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"Awesome mouse pad" - by Quang Duong
This mouse pad doesn't have good traction on the table. I play BF4, and I'd have to constantly move the mouse pad back to its original position to continue my gaming. It's such a problematic situation when you're up 900m on a jet, trying to escape your enemy jet and having to move back your mouse pad. Maybe you're thinking, maybe this guy has a smooth table? I just got a Razer extended mouse pad and the thing sticks to my table. Now, maybe you're saying it's the size of the mouse pad? So, I got a smaller mouse pad that my brother has, and that thing also sticks to my table. There you have it.

Update 7/10/18:
As a result of my disappointment in their product, Victsing reached out to me and offered their newest extended mouse pad, and I was blown away by its superb quality and performance. This extended ... full review
"Exactly what I was looking for" - by Stan Tron (Florida)
Perfect size for where I needed to put a mouse pad. I searched for quite some time to find one that would fit just right between a few items on a narrow surface. It's held up to daily use with no signs of wear or tear.
"The Aidata lapdesk replaces the Logitech one that is no longer being made. Same features, quality as good or better." - by Laura A. Shears (MI)
I was disappointed when Logitech quit making a similar product, but I am not now. This one is just as good or maybe even better. It is just the right size for my 15 inch laptop. I am keeping this one and letting my kids have the Logitech ones. I insist that they use a hard surface to protect their computers from overheating and these things work great with or without a mouse. I love the built in tray and I am sure I will get plenty of use out of this when I have to walk around with my laptop while entering grades and checking on my students. Having a hard tray makes that so much easier to do. I still can't believe that people are trying to sell the old Logitech lapdesks for $150 or more. This is just as good ... full review
"Almost what I wanted" - by Amazon Customer
The photo shows the mousepad that I use by placing it on top of my older, hard mousepad because it's not quite wide enough. I know they include the measurements but I was hoping it would be a bit wider and it would suit my needs almost perfectly. It works really well overall and is the best mousepad I've gotten in a while. I was trying to find something identical to a Moshi keyboard cover/ mousepad that I had years ago that was a bit thicker than construction paper-ish thickness, and while this is not that thin, it's still relatively thin compared to the others out there and all in all, I'm satisfied with my purchase.
"Perfect!" - by Ron Baker (Tustin Ranch, CA)
I have a Logitec Wireless Laser mouse and a 27" desktop which is a lot of screen for the pointer to cover. This mousepad works great with my set up. Smooth, snag free operation with just the right amount of friction between the mouse and pad. I need a lot of pad real estate with a 27" screen so the standard was a perfect size. recommended.
"Best Mouse Pad Ever VicTsing Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest," - by Darrel (California)
What stood out about this mouse pad from VicTsing was the quality and the wrist support which is made of gel and reminds me of the gel wrist support I use to purchase for use with the keyboard, gel wrist support is very comfortable not too high up like I like it and supports just right, it's like the arm of your chair and no wrist fatigue after using this, I was very surprised also has a nice wide pad which I like tremendously as some pads don't give you enough room to move around and you feel as though you are limited to move your mouse around therefore your mouse tends to come off the pad all together and end up on your desk I would recommend this mouse pad and for the price you really can not beat the size of this pad, it also features a non ... full review
"Works as advertised" - by NightMare (Hawaiian Paradise Park, HI)
Works great. The wrist rest is soft. It protects my wrist and keeps it elevated where I need it. I take this between my different workplaces. I just throw it in my backpack and go. So far, it is standing up to the beating it takes from me. Time will tell on how well it will last. For the price, though, it is worth it to me.
"They are very comfortable. Soft enough to cradle your wrist" - by David J. Garcia (Coolsville)
My wrist was hurting so badly I could barely move it. I bought these pads and the pain went away within days. They are very comfortable. Soft enough to cradle your wrist, but firm enough to protect it from injury. I never realized just how hard I was pressing my wrist onto the table... there's a sizable impression on the pad every time I lift my wrist. A lot of pads are too firm to do anything for you, but this one is very soft and comfortable.
"Firm wrist support." - by Mtnman (NM USA)
This is a good mouse pad, the wrist support is very firm but the design is so cool. Does hurt the palm of my hand a little bit but have a bead wrist protector that softens this product. Like the design.
"Beautiful laptop lap desk" - by Momof2Teens
Sent with first year college student for working in bed. It’s beautiful, functional and arrived very quickly. Would definitely recommend it.
"Very thin and will slide into most computer bags for ..." - by CCL
Very thin and will slide into most computer bags for travel. With the rubber bottom I don't need to worry about any of it sliding around or falling over. It gets plenty of use and I have not noticed any sort of wear or breaking plastic. It is worth to buy!
"Good Build Quality" - by Vlad Packer
It looks amazing with my all blue setup. The feel of it is really good and it looks quality. Just unrolled it and it's very smooth without any lumps. Will have to test its durability but so far it feels like it will last.
"This lap desk is very sturdy and substantial for the price" - by George A Ojeda
This lap desk is very sturdy and substantial for the price. My only gripe, which is far from a deal breaker, is that the edges are not tapered. As a result, the edges can occasionally dig into the underside of your wrists.

Aside from that single deficiency, this is an excellent buy. Highly recommended.
"Four Stars" - by Amazon Customer
I really like it! I thought it would be more HD quality though, but I still like it.