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"A pleasant change from the "protein shakes"" - by Sridhar (Bangalore India)
I have never been a "protein shake" guy considering my lack of affinity for milk AND chocolate. I just hate that full and bloated feeling that many of the MRPs and whey-protein-blend based protein shakes give. For one who has tried quite a few brands of whey concentrates and isolates (ON, Optimum, EAS etc.), this is quite a pleasant change. The label reads "Bottled Detonation" and for a post workout drink, thats exactly what it is! I have always been a fan of Isopure Zero Carb anyways!

For starters, it just doesn't feel like you are having a protein drink. It feels more like u r having a fruit punch. It just slides down ur throat and for the past couple of days, I have been having it with breakfast just like u have orange (or any other) juice. I have tried alpine punch and apple melon flavors till now and ... full review
"Yes!" - by LaurenB
I've used a lot of different and expensive brands of protein powder and this one is great! The creamy vanilla is great. I'm on the keto diet now and this is the ONLY powder I found 0 carbs and tastes great, especially with some almond milk and strawberries for a smoothie. I just ordered the banana and Dutch chocolate flavors to try!
"Best tasting protein" - by Ashley
Isopure is my go to protein! I am extremely picky with protein and hate the taste of most of them. I also have a lactose sensitivity. The Dutch Chocolate protein tastes similar to Ovaltine when used with almond milk. When used with water it has a stronger ‘protein’ taste to it but is still pretty bareable. It does not bother my stomach at all and is a great way for me to hit my protein intake for the day. I use it before or after intense lifting sessions. It mixes well in blender bottles, mixes ok with just a spoon but can be chunky if you don’t mix well. I have also made protein pancakes and muffins with it and it works great! It is a little pricey but it is high quality and in my opinion worth the money.
"My 2nd Favorite Isopure Flavor (RTD) ~" - by Jennifer Johnson (Smyrna, GA USA)
Having tried all of the RTD Zero Carb Isopure flavors, I do attest that the 'Grape Frost' flavor is, by far, my 2nd favorite. I first discovered these nutritional protein drinks back in 2005, at my local gym, where many of the trainers and bodybuilders swore by them. They had a cooler set up just like a 'Coke' machine, so that I did experiment with the many flavors available before landing on my two personal favorites: 'Pineapple-Orange-Banana and the above-mentioned Grape Frost'. Whenever I renew my strict low-carb style of eating for health and rejuvenation, I always make certain to have an ample supply of the 'Zero Carb Isopure Drinks' on hand. I don't have so much chewing to do, as long as I ingest at least 80 gms of protein (2 bottles Isopure) each day along with my usual small high protein/low carb meals. I rely on these excellent ... full review
"Great flavor" - by Jayehawk
Great flavor. Does leave a dry mouth, but good tasting proteins for after a work out. I also use this to get proteins because I'm a bariatric patient.
"Great product" - by LilMurr (Miami, FL United States)
Almost all of the flavors are yummy. The Mango Peach is my least's actually kind of gross. But everyone has their own taste. But the product shipped well (none broken) and fast.
"Five Stars" - by christi g.
This is by far the best flavor of Isopure. I have tried many!
"The Least Horrific flavor" - by AVASSA
Having the Lap Band, it's important to get at least 60 grams of protein and the ISOPURE helps me obtain that goal. And I'll be honest, if I drink these daily, I loose weight easily. They all taste horrifically sweet, but it does the job and the Green Tea Lemon flavor, out of them all, I believe, is the most tolerable.
"Overall a really good product." - by Leslie
The taste is ok and I did notice that my soreness the day after a workout is significantly less. My only complaint is that the powder doesn't dissolve very well into your drink so you have to keep stirring it. I put it in a bottle with an agitator and that helps a lot. Overall a really good product.
"Good pills, now comes in bulk size." - by Pli9298
For years, I had trouble going up and down stairs and a lot of pain in my knees all the time. I was referred by a friend to take the Bone essence a couple of years ago. I took one every morning and night, the pain went away very fast, I can climb stairs again, and no pain in my knees anymore. The only problem is that it only came in 60 pill capsule, so I have to ask my kids to buy one every month and it can be a little expensive. I'm so glad I have found a less expensive 120 capsules. It arrived within 24 hours of purchase, it is exactly the same as the 60 cap except in quantity. I can confidently say I will buying the 120 cap for now. This pill really helped me a lot with my knee pain. Thank you so much.
"This is a good moisturizing soap and the price is good also" - by LJS (West Carrollton, Ohio)
This is a good moisturizing soap and the price is good also. My only issue is the dyes they put in this soap bleeds on everything.