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"A+,Sweet Little Princess, Rest, 30 Minutes Auto Play, Auto On/Off. No Winding. Hush Little Baby, Soothing Tones, Easy Assembly." - by OUSoonerState (Mendocino Coast, California)
* Shhh, Tiny Angel, Sleep, Sweet Baby Rest, No Winding, Ever. 30 Minutes Auto On, Auto Off. Simple Assembly, Attaches To Car Seat, Stroller, Crib, And Headboards, For Co-Sleepers.
* UPDATE: I Wrote This Review 6 Months ago. My Little Princess Still Loves This Mobile. She Is Saying Words. When I Put Her Down To Nap, She Points And Says "Dolls". She Wants To Hear The Lullaby As She Falls Asleep. Best Investment EVER.
* Tighten, But, Do Not 'Over Tighten' Clamp. Over-Tightening Is What Damages The Clamp. Place In A Secure Location.
* This Mobile Connects Almost Anywhere (And Everywhere). Even The Distress Bar In Vehicles. It Is Totally Mobile.
* It's Mommy's, And Granny's, New Best Friend. With Enchanting, Sweet Tones. This Captures And Keeps My Grand Daughters Attention.
* I Can Turn It On Across The Room And She Watches It. She Loves This Mobile. She Loves ... full review
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"Sleep mode issue" - by Krystal Lewis
I love almost everything about this mobile. If we are using the mobile for soothing then I start it out on nature sounds or classical so hopefully she falls asleep before the more upbeat songs play. There are seven categories of music. If you let it play through it will go to the next category automatically. But if the large button is pushed it will only cycle through the 4 songs in the category it is already in. This didnt bother me before but my daughter now has learned to press that button. She can only choose from 4 songs unless she presses another category button or it plays through to next category. My biggest issue: There is a sleep mode, however, it takes 40 minutes of playing to get to the sleep cycle. This is so irritating!!! My baby has loved this mobile. She is now 9.5 months ... full review
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"Five Stars" - by Katie
Very cute hanging in the nursery!
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"Wish it were compatible with music box" - by Tocco
For those of you who want to attach a third party music box, it's not made for that, but with some ingenuity you can jury rig it. See my photos for my set up.

*edit* got it to attach to the pack n play! See picture. Also, my 2 month old loves it. Although he seems to love his other mobile too. He just likes mobiles.
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"It’s perfect" - by Annie Brincefield
I LOVE THIS ITEM SO MUCH this will be so perfect in my child’s nursery I wish I could explain to you all how excited I am about this. It is perfect!
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"Assembly was pretty straight forward and there is a little button to ..." - by MsV8r
My son loves this mobile. It didn’t fit on his crib because it has unusually thick bars on it so I attached it to his hanging table and he immediately stops crying when I crank it up and let it play. Assembly was pretty straight forward and there is a little button to stop it from spinning and playing music if you overwind it and want it to stop playing before it’s done.
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"Love it!!!!" - by Diana
We absolutely love this baby mobile!!!!! We have a boy so we ended up changing pink toy with the giraffe. It’s so easy to change the hanging toys and this mobile honestly has the best music selection, even my husband said so. We are extremely happy and would highly recommend!
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"Adorable Mobile Arrives Quickly" - by Michele S.
I don't typically write reviews, but I make an exception for this work of art! The crib mobile arrived promptly to the West Coast of the US in time for the baby shower. It was perfectly and thoughtfully packaged for safe transport. I was very impressed by the hand-made piece and the accompanying note that explains to the expectant mother that this gift was made in New Zealand. I would definitely recommend this Tik Tak product to others. This gift is extra special!