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In stock on July 5, 2020.
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"Yup, it's a Keeper" - by kierysma
Read over the reviews at least 10 times weighing the pros and cons but I decided to go for it and I'm glad that I did! Like others stated, it took maybe 5-6 minutes to unpack and get up and running. I wanted a larger screen to use when I work from home as my 10 inch laptop keeps me squinting and bending over. The monitor is SUPER lightweight and very sleek. It comes with the VGA cord but no HDMI cord, luckily I have several laying around the house. I did have to prop it up a bit in the front since there is no tilt option, but that wasn't a deal breaker for me. I use this for basic internet and word processing, no gaming or watching movies and it's been working great for me!
by HP
In stock on June 21, 2020.
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"Great investment for a solid monitor!!!" - by Eric
Excellent monitor! As you can see from the photo. I bought two of them. Dual monitors are the way to go. Multi-tasking at it's best! Since it doesn't have any audio outputs; I use Bluetooth from my laptop to a JBL Charge 2 Bluetooth Speaker.
by LG
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"Outstanding Value" - by G (United States)
PIXEL PERFECT !!! Great replacement monitor for the workstation. Uses about 30 watts, which is less than that of the 22 inch, lower resolution LED monitor it replaced. The "glass" is non-glare, but smooth, unlike many of the matte types. Very nice. It was delivered two days after the afternoon order was placed, and that was standard/free shipping! I'm happy.

"LG 32MA70HY-P 32-Inch Full HD IPS Monitor with..."
by LG
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"Very good 1080p monitor once calibrated (settings included in review)" - by Jim Mills
Okay, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Really like the monitor a lot. Was worried at first it might be too big, but it's not. In fact I could probably go bigger. I just love the screen real estate this monitor provides. I'm rating this as a 1080p monitor and not comparing it to other higher resolution versions. For what it is, it works great.

The only reason I knocked off a star is because I have some light leakage around the bottom and top of the screen. Definitely noticeable when on an all black screen, but not for the majority of the stuff I use the monitor for. But no one else is complaining of this issue, so I may have just gotten a slightly defective one.

Anyways, when I first got the monitor, like a few other reviewers, I wasn't thrilled ... full review
by HP
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"clear images with beautiful color. This monitor is ULTRA THIN and very ..." - by Jade
I've been using a 24" monitor, so you can imagine the difference. Crisp, clear images with beautiful color. This monitor is ULTRA THIN and very sleek! Looks great on the desktop and provides edge-to-edge screen surface. Very happy with this purchase!
"Great displays. However" - by Amazon Customer
Great displays. However, wish I would have noticed that these monitors do NOT have bracketing on the back for display arms. But still like them.
"IPS for under $200 and works!" - by S. Elrasoul (FL, USA)
So far I am very satisfied with the monitors. These are actually my first IPS and I can say I am simply amazed and the picture. Before I go on let me post my settings because out of the box settings are the WORST and will make you want to return the item.

Splendid: Theater
Sharpness: 45
Trace Free: 80
Brightness: 90
Contrast: 78
Saturation: 70
Color Temp: User Mode with all colors maxed
Skin Tone: Natural
Smart View: Off

With those settings everything should look great IMO. I actually bought 3 monitors because I am running SLI configuration for programming and for gaming. Because I have such a small desk, at the moment, I had to angle the monitors 75 degrees from the center monitor. So if you can picture that in your mind, I want to say I have NO problem seeing anything. The colors still look great and gaming is just as fun. Only problem ... full review
by HP
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"Nice, bright" - by Tony Parrillo
Nice, bright, crisp display with a lot of customizable features available, if you want more control. If you're not into all that, just plug it in and use the default configuration. The edge-to-edge display (on 3 sides) is a very nice aesthetic feature.

The only thing I can say on the downside is that the quality of the sound from the built-in speakers is disappointing, But I have a separate speaker system, so it's OK. I would recommend this monitor based on its visual quality, but also recommend separate speakers.
"Super thin, Lightweight" - by Shah M.
Pros: Super thin, Lightweight, thin bezel, awesome display
Cons: No vesa mount, tilt not adjustable, no dvi port
by HP
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"The screen is very sharp and colors good. There are several custom video settings - Standard" - by Dave _Reviewer (Denver)
Arrived in a timely manner in what I'd call sort of "generic packaging". A snap to set up. It has the usual video inputs plus HDMI (but for video only - you still have to connect the audio separately. Unfortunately, on my unit, although there is symbol where the connection should be, there is no input. That means you must use your own speaker. Seems like a poor design decision). The screen is very sharp and colors good. There are several custom video settings - Standard, Games, etc. - that adjust the brightness and color balance - which is a very nice feature. I found the Standard a bit bright for constant use so I just chose one the other settings to leave it on. I have always liked hp monitors and this one is no exception. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.
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"Exceptional monitor. Happy customer. 😎" - by Lisa Ali (Michigan)
Very happy with this purchase. My cat knocked over my old Dell 24" LCD monitor and the warranty expired two months before, I did not wanna pay for another low quality monitor. I work from home most weekends so this was an emergency. Since I had some money left on my Amazon Gift Card, I used that to buy this monitor. I used this monitor at my former job except I think it had to be a 19", it also had an HDMI port. This one does not, but because it comes with the VGA cord and the largest white cord, I easily plugged it into my docking station and after fiddling with the screen resolution it works perfectly. I am okay with the fact that it does not tilt. I have no complaints about the resolution. A lot of reviews seem to be nitpicking about the tilt and ... full review
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"Bought to replace a 10+ year old Dell LCD. Was a great monitor, this version's even better." - by NameBetterThanYours (Houston, TX USA)
So far so good. Bought this to replace my last Dell monitor that went out... which was over a decade old. This is the newer generation of that monitor.

It's amazing how much better the quality is, not to mention the price. The old one was 19" LCD and it was over 3x the cost of this one new

The matte finish is nice, no glare.

Hopefully this one lives as long as the last
"Best display I've ever purchased" - by Charles Bradley Scott Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
I purchased 2 of these a few weeks ago and have enjoying the hell out of them ever since. The slim bezel was a big selling point for me. They look amazing side by side.

-Unbeatable price/value for a full 1080P monitor.
-Wonderful picture. LED lit makes images come to life.
-Easily calibrated or adjusted.
-Matte finish reduces any background light glare. Looks great with room lights on or off.
-Lightweight (only 6 lbs).
-Best response time out of any IPS panel display I've seen (only 4 ms)
-Very sturdy base.
-High viewing angles.
-3 different input ports makes this a dream for compatibility.
-No backlight bleeding(a common problem with some displays)
-No assembly, the monitor just slides on to the base and clicks in place. I set up 2 of these in less than 5 minutes.
-Packaged very well.
-Includes VGA cable, which I though I was going to have to purchase separately.

Not VESA mount compatible. (I knew this before I bought ... full review
"Best option for affordable monitor" - by John Wight (Utah)
Solid buy for the price. No speakers included. No position adjustment possible. But solid HDMI picture and resolution. I work in front of monitors all day and I prefer the Dell brand. For reading long sections of text everyday, check out the Dell SE2214H.
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"Just perfect!" - by E. Owl (Cherokee, NC USA)
This is perfect and just what I was looking for in a monitor riser! Upon unboxing I was pleasantly surprised, the quality was more than I had anticipated. I also really like the height and side storage spaces. I have a full size keyboard and it fits perfectly underneath for when I need more desk space. There were four screws so make sure you have a Phillips head screwdriver, they all screwed in without a problem. I’m very pleased with this purchase! Thank you, this is just what I needed! :)