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"Wonderful" - by Lipstreet2 (OZONE PARK, NY, United States)
My girls love these books. They have read the each book more than 3 times since receiving.
"Exciting, Educational, and Easy to read aloud to kids" - by BabyWrangler (FL, USA)
I learned about this series when my 5 year old son picked up a set at Costco and another mom walked over to recommend them. I bought the set at Costco and we enjoyed it so much I quickly ordered this set from Amazon. The books are exciting, with interesting illustrations, and have been a great introduction to chapter books for our family. My kids get so into the story, I've been able to start and finish each book in one sitting (my kids aren't reading chapter books themselves yet). It takes about 30 minutes for me to read through the story out loud, stopping to peruse the pictures. These stories stick with the kids. For example, we reenacted the dinosaur scenes in our yard, with each of us playing a different part. I also took the opportunity to point out a magnolia tree in our neighborhood to them, after ... full review
"Best book ever" - by Amy Foshag Seiberlich
This book had so many funny jokes like q what did the judge say to the dentist a do you swear to pull the tooth the hole tooth and nothing but the tooth!!!
"I asked if he would like for me to purchase more and he said no ..." - by J Irvin
My 7 year old son loves this series despite himself! He picked up and read an old Junie B book that was his older sisters one day and burned through it in 1 day. It was his first chapter book that he read independently! I asked if he would like for me to purchase more and he said no thanks - that these are for girls. I ordered a set anyway and left them in his room and sure enough, he read them! It's our little family secret. :-)
"Love Amelia Bedelia!" - by AB
My daughter and I love reading these books together, and they're also easy enough for her to read on her own (she's 6 and a very advanced reader for her age). We love Amelia Bedelia, these books have given us many laughs together. I will be buying the next box set for her so we can continue to enjoy this great character!
"Kids love it but pages repeat" - by Faith (TN, US)
My 8yo daughter told me to give this a 5-star review because she loves it (and so does my 6yo daughter who I actually gave it to on her birthday), but they said to tell people that it only has like 6 coloring sheets that repeat 2-3 times (something most adults would never realize). Still cute though.
"The book illustrates (written/pictures) the social rule/"Golden Rule" of treat people how you'd like to be treated (sorry don't" - by Trisha (Los Angeles)
I bought this after buy "How Full Is Your Bucket" for my son who is on the spectrum (ASD). The book illustrates (written/pictures) the social rule/"Golden Rule" of treat people how you'd like to be treated (sorry don't remember the exact quote, but you get the idea), in a simple and concrete style. For my son, this is important. But this book is great for any school age child, for sure!
"Excellent!" - by Sarah Parisi (Woodstock, IL)
I bought this for my 7-year-old son and I'm really pleased with it. The drawings are simple and easy to understand and copy, but the finished product looks really cool. My son really likes the book and is exciting about improving his drawing skills.
"Wonderful reading for everyone. My daughter's favorite author." - by Amazon Customer
My daughter loves Rick Riordan's novels. She's systematically been reading all of his books since the 4th grade (over & over). I've been reading them after she's finished them....Love them! They satisfy the mythical wonderlust in all of us I guess.
"Great entertainment" - by Amazon Customer
My seven-year-old got this for Christmas and he takes it everywhere with him. Hours of screen free entertainment! The games and puzzles are challenging enough to make it interesting, but not so difficult that he can't figure it out.
"Great Book for Children Who Love Science or Fun Experiments" - by Ashley Harvey
My daughter absolutely loves science and everything to do with it. She was always looking up different science "experiments" she could do at home so I found this book and got it for her. We have done every one in the book at least once. The directions are extremely easy to follow and most items for these experiments can be found at home.
"Great for younger kids" - by RH
These are a perfect activity for a rainy afternoon. You can put the stickers together while talking about the included dinosaur facts, and then kids can color a little on their own. It's all kept very simple--with minimal text--and appealing to younger kids who are not yet readers.
"Great" - by Skye
My 5 year old and my 12 year love the books. It challeges my 5 year old just enough that he can read majority of it on his own
"Momma, today- I am Alexander." - by Delilah (NC)
That was the phrase that my 3 and a half year old used one day. He'd gotten in trouble at daycare. He had an 'accident' right after we got home. He broke a toy. He was cranky and awful. So, at the end of my rope, I pulled him into my lap and asked him to tell me what was wrong, and he said that phrase. He looked me in the eyes and said, 'Momma, today- I am Alexander'. And then he started to cry.

I had this book when I was a little girl, and loved it, so I of course had to have it for my son. I remembered it comforting me. I remember commiserating with poor Alexander, who was so set upon.

And, my wonderful little boy finds the same comfort in Alexander as I once did. The knowledge ... full review
"... in college level drawing class in a friendly and easy to understand format" - by Adam D Hart
This has many of the concepts and lessons I learned in college level drawing class in a friendly and easy to understand format. My first grader is particularly interested and advanced in art and drawing and this is slightly out of her league. She can do the lessons with a lot of guidance and a little frustration. I can imagine this book would be fantastic for a dedicated 3rd grader all the way up to an adult. I know I enjoyed the refresher on some of the concepts.