Nonfiction Science Books for Children Grade 4

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"Perfect for the curious toddler, and great book to grow on!" - by Emily C (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
This was the highlight of Christmas for my 2.5 year old. He loves learning about the different dinosaurs. Thank goodness there's a pronunciation guide for parents, because yikes. This book is not for the faint parent's heart - SO many different dinosaurs, my kid can make bedtime go on endlessly with this one! :)

This book has a lot of room to help grow with my child. Right now he loves the pictures and the names, and especially learning what each dinosaur eats. I expect that soon he'll be into the unique attributes of each different dinosaur. Great gift!
"Great Book for Children Who Love Science or Fun Experiments" - by Ashley Harvey
My daughter absolutely loves science and everything to do with it. She was always looking up different science "experiments" she could do at home so I found this book and got it for her. We have done every one in the book at least once. The directions are extremely easy to follow and most items for these experiments can be found at home.
"7-year old loves this book" - by Trish :-) (CA)
Our 7-year old had been asking us "Who's the tallest person in the world?", "What dog is the largest?" etc., so for his birthday we bought him this book and the Guiness book of World Records. Both books were an absolute hit! He started reading them at the party and these two books along with a "Laugh out Loud" jokes book will keep him busy until school starts.
"I think it's a great way to show kids that mistakes are a wonderful ..." - by Nicola R. (Federal Way, WA United States)
I have this book in my office at school. I think it's a great way to show kids that mistakes are a wonderful learning opportunity and sometimes lead to unexpected success. Great for teaching or incorporation growth mindset.
"Wonderful reading for everyone. My daughter's favorite author." - by Amazon Customer
My daughter loves Rick Riordan's novels. She's systematically been reading all of his books since the 4th grade (over & over). I've been reading them after she's finished them....Love them! They satisfy the mythical wonderlust in all of us I guess.
"I got this book for my 4 year old daughter ..." - by christina
I got this book for my 4 year old daughter who can read some of the words in the book. She loves to learn about the planets a basic introduction to the planets.
"Great buy for creative types" - by Pat (Los Angeles)
Purchased this for our son, who has Autism. He tends to fidget, take things apart, build things, and loves Legos but ultimately will take apart whatever set he has masterfully built to make a new creation. This set was right up his alley.

Important to note that this is a companion or compliment to an existing Lego collection or for someone who will be purchasing the required additional Lego pieces along with this set. We have thousands of Legos so we have no shortage of your basic 2x2s, 2x6s, etc.

This set is great for kids and adults alike to both try something aside from building a set "something" from a traditional Lego set and for those looking to explore reactions, as the title states. In the two days we have had the set our son has spent about 3-4 hours playing with it (school nights) and hasn't even mentioned his iPad!
"fabulous book" - by Dale S. Cooperman (Albuquerque, NM)
my 5 year old grandson loves animals, and already knew a lot - about A LOT - of them. this encyclopedia has been an amazing trove of new information for him. it became his new, favorite "bed time story" for weeks.
the photographs of the animals are wonderful, and explanations about the animals were at a level that didn't talk down to him; rather, it elevated his language.
I highly recommend this book for any child who loves animals.
"Great book!" - by Olga Boccagno
Very good book. Enjoyed reading it with kids. We, adults, learned some new stuff from this book also. Recommend for K - 1st grade. We have all National geographic Big books, and love them all, this one didn't disappoint either!
"Must have! Phenomenal art!" - by SassyStudent
Just phenomenal! Of course, the story is the amazing series I started reading over a decade ago. But these illustrated versions are just beautiful! The artwork is incredible! There were a few scenes I wish would've been illustrated that weren't but, overall it exceeded my expectations just like the first.
"Perfect for my curious 6 year old daughter!" - by tifannie truman
Got this for my 6 year old daughter after intoducing her to the tv show the Magic School Bus because she was extremely excited by the idea of space and our solar system. She absolutely LOVES it! We read it twice in the past three days and she can also read about half of it on her own.
"Our Favorite Cookbook" - by Valerie Pierce
My seven-year-old and I absolutely adore this cookbook! I really appreciate how the book calls out the difficulty level so that we immediately understand how much help she’ll need.

The little one has become a lot more invested in making meals, and this book is encouraging her to try foods she’s always been wary of. It’s expanding her horizons, helping her learn about food, and overall increasing her confidence and independence. We love it!

Oh, one last thing - make sure you try out the chocolate chip cookie recipe! Best one we’ve ever tried!
"Awesome Book!" - by Hope Moynahan
I bought this for my 7 year old son and it's perfect! It's much bigger than expected as well. The pages are very colorful and makes learning so much more fun! I would HIGHLY recommend this book!!
"My picky son loves this book...and so does my not-so-picky daughter." - by M. Ryan (Tallahassee, FL United States)
I knew my son would like this book. The humor on the first page is exactly the sort of thing that makes my son smile and share.

My daughter already loves reading, but my son is very picky about what he wants to read, so almost any book is a gamble. He likes Judy Moody books and Stink books, but he is not interested in many of the books targeted for boys his age. My wife and I were on a mission to find a book that would stir an excitement in him the way my daughter is excited when she reads.

Trapped In A Video Game is that book. We gave it to him on his birthday. He was wary because we have given him books before and the track record is not good. I encouraged him to read just the first page and then make his judgment. I knew he ... full review
"My new favorite book" - by Kelly J Raudenbush (Phoenixville, PA United States)
I sat down to read it to my 4 year old daughter because the cover looked fun. I wasn't prepared for the life lessons in it for her and for me. With an engaging story that kept her attention and illustrations you could look at over and over again, I found myself reading with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as Rosie battled her fear of failure to do great great things. This book is as much for mommies and daddies as their little ones. I may just read it daily.