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"Excellent screen, but had to grind down one pole to fit properly" - by Vman
This is a great screen! I did have to grind down the end of one pipe so that the spring-loaded retainer would pop into its hole. The pipe was too long and prevented it from lining up with the little hole it's supposed to pop into to lock two of the poles together. Minor fix, but they should check the fitting on these before shipping. That's why I'm giving it 4 stars. Other than that, it works great. I've projected from the back side with an Optoma HD25e and the image looks fantastic.

I also mounted L-brackets onto some Polk Audio bookshelf speakers, and put a couple of screws in the left and right poles so that the speakers just hang off each side, which works fantastic! I use two small bungee cords to hang the center channel below the lower horizontal pole.

The screen ... full review
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"Phenomenal size, the neighbors were shocked." - by Amazon Joe
Exactly what I wanted. Bought it for home use (football games, tv shows) and now I'm considering renting it out considering its size. Probably good for about 80-100 people. I have a 3200 lumen projector and you do see a hotspot on rear projection, but you can work around it by lowering the projector and applying the manual tilt option on the projector, but front is always best. Blower is no noise bother when hooked up to external speakers, the internal speaker is very trebbly. Fits in a round large garbage can folded up, or a very large storage bin. But even small 2 door cars can fit this thing folded up. I'll just have to wait and see how durable the material is, to the touch it is great (canvas like?) but so far I don't have complaints worth going on about.
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"Great product and a hit with the family" - by Kevin_angelsfan
This product was great, we had a great movie night in our backyard. The set up was very easy, it only took me 10 minutes to set up by myself. The take down was a little difficult. My fingers were sore trying to push in the latches, once I used a standard screw driver to push them in, then the take down was much easier. This summer I am looking forward to having more movie nights, and to watch baseball on the big screen.
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"Easy screen for outdoor movies" - by MGII
I've had this screen for the past six months. I've used it at least twice a month for outdoor movies and sporting events. The quality of the screen is outstanding.

It breaks down easily and can be set up by one person. The screen material is a stretchy plastic which allows it to fold and then stretch to remove the wrinkles. The screen includes ground stakes and Twine to Anchor it from blowing in the wind.

It also includes hanging hooks so it can be suspended. The the frame material is aluminum. Which makes it the very light and strong breaks down to the size of a travel stroller.

Overall I would recommend this product to any of my friends and family. If this product broke I would definitely buy another one to replace it.
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"It is very nice projector and was more than I was expecting" - by johnny
It is very nice projector and was more than I was expecting. I bought it for my home theater. It is easy to set up and have Great picture, Crystal clear 1080p . It comes with a big screen and more connection ports, USB, HDMI, VGA, SD Card and TV input. This is my first projector.I really love it!
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"Awesome" - by Bootleg956 (Phila, PA United States)
Love this thing. It's huge! Used it in the backyard for a graduation party with a projector, blu-ray player and computer speakers. Easy to set up and take down, fans not too loud at all. Picture is without the screen attached for scale.
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"Good deal for the cost" - by Faith (Indiana)
This is a nice size screen and the fact the back is black works great with back light. The issue I have with this is the instructions for putting it together were terrible, too many pieces, but once you figure it out it goes quickly. it comes rolled so there are no creases and the carrying bag for everything is a big plus.
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"Awesome!!!" - by JOSE SOLIS (HOUSTON, TX, US)
I recently purchased this projector and we love it!! So easy to plug and play! We used it for the first time for the Canelo vs Chavez fight for a huge crowd and they were blown away by it.
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"it look very good and right size for my bed room screen work ..." - by ice (alaskan fairbanks)
it look very good and right size for my bed room screen work great pull down is smooth and locked in to place very easy makes great picture with my projector i am very satisfied with it
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"LOVE the movie screen" - by Amy
LOVE the movie screen. Been using it for movie nights while camping and it is so much nicer than using the inflatable screens that are so loud. Easy to setup and take down and small footprint for storage in the camper. Couldn't be more happy.
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"From ugh to amazing!!" - by ayematey
This is the second screen I have purchased from silver ticket. My first being an indoor 110" screen and now this for our outdoor events. I loved my first screen which rivals screens 4x its cost. I decided based on my first experience to go with this unit. When the unit arrived and I put it together I ran into a couple issues. I had the honeycomb spots on the screen as mentioned by other reviewers and one of my posts did not quite line up. Disappointed, I considered returning until I decided to contact their support email just to see what would happen. Within a hour I had a response back to my experience I had left for them. I was shocked!! Shortly after that I received a follow up email with confirmation of a new screen and pole being sent ... full review
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"Great outdoor movie screen!" - by Faith R Holbrook (Pennsylvania, USA)
We recently ordered a 110" projector so we found this 16:9 screen to accommodate its projection size. We immediately went to lowes and got some pvc grommets and zip ties. We assembled a frame slightly larger than the screen size and I added grommets to the screen to be able to ziptie it to the pvc frame. You could also easily use elastics or bungee cords to be able to dissembled it for storage but we went the cheap quick route. This screen is good quality! When I was punching the holes to add grommets there were tiny fibers that just did not want to break, so I trust that good and strong materials were used to make this screen. I was disappointed as others stated how tightly that was rolled in created some tension lines but it was nothing the summer heat and the zip ties couldn't fix. We ... full review
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"Great screen and tripod" - by LStar (San Jose, CA)
I don't have any walls where I can project movies to (windows or pictures on the walls). This projector screen is the perfect solution. The screen sets up quickly and easily, and is stable once up. When it's time to watch a movie, I just take it out, set it up and start watching in 5 mins. Once done, take down and storage is just as easy. The storage bag is great, as it protects the screen/tripod while it is put away. Great price and product. Very pleased. Has made movie night at our house an event.
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"Almost perfect.." - by Mike R
Having bought a TV for a second room, I needed a stand and wanted to go for a rolling one to get the most flexibility out of it (rolling it when needed to make more space).

I liked the look of the Vivo and the price was one of the best I've seen. Most rolling TV stands cost more than the TV itself.

Opening the box.. it's intimidating. Hundreds of screws, bolts, washers, metal beams, tools and more. Fortunately, I found out at the end that most of these are extra parts that will vary depending on the TV you're installing. In total, I would say there are about 30 bolts that need to be attached.

Setup time took about an hour. Included are 4 tools to assemble.. the only other tool I needed (not included) was a phillips head screwdriver to attach the tray. One very big issue I encountered was that ... full review