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"Great organizer for crafting" - by Iris ~~ Hawaii
This is a great buy for all it does in a small space. It is not bulky and surprisingly holds a lot of paperwork for my genealogy & crafting hobbies. Racks are roomy and at an angle. On the top rack, I use 3 cute, matching red cherries coffee mugs laying on its side, (handles up) for pencils, pens, scissors, pliers and paint brushes. There's ample room for a stapler, letters, calculator, etc. on the bottom. Aloha !!
"Best file folder I've used" - by Amazon Customer
I have been using this product for a week now, I got to say I'm super satisfied. I have approximately 200 paper in there, it didn't got bulky, still fits in my backpack perfectly well. Very useful, a lot of spaces and papers are easy to put in and grt out of it. Both of the colors look very good and premium, but I prefer the black one. I definitely recommend this, I'm getting two more for my mum.
"Nice Simple File Folders" - by The Novel Lady (Tavernier, FL United States)
These are simple folders in different colors. The colors are nice and great for my filing system. The tabs are to the left, center and to the right on each set of colors. You get a lot of folders for the price.
"Great product, poor shipping/packing continues to cause returns" - by Lynny (MA USA)
I liked the look and design of this plastic file organizer. The stepped up sections would make it easy to quickly grab the correct file. Unfortunately, had to return it due to damage in shipping. Other reviewers mentioned this, so I opted for a metal mesh organizer instead of reordering. Amazon, this thing needs better packing. It's just plastic in a thin cardboard box. Requires complete surrounding of air pillows to arrive without cracks and chips.
"Organizing made easy" - by Amazon Customer
I am a Nurse educator and often have to teach outside the main hospital. So areas I need to visit are not the safest and keeping organized can help cut down on anxiety. Your folder makes it possible to carry different forms and hand outs easily available and I can keep it close to me very easily.
"The quality of the product was very good.." - by L. F.
The quality of the product was very only disappointment was that 8-1/2". file folders did not fit inside too well. I was afraid, the accordion part would not hold, so I cut a little off of the file folder(s). I have used these folders many times when I was working...and I thought they would fit multiple folders.(only 2/3 small) When I order again, I will order the 5-1/2 inch expansion. (3-1/2 exp. sounds like a lot, but for me, it was not enough).

"Good Quality. Exactly what I expected." - by Robert B.
These file folders are exactly what I expected. Good quality material and will last as long as I need them to last. Would buy them again and recommend to a friend.

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1. If an item is exactly what I expected and nothing more it will receive a four star rating
2. If an item surpasses my expectations it will gain a star
3. If an item goes slightly below my expectations it will lose a star
4. If the instructions for the product (if needed) are poorly written (hard to understand due to language issues or grammar) or just too hard to follow it will lose a star no matter if the product meets or exceed my ... full review
"Works For What I Need" - by Odessa
I'd definitely give this 3 1/2 to 4 stars as it serves the purposes I need it to, which is for holding various reports at work. I used to have about seven plastic folders scrunched together above my desk to hold all my reports in, but I wanted something that took up less room, looked nice (or business oriented), and still held a fair amount of paper. And the Fellowes Bankers Box worked perfectly for my needs.

I already knew before buying this that it is made up of pure cardboard. And while some people rate this as heavy duty cardboard, and some say it's lightweight, it's basically the same consistency as a normal box you'd get in the mail from ordering something. Strong enough to hold things, but it is cardboard just the same. I was very excited when I got this in, and immediately started ... full review
"Good Product, Good Merchant" - by HundredAcreAggie
Ordered this file organizer to serve as the new mailbox for our office. Sturdy construction, looks very professional,and dramatically cheaper than comparably sized metal mailbox solutions. Additionally, kudos to the seller who was on the ball with reaching out to make sure everything arrived on time and the product met expectations.
"expat's wear and tear after 3 years of use" - by layla teresa (Saudi Arabia)
I've used this file for storing my family's important documents while moving abroad and to have on hand while living in a foreign country. It's easy to grab and go in case of an emergency should we have to suddenly leave. I purchased it at an office supply store several years ago.
The many pockets suited me since I have a pocket for each family member (birth certificates, immunization cards, social security, copies of drivers licenses, passports, visas etc.) as well as color copies of receipts of valuables, to-do, and pending items among other things.

Several times a year, I pack this in my carry-on and travel with it to be used at the destination. I had the powder blue color which is starting to look dingy and dirty despite my not-so-obsessive efforts to keep it clean. The fabric is a lot more durable in comparison to an all-plastic accordion file I ... full review
"Don't Forget Me..." - by Jaimee
I used this at work to keep all of my ongoing projects in order. I had so many manila folders on my desk, but this made it easier for me to bring it back and forth from home to the office. No more fear of losing folders.
"Cute and good for the price." - by Aryn Pipkin
This file is great for keeping track of all my kids papers. It comes with tabs that can be written and placed on each file. The buckle on the front clasps well, easy to open and close. The handle is solid. The plastic is not hard a bit bendable. The files in the inside do not feel sturdy, small papers could fall easily into other parts of the files- but large papers work great.
"EXACTLY what it is described to be." - by Amazon Customer
Portable File Storage..... Ok I was torn between 4 and 5 stars. It does exactly what it says it does. It does it very well. If fits in my file drawer, and between the seats in m van. It doesn't have any wow factor that make me think... WOW 5 STARS!... but come on.... its a cardboard file.
It's well constructed, and if this is the type of product you are looking for, you will not be disappointed with this one.
"I wouldn't recommend it for commercial use, but for light, home-office use, it's great." - by Reilly (USA)
This product was very inexpensive and many reviewers complained about how flimsy it was and some reviewers received broken ones. Given all of that, I decided to order it anyway, since most of the available stacking trays were quite expensive. Upon receipt, I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing was broken and it was actually sturdier than I had expected. While I wouldn't try to store heavy books on the shelves or let my cats sit on it, it will work great for moderate amounts of paperwork at home.
"It's a good quality portfolio" - by mirasoot36 (Iowa)
I bought this to store a few files of important documents for my wife and I and this suits our needs perfectly. I was worried the plastic handle would not be sturdy enough, but as it turns out, it's engineered well. I would buy again if need be. The clasps that hold it shut are easy to use and secure the lid nicely. The first one delivered was broken and the replacement thru Amazon was easy.