Multi Strip Power Surge Protector

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"6-Foot Cord is a great idea!" - by Laurie Fischer
Happy to find this extra long 6-foot cord. A 3-foot cord wasn't long enough for the two places in my home where all the equipment is plugged in. Before the electric cords were pulled so tight they barely made it. Great idea for computer and media areas that do not have an outlet right near your equipment.
by GE
"Buy!" - by Gabrielle P.
I first measured out how long I needed the cord to be so that I wouldn't have extra cord laying around. Then I use my wire-staple-gun to secure the cord to the wall neatly.

And last I use double-sided-sticky-Velcro and I placed it on the back of the power adapter so that it would hold in place on the wall.

Came out very clean!
sorry for yelling, but i can see that the reviews for this product are often a bit confusing. Why? Because Amazon in their infinite wisdom has decided to COMBINE the reviews for two very different versions of one product.

I purchased, and quite love, the 1AMP/5 Watt version of this surge suppressor. Yes it's not quite "mini" and yes the button to turn the plug takes some force, but all in all this thing has served me and my girl all around the world, usually connected to some dubious wall plug and hanging off a two prong foreign current adapter. Yea yea, probably not safe so I don't recommend this, but we've been using two of these since Oct 2010 and they both work well for iphones (4s and 5) Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and blackberries.

Now for the important part of the review...there is a new version! ... full review
"Looks great with clean lines and like the cord velcro strap ..." - by Sean W (Washington, DC)
Looks great with clean lines and like the cord velcro strap to help stay organized. Purchased this on my husband's account. It fits easily into the charging station I purchased at Ikea for our office.
"Great Power Strip, but…" - by TGautney49
I love my new power strip. It functions very well, it is very lightweight and compact, and it doesn't overheat. Overheating and fires are a huge concern with power strips, but this one has stayed cool the entire time I have used it with 4 devices plugged in and even when I charge my iPad, phone, and accessories. Also its small and lightweight size allows me to keep it on top of my dresser for when I want to charge anything. Its long cord is very useful for me and it hasn't faltered yet. I think the charging station with the power outlets is what seals the deal with this one as well.

Update 1-30-16: After using the power strip for some time I have noticed that the two 2.4 amp USB power supply on the end are virtually useless because they put out too many amps. If Hitrends were to ... full review
"Great power strip.." - by Thelma
The power strip works great, the stand up strip is easy available and doesn't get dust in the electrical plugs. The retractable cord let's me move it with ease and I can hide the cord so it won't be visible. I'm very happy with the purchase!
"Promises not kept!" - by Kenneth L. Arsham,M.D.
I purchased the surge protector by Belkin as it came with a $50,000 product protection warranty. After a few weeks my house had a power surge after a storm that resulted in the blow out of a new flat screen TV, a blu-ray player and cable box. As, requested, I sent the protector to the company, at my expense, and was told they could not prove that the protector was faulty. Those items were plugged directly into the protector and other appliances on other surge protectors were unharmed. I was told that my claim would not be honored. I would say BAD PRODUCT and a COMPANY THAT DOES NOT HONOR THEIR GUARANTEES. Stay away from them.
"Designed with the Consumer in Mind" - by Dutchrub (Pittsburgh, PA United States)
I bought this power strip because our main first floor outlet which had become a revolving hub of USB chargers. I thought it might be nice to be able to charge more than two things at one time, especially since some of the chargers come with large irregularly shaped heads. This strip allows for all kinds of plugs, and it has changed our charging station into a very efficient "Grand Central Station" of power cords. The six foot cord length is nice but unnecessary for our situation. Comes with a velcro strip to bind the excess up, which is a nice added feature.

A well-thought-out product. Very happy with this buy.
"Perfect size to fit in 9.5" cover box." - by BringItOn (NY)
Perfect size to fit inside those white plastic covers that keep everything looking neat. Lamp, phone, iPad all fit.
"Great Surge Protector with All the Right Features" - by Todd (Gaithersburg, MD)
I learned a hard lesson recently. A power transformer, well, blew up accross the street from my house. The surge took out two tvs, two surge protectors, a cable box and one Roku box. The Belkin surge protector failed to stop the surge. Everything that was turned on and plugged into that surge protector got fried. A UPC surge protector did stop the surge. This surge protector is now trash though.

After I recovered from the shock of having to spend well over $1,000 to replace my equipment, I decided to do some research. One of the many things I learned is that surge protectors wear out over time and need to be replaced. Needless to say... I'm on a mission to replace every surge protector in my house and a few at work too!

This is the surge protector I've settled on for my ... full review
"For those thar are curious, it is a bit ..." - by @MM_Gadget_Girl (CA, USA)
For those thar are curious, it is a bit tall so needs to go in top socket or it will block the second outlet. It also means that to use the bottom socket you need to make sure the plug is small, alternate option is to get another outlet/plug that converts 1 plug to more that is shorter and will align with how far this one sticks out.