without this label. It's a must have for 4K and HDR
"Don't know how it could be better." - by J (Hanover, NH, United States)
Bought this to replace the cheap cable that came with my vintage turntable. There was a noise base that didn't seem to go away whatever I did. This cable made it much better. It's not completely gone (I think I need to isolate the turntable better to avoid rumble) but the old cable proved to have played a part. I also bought a 3mm to rca and that 100% eliminated the noise I had through the AUX channel! This is why I think I really can't do better than this cable (they are the same built).
"great cable, but you can get them elsewhere for less (maybe)" - by CSX (MA, USA)
These are really great cables. I used one to connect from the analog audio output of the tv to a stereo amp, to get better sound out of much better speakers. And the results were really good. So if you need a 3.5 to RCA cable, these are among the best you'll find (I've tried others).


The manufacturer name on the packaging was Monoprice -- in case you don't know them they're well known for low-priced good cabling and electronic components. I often buy direct from Monoprice, so went there to check on the price, and of course it's a lot less. But their shipping cost can be high, so depending on how much you're buying, it might be cheaper to get free shipping from Amazon, or pay Monoprice for shipping.

It pays to shop around, but also keep in mind that Amazon's service is excellent, ... full review
"It works and its thin." - by EricP
I bought these to run in the wall up into the attic and down another wall to the TV on the other side of the room. 50' is a long run for an HDMI cable, but I've had no problems at all with a 1080p signal running through it. These cables are thin. I've seen 5' HDMI cables thicker than these, so they are easy to work with. Just make sure you get the direction correct before running them. Because these have a chip in them to boost the signal it matters which end goes to the source and witch end goes to the TV. They are marked right on the connectors.
"I bought this cable to use my Vive in a ..." - by Amazon Customer
I bought this cable to use my Vive in a different room than my computer. It works perfectly for that application, with no artifacts, signal drops, or white dots (Vive users know about these). Keep in mind, this is a fairly thick cable, with limited flexibility. I bought mine from Amazon Warehouse Deals used, and have had no issues.
"I always use Monoprice cables" - by J. Cotton (San Francisco, USA)
I've used Monoprice cables for a decade or more. They are always great and at a great price. In this case, shipping was free with Amazon.
"These "Certified" 4K HDMI Cables are exactly that.. ..." - by (Byhalia, MS, US)
These "Certified" 4K HDMI Cables are exactly that...certified to work and pass 4:4:4 18 gb HDR10 signals. And they do it at a tremendous value too!

Beware imposters that say 4K - 18 gb but do not carry / show the Label / Scan Code.
"Pretty snazzy cable..." - by W. Price (Nashville, TN)
I was totally expecting these to be fairly cheap constructed cables for the price I paid, but they aren't in the slightest. The grey/silver housing around the ends is in fact metal, I assume aluminum, which makes it feel very rugged and quality built in itself. Each end is gold plated 3.5 mm plug and the cable is thick, but the best thing is the shank between the plug itself and the housing I spoke allows the cable to fit into the headphone jack of your phone or tablet that is obscured by the case. I have had several right angle cords or other cords with housing that won't go in the jack all way obscured by the case of my devices. This cable was definitely built with that in mind and manages to fill the case cutout for the headphone perfectly and allowing for one to plug ... full review
"Quality, Easy to Install Audio Cable" - by Ellis Guy (California)
This is the third AV speaker system I've installed in my home over about a 4-year period. The first two were fished through the walls and over ceilings, terminated in boxes inside the walls with jacks and connected with banana plugs. The most recent installation is surface mounted with runs along the casings and up the walls behind draperies for simplicity. In all cases I've used Monoprice cabling. The first system is larger with more wattage, so I used 12 gauge cables. The other two are smaller, so I used 14 gauge cabling with good results. This is twisted solid copper wire, not copper-coated aluminum, which seems to be the case with some lower-priced competing products. I'm very happy with the results in all cases. If there is any issue, it may be that the wire ends have to be tightly twisted ... full review
"Great HDMI Cable for 4K/HDR" - by Alan C. (New York, NY USA)
I bought a 3 feet and 6 feet options to connect my PS4 Pro, Marantz NR1607 and SONY XBR55X850C. I am glad to report both cables work without any issues at 4K and with HDR enabled. Games such as Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered and Resident Evil 7 Midnight Demo look truly stunning with high contrast and vivid colors.

Before trying Tera Grand cables I was using the Latest Standard AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI and was having some random issues at 4K. Sometimes screen goes on and off and I could also see minimal artifacts (extremely minimal but it's there). I also have the previous version AmazonBasics HDMI cables but those actually work better.

Tera Grand Premium HDMI Certified 2.0 cables are well constructed and priced reasonably. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it if you are running 4K/HDR.
"Great deal free shipping" - by Adam Calvert
Could have purchased these on monoprice but with amazon prime its free shipping. Thats a huge savings. Dont let the monster cables and other brands fool you. Digital is digital gold/silver/platinum doesnt matter when your dealing in digital formats. As long as you have a connection the quality will be just as good with 5 dollar cable vs a 75 dollar cable.
"... the range of my oculus rift headset and worked great but you MUST use a QUALITY hdmi booster/ repeter ..." - by Willis A.
It was used to extend the range of my oculus rift headset and worked great but you MUST use a QUALITY hdmi booster/ repeter with it for that purpose. it's doing a great job so far.