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"So far so good, I am a little disappointed in the low ..." - by Dan
So far so good, I am a little disappointed in the low light color saturation. Not many demos of this thing out there. That said, I am thoroughly impressed with the zoom clarity and stability.
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"Arrived on time" - by Darryl P. Duncan (Fayetteville Tn)
I thought I would grab it and head straight for the woods but it is a good thing I didn't. I cannot figure out where the USB plug in is at or how to install the battery. There are pages of instructions but nothing so far has shown me where things are. It will take me hours to figure it out. I may have to ask my neighbors if they can figure out how to work it.
//O.K. I took it out and can tell you this is a good camera and has very good microphone and video image. I had read comments on YouTube which didn't sound good but I learned that the bad comments are not true. I am very happy with this videocameras ability to record video
and the audio. It was my first day out with it and I spent over an hour talking to my camera. I ... full review
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"Great budget camcorder with extras!" - by Sunny
It's an awesome camera for the price, especially since it includes external mics and 2 lenses too! It's really light and convenient, great for vlogging and video school projects. I would highly recommend it.
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"Awesome Camcorder" - by Chris C. (Roseburg,OR USA)
Works great ! I have included a picture from my HD DXG and the FHD w/wide lens . Same lighting and position of camcorders . The picture quality is amazing ! It works great in low light and the active mic is excellent for recording music . I am very pleased with this purchase .....
"One killer feature that will change your video life." - by Timothy Caywood (Central CA)
The BOSS lens stabilization system is astounding. Driving down the road with the car bouncing and swaying the image of the horizon through the window was rock solid. Very strange to view with the frame of the car window bouncing around and the hillside locked in. Very unnatural looking. Of course the image quality is excellent when you have a SDXC card capable of the 50mbps using the XAVC S codec. Easy access to the manual controls is outstanding. I'll never have another camera without the view finder. I can easily shoot in the bright California sun without having to hide the sun from the pop-out screen. The files load right off the SD card into Final Cut Pro X. Very sweet.
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"Great kit for the price, but you get what you pay for. Consider a few additions to bring out the potential" - by Timothy
There are so many different kits with different items included, its hard to keep track.

This is a review of the Neewer Studio Support System with two soft-box lights, two umbrella lights, three backdrops with clips, and a carrying case.

First, the completeness of this kit was impressive, despite the quality of the included items. It was easy to set up and get working. There are obvious quality issues, but you get what you pay for.

Things to consider before you buy (with zero comparisons to other systems, as this is the only equipment of this type that I own):

> Thin posts on the support system - they telescope, meaning the top ones get very thin. At full height, it cannot support the backdrops without drooping/leaning.
> Backdrops that are the "wrong" size for the support system - 4 interlocking poles make up the cross member, each configuration too wide for the ... full review
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"Couldn't ask for more." - by Nathan samson
So happy with the camera that we purchased for your budding video maker in the family. Was a little unsure about buying a camera from a name that I didn't really know. After reading all the the equipment that comes with the package I went ahead and gave it a shot. Turned out to be great. Just opening watching my son open the box impressed me. Everything was packaged nicely and had the look of cameras that cost 2x as much. My son got to work right away reading the instructions and learning about the settings and how to put it all together. Since then he has been recording everything he can. He is using it for projects in his video editing classes in school. I asked him if there was any features that he was missing or needed. Nope! He said it was everything he wanted and needed. ... full review
"Amazing For the Price!" - by chris319 (West Hollywood, CA)
I am a professional broadcast video engineer with more decades of experience than I care to think about.

Canon has done a lot of things right with this camera. It is amazing given its price. There isn't much to complain about, just a few nits to pick. It would be unfair to give it less than five stars. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

The touch screen is rather fiddly. Someone with large fingers could have trouble with it. My fingers are fairly slender and I'm a little bit challenged to navigate the menus on its small screen. I tried to operate the touch screen using a toothpick as a stylus, but no joy.

Canon has loaded up this camera with a lot of consumer-y gimmicks but you can ignore those or disable them. The documentation omits a couple of neat tricks, but thankfully people have made videos documenting some ... full review
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"4 hours of research led me to this camera!!" - by Nick Bello (UTICA, NY)
I absolutely love this camera! The flashlight really adds to it!! Haven't edited anything yet so I cannot confirm if the FHD is actually 60FPS but it looks like it is. I'm using this camera on a ghost hunt this friday and am super excited. Every other lower GB SD card has worked except the 128 GB SD card. I have another one coming in the mail to see if that one was a dud or not. If it still won't work, I honestly don't care because even the 32 GB can record up to 4 hours of FHD. I researched for 4 hours on every night vision camera on the web and this is definitely the best, I recommend buying this camera and then buying a separate external microphone like the one in the picture. The wide angle lens casts a shadow with the IR, but no biggie, just ... full review
"As advertised. Using for high school sports, basketball/football ..." - by Eric Oppriecht
As advertised. Using for high school sports, basketball/football and is doing well after couple dozen games so far in last month.
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"Fancy,Practical" - by Elizabeth
I like this fancy Cemara. It's easily used and portable. The definition is high enough, and the multi-function will definitely satisfy my daily requirements.
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"Missing items" - by Nasean Joseph (BROOKLYN, NY)
I haven’t received my battery for the screen may someone please contact me
"Fantastic Camera!" - by KseaStudios
I'm a film artist and i've read all the other xa30 reviews up until 6/8/16 and this is what i feel is positive/negative about the xa30.

First off i own the xa10 and love it! So this is a
big upgrade over the xa10.

For me the 20x zoom is big! I wanted to see if my cannon 1.5x teleconverter would work on top of the 20x telephoto and it does! I did'nt notice a
Significant drop in quality at least for things within 100 yards.

The internal sound is much better than the xa10 not the the xa10 was bad.

Video quality was stunning! And capturing in low
Light is unbelievable! I really could'nt believe how well i could see at about 9:15 at night in early june.

This just feels like a super solid camera if your not going to spend like a ka-jllion dollars .

I didn't like the lack of the internal 64 gigs or ... full review
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"Video, video camera, camera," - by Johnson Pich
Love the camera it pretty clean and nicely made, don’t feel cheap. The button are simple and quick to learn. Quality of the camera is good for a average camera. I would recommend getting extra batteries. Night vision is pretty cool and a nice feature. Also didn’t know the screen was touch screen which was also pretty cool. Would recommend if your loooing for a budget camera
by YI
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"This action camera is awesome for what it cost" - by Henry
I've been wanting to get a small sports camera for along time, I was thinking about getting a GoPro but they're too expensive and I've heard a lot of negative things about them, This action camera is awesome for what it cost..very dependable love that its lightweight and durable to carry around...happy and beyond satisfied with the quality of the pictures and video in 4K...some of the great features is that its touchscreen (2.0"), connects to WiFi, has a long battery life a little bit more than 2 hours which is more than enough for me..has a locking feature so you don't accidentally record or snap a the stylish black color...just wish it came with a microSD card and with accessories besides that I suggest anyone that wants a small and reliable action camera to get this one its totally worth it!