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"Nice Flares!" - by Aman Patel (Rochelle Park, NJ, United States)
This tools included with this kit are robust and work well. I had previously purchased the OTC 4504 Stinger ISO Bubble Flaring Tool Kit (ASIN: B0015PMZMU) and it sub par. This tool makes nice bubble, single, and double flares.

If you are using Copper/Nickel lines, don't use too much pressure with the deburring tool because it will gouge the line. It does work okay if you are careful. I use a countersink bit on a cordless drill instead of that tool and think the bit does a more consistent job.

I actually tried to make bad flares (e.g. no lube, no deburring, slightly crooked ends, etc., but it was difficult.

This is a very nice kit for a DIY'er. Buy it and be happy!
"OTC--no doubt the best!" - by Tibbie (arizona)
I have a 1993 car with low miles, (35000 original miles) HOWEVER-- because of that--the rubber parts are /were deteriorated to the point of no use. THe rubber boots on the tie rods, ball joints, and the joints of the pitman arm and others, were trashed. I had no choice but to change. I got a kit LIKE THIS from a well known tool place. I think the tools do come in to a HARBOR and are shipped by FREIGHT to each location. (If I use names, amazon will delete the review). I put the pitman arm puller on and tightened it, and as I did, the finger on one side snapped off. Then, It was on very tight but kind of twisted, being held by one side and the bolt. and the threads were damaged when the finger snapped. So ... full review
"Excellent!" - by Almus Kenter (Seacoast,NH USA)
This slide hammer set is outstanding quality.
Very well made, the hub attachments are solid and not fragile castings.
They can even be used as conventional hub pullers with the supplied hardened
bolt. Everything even, the plastic case is well made and thought out.
The machining is good and very well finished.
I had a HrbFrt unit and the hub-pullers shattered when using
them with the slide puller.
"Perfect except I had to use a piece of 1/4 ..." - by PDXborn
Perfect except I had to use a piece of 1/4 plate as a cap since all the cylinders are open ended and one needed to be capped to get the ball joints pressed back in correctly. No biggie since I had a piece laying around but seriously, this would really have pissed me off if I couldn't have found a way to rig it up. I bought the Jeep kit to go with this and still had to improvise. Something that simple like a capped cylinder should not be missing from this kit. I ended up cutting a small piece up to include with the kit in the future. Other than that, MADE IN THE USA! stamped right on the side, no bending on the clamp and my ball joints were a pain to remove. Used a bunch of anti-seize to make it easier to ... full review
"If your servicing the front axle of your super duty get this" - by george
If your servicing the front axle of your super duty get this. If you read the forums, you can make your own with pipe and flanges but who has the time or patience to do all this and are you really saving any money? Get the real deal and be done in minutes replacing the knuckle seals. You can then sell it used on Ebay for damn near what you paid for it.

Getting the right tool always makes the job smoother.

If you have the mechanical ability and time to do it yourself you are saving a huge amount over what the dealer charges and you have the satisfaction of knowing it was done right. I would rather buy the right tools to get the job done on time without spending inordinate time "MacGyver'ing" a bunch of one time use tools.
"Necessary tool for Chrysler rear-end" - by John K
This is absolutely necessary to overhaul a Chrysler 8-1/4 or 9-1/4 rear end. You can make one if you have a welder, otherwise you will need this or similar to loosen the differential bearing adjusters inside the housing through the axle tube. Pretty much useless for anything else, but you save yourself a $G-note by doing the work yourself. The only other 'special' tools you absolutely need is a 0-60 inch/lbs dial or beam type torque wrench to check the critical pinion bearing preload, and a dial indicator to check the ring gear backlash. Not any easy job by any stretch... but well within the capability of an experienced home mechanic. Make sure you have a factory manual for procedure.
"OTC 4507 Bearing Race & Seal Drive Set" - by C. Dow
Bearing race and seal driver set worked flawless on by 57 pickup rear axle. Multiple sizes and case made it convenient and easy storage after use.
"Does a great job." - by LapSwimmer (Chattanoga, TN USA)
After several days of messing with the rear drums on my '66 International Pickup, I finally decided to buy the 'right' tool, hoping that it would work... After reading the reviews, I was very hopeful that this would be the solution.

I got the tool, and unpacked it. It is very heavy duty, and well made. I was excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, it didn't fit on my drums! The rear hub stuck out a bit too far, and I couldn't get the fingers on the pulling arms behind the drum, it was about 1/4" off. I had to modify the tool a bit, by drilling one side of the yoke (the threaded part) to a slightly larger diameter so it would fit OVER the shaft, and I managed to squeeze it on there.

Within 5 minutes, I had BOTH drums off. Worked like a charm- I wish I'd have ... full review
"Awsome tool!!" - by mecknik monkey
Contrary to the two other posters whom are obviously not mechanics, this tool rocks!!!! Just got it in this morning and already did a front hub bearing on the car. This tool makes life so much easier. No more slide hammer to get he hub removed from the bearing. No more trying to press every thing out the hard way.
One poster mentioned that the booklet that came with the tool is a guide. Yes indeed it is a guide to using the proper adapters for the specific vehicle you are working on. No, it will not tell you how to remove the c.v. axle, tie rod or the brake caliper and hanger. It does give you a basic out line of what to get out of the way before using the tool on page #13.
I recommend this tool to any mechanic that has used presses, slide hammers and other ... full review
"Ford power steering pulley remover & installer." - by Richard Reigenborn
Power steering pump pulley and installer works amazing. I have two others (Different brand) and this one works perfect every time.
"Works best for drive and trailer shoes" - by longstop (WI)
Stop being frustrated and buy this tool for brake springs instead of using pliers and prybars. Works best for drive and trailer shoes, doesn't work for steers.
"Anyone who works on heavy trucks and have to replace ..." - by DaniRay
Anyone who works on heavy trucks and have to replace u joints should have this. Yes there are a lot of different ways to do the job and old timers will say you are wasting your money but when I brought this into work and blew the u joint out in a min with no effort I shocked all of them. It was worth every penny I spent on it. And I want to add I work on heavy trucks for the state so everything we own is covered and heavily corroded with salt and this took it out with no prob. Also I got the otc bearing cap installer #otc5192
"Five Stars" - by paul daraitis
Worked excellent on a very rusted hub!!! Ram 2500 hub
"Great tool!" - by Rich Boetsch
I have three different OBD II break-out boxes, this one is the best as you can see if there is communication activity instantly and if the port is powered up. The only improvements that I can suggest is a way to shut off the tone and if the different CAN ports were color coded.
"very good quality set otc provides high quality tools for professional ..." - by Ohiocowboy1277
very good quality set otc provides high quality tools for professional technicians to use everyday and while I'm no longer in the field i still do my own repair work including custom car building this has worked very well so far